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15 Aug 2004

Hello, and welcome back. The Summer is clipping along and you already can feel that �back �to-school� vibe setting in.

The Aurora Borealis Label has been quiet of late BUT, it seems with good reason. We have received details on their soon-to-be released double DVD title, �"CSNY Live in London 1974". This will be the COMPLETE Wembley Stadium concert from September 14th, 1974, which also featured Joni Mitchell. She joins the band for a couple of songs during the performance. This show has been circulating of course in a DVD-R manner but until now, the footage has been incomplete and seemingly quite inferior. So, this is great news for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Collector�s! This complete version also has plenty of backstage footage included. The title will be released on the Aurora Borealis Original Master Series Label and will be made available in a 3CD soundtrack set that includes bonus material from Boston earlier in �04. The significance of this document is that after this 1974 London show, the guys all went separate ways and didn�t perform together as CSNY until the 1987 Bridge Benefit concert. We at HotWacks On-line are on high alert for this one to surface as it sounds fabulous.

With all the ROLLING STONES releases surfacing, it was concerning to hear of Charlie Watts getting treatment in London this Summer for Throat Cancer. While it certainly sounds like he has recovered from this diagnosis and treatment, we all send positive karma his way for a full and swift recovery. We need him to swing the sticks again so they can make the rounds at least one more time!

In STONES news, we talked about the Exile Labels� new �Palais Royale� DVD set en route to collector�s hands shortly. Some details now about the bonus footage included�while Disc 1 will feature the incomplete 10 song version of the video that has been circulating, tagged on here we get 8 songs worth of rehearsal footage as well. Disc 2 will feature: MTV footage & news highlights from the Palais Royale Club Show, the Canadian Documentary �Streets of Toronto�, and bonus clips of the Stones Voodoo Lounge preview surprise gig in �94 at the RPM Club in Toronto. To sum it all up this is over 4 hours of pro-shot footage on 2 pressed DVD�s. While much of this stuff has been making the rounds in collector�s circles, this will be a nice pressed document of it all in one nifty package�.in other ROLLING STONES related release news, it appears that Genuine Masters has their �Ladies And Gentlemen� Widescreen DVD-R about ready. The label will be offering this in a Limited Numbered version of only 50 sets�and also in an un-numbered version as well. As we have been kept in the loop since this project started last month, I can assure you collector�s that already have 1 or 2 versions of this�the �true� 16:9 Widescreen release that GM has produced, has been meticulously constructed and transferred with possibly the best audio offered to date. If you have a Widescreen TV, this would seem to be a no-brainer acquisition. Also, there is a new European release of the Chicago Aragon Ballroom show being touted on ebay that looks interesting. "Rolling Stones - Touring Band" comes in a nice triple fold-out sleeve with primo graphics and pictures and also features some bonus tracks from the SARS concert last August. Superfluous?�yes. But, it�s worth a mention. At this time we were unable to confirm the label that has generated this one�I�ll toss this out to the membership for any input��.As I write the column today I�m listening to Mastersounds� �BEAT BEAT BEAT� which is 24 track compilation re-release of ROLLING STONES BBC material from 1963-65. This is the best-sounding version of this stuff I�ve heard and the digipack is wonderful. A review to post later.

Here�s a bit more on that VELVET REVOLVER DVD from Japan Baby �the core material is live from the KROQ �Weenie Roast� on June 12th, along with some footage of an earlier appearance this past Spring for KROQ on April 30th�.the disc also features Revolver�s David Letterman appearance from earlier in the year.

Watch for reviews to be posted here in the next day, or so, of the 4 new JIMI HENDRIX titles from Watch Tower ! These look and sound fabulous. They are: �The VPRO Archives�, �Crash Landing: The Unreleased Version�, �Record Plant Jams Vol II� & �Record Plant Jams Vol. III�. (We are also asking, �where�s volume 1?)�we also have obtained a copy of 27 Productions �TurnYour Lovelight On: More Blues Album Outtakes� from Jimi in a cool fold-out digi-pack�of course a review is on the way.

A couple of new BOB DYLAN titles have landed in our laps from the Catch The Live Label. They are: �Electric Factory: Boone 2004� 3 CD set & �The Pageant & Ballroom� 4 disc set from early �04 shows in St. Louis and Chicago. Another Dylan release to mention is �Live Theft� from Wild Wolf�which compiles the �best of the boots� recordings from his Autumn Tour 2001. Ok, while we are attempting to keep up here� Crystal Cat has a beautiful Dylan 8 CD Box set called �London Tour 2003� which documents 4 complete shows November 2003 at the Hammersmith Apollo, Wembley Arena, Shepherd�s Bush and Brixton Academy, it comes with a poster and other photos from the shows�the Heartbreakers Label has put out the Dylan Rolling Thunder document called � Maple Leaf Gardens 1975�.

A new ERIC CLAPTON release has surfaced out of Europe called �Red Hot Blues��a recording of the Belfast concert April 24, 2004 at Odyssey Arena�.Darkside Records has THE DOORS �Objects Of Desire� out now�.this features some B-Sides and Demos as we mentioned earlier in the week�but this also features 6 bonus tracks from Rick & The Ravens (pre-Doors Ray Manzarek with an early Morrison performance).

The LED ZEPPELIN onslaught continues... Just when you think there can�t be anything left to release�.the Japanese repackage titles! And frankly they are just too damn collectable to blow off. Empress Valley announced some very interesting titles this week including the 9 CD Box Set �The Supreme Destroyers� which will be released in 2 extremely limited versions�a Red Box and a White Box and will number 300 total available copies. The box will house the three 1977 �Destroyer� shows, as they have been labeled over the years in bootleg lore �.Cleveland April 27th and 28th�and Landover, Maryland, May 30th, 1977. Also on their schedule is another swipe at the June 22, 1972 San Bernadino concert called �Swinging Berdu�. Then, they digress by stealing material�.it appears EV got hold of the Genuine Masters �Watch And Listen To This Eddie� and will be packaging it in audio form as their 4th �Listen To This Eddie� version�.then, at a Zep collector�s download site in late July, there were 5 �new� studio outtakes shared with the masses. It isn�t confirmed but my prediction that Empress Valley has taken it and made it their own to provide us with �The Lost Mixes EP Vol. 3�. You could just see that one coming. In other ZEPPELIN related news�Tarantura .is said to be finalizing �Bandersnatch��a 4 CD set of the June 27th, 1977 concert. Tarantura have been on a roll of late so let�s see if they can improve on EV�s �Deep Striker� with this one. It is one helluva show. Akashic�s next title is slated to be �Love You Live�, a 6 CD set of Zep�s February 13th, 1975 Nassau Coliseum concert�and is probably a 2-source offering, we�ll see. We are still awaiting details on a new Led Zep Soundboard release from Watch Tower �.as soon as we know, you will also. Finally, as I type�the new Celebration double-CD set �Alternative Graffiti� has hit the streets. We have efforts in motion to obtain a copy or review here at HotWacks On-line.

Did I leave out anything? Probably! I�ll put it on you all to keep us in check but anything we come across we will add to the News Ticker. Thanks for catching up on all of the latest with me and I�ll meet you back here next Sunday. Have a great week.

August 15, 2004

P.S. Be on the lookout for our new page �The Bridge� coming soon. In short it will simply be a links page for the collector. Not necessarily vendor related, just other resources around the net�and you will be able to post your favorites too!