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Zeppelin, Stones and early scoops to round out August
29 Aug 2004

This week�s news is fairly thin in breadth but there are certainly updates and titles to expand on so let�s have at it!

Starting off on the Led Zeppelin front�the new �Alternative Graffiti� title from Celebration is said to contain new outtakes and/or upgrades on Disc 1 while supplementing with beefed up alternates and outtakes of tracks previously released, balancing out the double-disc title. The set does contain a �remix� of the live �The Wanton Song�, that was broadcast as on-air over a Chicago Radio Station in January of 1975�..An update & recap on Empress Valley�s ridiculous new Limited Editions of Led Zeppelin �The Supreme Destroyers��the 9CD box will house the 2 Cleveland shows with the soundboard tape from April 27th & the excellent concert from audience source on April 28th ,1977�.along with the excellent audience tape from Landover May 30th, 1977. As we mentioned 2 weeks ago, the title will be issued in a �Red Box� version, and a �White Box�. The artwork for each will be different and limited to 150 copies each but all will include a replica 1977 concert program in each, adding to the novelty and appeal of the set. (the box set packaging will mimic the labels� unbelievably cool �Deep Throat� set.)�the title will apparently be issued in what is being called a �Standard Edition� at a later date, featuring just the April 27th Cleveland Soundboard. The box set will be streeting and shipping the second week of September.

Will someone please tell me what is exciting about this? Sure, if you don�t have any of the previous EV versions, this will be cool� but other than that it�s just rehashed B.S. in my opinion!�it should be noted here that the generic label DVD release of Led Zeppelin �Knebworth Festival 1979� is getting rave reviews over at Underground Uprising and elsewhere!�it seems the pre-release hype calling this August 11th, 1979 video an �upgrade� is now confirmed�and a worthy purchase if you can track a copy down.

In related Zep news, we told you about the new Robert Plant title from Wardour called �Treat Her Right�� this is a soundboard release that was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in London on December 13th, 1983�.this one should be quite good and this tour of Robert�s was probably his best, followed by the fantastic �Fate Of Nations Tour� in 1993.

In Rolling Stones related news and updates�I had a chance to view the new Genuine Masters Widescreen Edition of �Ladies & Gentlemen�The Rolling Stones� Thursday night!�and it is truly amazing. I will be posting a formal review for the site soon but, let me just say that if you own a Widescreen Television, this will be SUCH A TREAT for you! Those that aren�t properly equipped will not see any upgrade or benefit on the video end BUT!�.the PCM Stereo and Dolby Digital Audio is head & shoulders above 4Reels version�if you can believe that! I viewed it on a 72-inch Panasonic High Definition Widescreen and it was really something. Highly recommended�..Exiles� new �Palais Royale� DVD is hitting the street this week and the early word is that it�s a pretty amazing little package!..more on this one as the week progresses. Exile Original Masters next audio release, �Upside Downunder�, will feature The Rolling Stones live at The Enmore Theater in Sydney, Australia on February 18, 2003 and will of course be a double-disc.

Other titles being released soon include�Paul McCartney �Flowers In The Dirt Sessions� from MisterClaudel on 3CD�s and will feature demos, outtakes, rough mixes, alternate takes�.. Reel Masters has a new title available from The Who called �San Francisco �71� and is taken from a very good audience tape.

While the audio releases were few in numbers this week for us to talk about, as you have just digested�.there are a ton of DVD�s/DVD-R's surfacing and Cat�s Meow has been busy sourcing some really wonderful and welcome titles! We mentioned a few of them last week and we have since gotten our paws on a stack of discs for viewing. Look for reviews to be posted in the next couple of days but their new titles from Rod Stewart (�Live in Melbourne 1977�) and Grand Funk Railroad (Live 1974) are superb! They also forwarded some catalog titles that weren�t submitted for review previously like the novelty release �Garage Party!� that is a clever compilation of 60�s Garage Band TV appearances from such one-hit wonders as The McCoys, Beau Brummels, Electric Prunes, Sam The Sham, Easybeats �and it goes on and on!�on 2 DVD�s too! If you are a fan of 60�s Garage Rock, this is really a kick to watch!

One last note�those who hold the original Woodstock film, music and related release projects near and dear to their heart will be pleased to know that we learned about new film footage that has been located!�featuring outtake performances of Johnny Winter, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sweetwater and others! Don�t be surprised if and when this surfaces soon! Also, if you are a Rock N� Roll fan and haven�t picked up the recent official Faces Box Set �Five Guys Walk Into A Bar�.� , your life is seriously incomplete! With the success of this, look for more material to surface from Rod, Ron, Ronnie, Mac and Kenny on the bootleg front.

That�s all I have time for this week folks. My apologies for not having a little more to bring you but this time it was a thin week for news. You know that won�t last long. Thanks for joining us here at HotWacks On-line and I�ll meet you back here next week.