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August News for the 1st of the month....
01 Aug 2004

Things seemed to go into a bit of a stall for both, information on new releases and additions to the review database, this week. However, having returned from a Summer weekend escape we have some new material waiting to be listened to and viewed for our assessments.

Hot Stuff has a handful of titles available as we speak. �Philadelphia �76� is seemingly an upgraded soundboard from BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND�s October 27, 1976 Spectrum show (A full review to post asap.). Also available from the label is �Passaic 2ND Night�, a pro-shot show from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ on September 20th, 1978 on double DVD-R�s. This would be a sister-title to Hot Stuff�s �Piece De Resistance� DVD from the previous night.

On the ROLLING STONES front there are some new titles to talk about. Vinyl Gang has a double-CD set coming soon called �Second Incarnation�. While Disc 1 features another release of the San Diego 11/10/69 recording, Disc 2 features what I believe is the first ever, commercial boot, release of the Philadelphia Spectrum show from November 25th, 1969. Rebel Yell Factory has the 2CD �Star Fucker�s in California� on the way�..this one features one of the Candlestick Park concerts in San Francisco 1981. And we can�t forget the latest from Sister Morphine�just released from �The Good Sister� of course is �Deuces Still Wild� which features a fragmented recording from the Philly Spectrum show on July 20, 1972�filled in with tracks taken from both shows on 7/21/72 and even Ft. Worth 1st show on 6/24/72 (we are awaiting a copy of this one for review on our pages.). On deck from Sister Morphine is �Lonestar Shooters��which is primarily taken from the 2nd concert in Ft. Worth 6/24/72�with tracks included from the early show (different from the cuts on �Deuces Still Wild� release) and also Houston 6/25/72.

NOTE: We would sure like to feature Reviews of the latest Empress Valley Stones Titles� �Seattle Supersonic� and �Street Fighting Men In Philadelphia�. If you have these shows and can offer up your thoughts and grades on these releases, we would appreciate those very much. So far, these 2 have eluded us�but we�ll keep trying also.

Some more Japanese LED ZEPPELIN re-releases have arrived. For those that missed out on the Wendy Labels� �Listen To This Eddie��an un-numbered paper sleeve release (3rd edition) has been issued. The Live Remains Label has their first title� �Essentially Led Complete� is another release of the newly provided Essen 3/22/73 recording/project provided back in March by a German Fan Club. This version of the Essen concert has also been issued as �Gracias� by Empress Valley. We should have a copy of Genuine Masters �Watch And Listen To This, Eddie� as early as tomorrow and we�ll post our review immediately upon viewing�and listening to this one!

Also on the way for our eyes and ears are the new Watch Tower titles from Japan! We are excited for these to arrive as the batch features shows from HENDRIX, DEREK AND THE DOMINOES�and JEFF BECK! We are also hoping for the latest RUSH titles from Gypsy Eye to review for you.

Just in from Cat�s Meow DVD are: ELTON JOHN �Tomorrow Show Coast To Coast��ELTON JOHN & BILLY JOEL �Face To Face In Toronto�..and�BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND FRIENDS �Seaside Holiday�. Full Reviews coming this week.

Scorpio will continue their fantastic BOB DYLAN �Genuine Bootleg Series� by issuing their 6DVD Box Set at the end of the month! Again, this supposedly contains EVERY Dylan video piece known to be in circulation�in excellent quality! Wow.

Just to conclude things for this week�earlier in the week we learned that Prism Records� BUDDY HOLLY �The Music Never Died� title had a mastering glitch with the bonus DVD in the set. What we have been told is that collectors should just be patient as the new discs should arrive 3-4 weeks to distribution for shipment�in essence you should have your sets shipped at the end of August.

More next week! Thanks for visiting and please do so often�.we are starting the August ramp up as we have a pile of titles to sort through for you. Have a good week and I�ll meet you back here next Sunday.

August 1st, 2004