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Delayed but the news is now here!....
05 Sep 2004

My apologies for the delay in the column for today. Unforseen things.

Another thin week in the news department, though the CDR & DVD-R folks continue to produce, or dupe, material for the masses. Most of it pretty damn good too! My 2 cents worth is this, if they want to charge the prices they are asking�they need to beef up the packaging, or just lower the price point. Some of these labels are certainly in the vein of �labor of love� efforts but, a lot of them are not.

One noteworthy CDR release is an uncirculated David Bowie soundboard from his Reality Tour� �Overnight In Buffalo� was recorded at Shea�s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, New York on May 25, 2004. New kid on the block, the Keep On Truckin� Label has a new Beach Boys document out called �Paramount Theater New York� that features a superb soundboard from November 26th, 1993 on the first 2 discs�.and a third disc worth of their �unplugged� tour rehearsals in stellar quality too.

Cross Border Records has 2 new Eric Clapton titles ready to go. �Divinity� features a complete audience source on 2 discs of his Statenhal, Den Haag, Netherlands concert from July 6, 1989�. �Delicate Beauty� is a single disc soundboard recording from the International Center, Honolulu, Hawaii on October 9th, 1977.

We mentioned earlier this week that the Main Stream Label has a couple of excellent classics on the way�. �Slow Train To Warfield� features a wonderful Bob Dylan concert from November 7th, 1979 from a great audience source tape�..Their other title features a Traffic soundboard from The Fillmore West on June 30th, 1970�it�s called �Home Away From Home�.

Another one we talked about this week is Rising Arrow�s new Rainbow 4CD set, �The King�s Return�. Featured in this title are 2 different audience master recordings of Ritchie Blackmore & company captured live at The Budokan in Tokyo on January 21st, 1978. The Sirene Label�s new Yes title is �Heart Of The Sunrise��another show taped in Tokyo but this time at Koseinenkin Kaikan on March 8th, 1973.

The Japanese Tarantura Label has leap-frogged a title over others that were scheduled�.Led Zeppelin �Have You Ever Experienced� combines both the afternoon & evening shows of September 19th, 1970 together in what is sure to be a collectible package. While the evening show is heralded as one of the best Zeppelin shows ever, it has already been released on a handful of labels. The afternoon show has been released by The Diagrams of Led Zeppelin as �American Woman� and Missing Link released the show erroneously as �Maui Wowie�. If memory serves me correctly there was a bit of a speed problem with the afternoon tape. Let�s see if Tarantura does any correcting of the flaws and really make this a collectible piece.

For Queen fans, the Digital Queen Archives Label plan on releasing yet another version of the Golder's Green Hippodrome September 13th, 1973 broadcast titled, "Queen Will Be Crowned". Could it finally be a definitive release of this one?....the information we are getting on this title indicates that it may be the first ever bootleg release featuring the ENTIRE tape! What does all this mean?...we will soon find out. Any further details we get, we will certainly pass along.

Short but sweet this week and I want to close by offering our Russian friends condolences on their losses this week with the terrorist hostage incident and send out thoughts and prayers as well to those in the U.S. dealing with Hurricane Frances in Florida and surrounding areas. We promise to bring you more of what you love in bootleg news throughout the week here at HotWacks On-line. Thanks for joining us!

September 5, 2004