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From "The Bridge" to all the New Release News....
12 Sep 2004

To start out this week, I just wanted to capitalize on the addition of �The Bridge� page we have posted here at HotWacks On-line. We have been asked countless times about featuring downloadable artwork on the site, etc. As you can now see, there are numerous other sites that do a fine job of providing artwork for collectors�this seemed to be the best way to connect our membership with some of these resources, including a host of other collecting related information. We want to concentrate on News & Reviews while keeping everyone connected with all the other facets of collecting, which completes the circle in our opinion. The other component is input from the gallery�.or membership as it were. Since the Bulletin Board we have here isn�t being utilized as much as we anticipated, perhaps providing a template for our membership to post their favorite links to share will encourage a little more interaction. So far, it has seemed to work! Thanks to all who have already submitted their link recommendations. We will get them all posted asap upon verification/approval. Keep in mind that what we are seeking are �collecting� related sites or resource pages. Those looking for assorted artwork scroll down to �Various Artists Artwork� on The Bridge. There are links taking you to links! Happy surfing!�now on to the news for the week.

In a bit of a stutter-step, we wanted to highlight a few ELVIS PRESLEY titles that have recently surfaced from Memory Records. �Elvis: Las Vegas Gypsy-Style� features an audience recording of the opening show in Vegas on August 18th, 1975�with some other 1975 audience sourced bonus tracks also tacked on�. �Elvis: The Cover Up� is apparently a compilation of live tracks from 1977 with additional Radio & TV Broadcast interviews. Another audience-sourced title is called �A Night At The Sahara��containing the May 8, 1976 Dinner Show at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Lake Tahoe, Stateline Nevada. In Digi-Pack form there is also a new Elvis �Guitar Man Sessions� release that is getting rave reviews. It features an incredible compilation of 1967 & 1968 �Guitar Man� & �U.S. Male� material packaged in the wonderful triple-fold out digipacks that we�ve seen surface from Europe over the Summer.

A couple of new BEACH BOYS titles to mention�from Sea Of Tunes comes the 2CD set�Unsurpassed Masters Volume 12�..Disc 1 features �Sloop John B� sessions and the second disc features a compilation of 24 radio spots from 1964-1965�.the Frontline label has �Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys�.

On The ERIC CLAPTON front�.you�ll recall the Japanese Slunky Label released that 9CD Royal Albert Hall �04 Box Set in July�now, they have broken up the concerts into 3CD sets for collector�s to pick up separately. Awfully nice of them, don�t you think? In other EC bootleg news Mid-Valley has just released �California Wind�, a 2-discs set featuring the February 11th, 1978 Santa Monica Concert from the soundboard.

Please excuse me on this but, I seem to have lost count regarding Yellow Dog Records� BEATLES �Day By Day �The Complete Get Back Sessions� series�however�it seems they have just released volumes 35 & 36 which continue the thorough bootleg documentation of everything Let It Be! These 2 new sets chronicle further, the January 28th & 29th sessions at Abbey Road Studios on Saville Row, London in 1969. These, recorded by Camera �A�. Make what you will of all that. One thing is for sure, the quality will be superb.

In LED ZEPPELIN release news�.Genuine Masters have announce their next 2 titles for release in late-September, early October! A huge technological �break-through� has been discovered at GM and will be implemented with their next release. It seems they have developed a way to get 150 minutes of PCM Audio on to a 4.7GB DVD-R Disc! Until now, only 145 minutes was the max and this required them to provide their titles in 2-disc sets. This is a big deal when trying to capture these lengthy Zeppelin shows! Their first release utilizing this latest technology will be Led Zeppelin �Heartbreakers Back In Town�. This title will take us back to their original DVD-Audio/Video Montage format and GM will feature the wonderful soundboard from Madison Square Garden on February 12th, 1975�but it will be a sonic upgrade to EV�s �Flying Circus� excluding all the static bursts that Circus featured. Should be great!�.GM�s 2nd Fall release will be an excellent Jimmy Page/Robert Plant DVD video offering titled �Budokan Tea Party� from The Budokan, Tokyo on February 13th, 1996�it is said to be similar to the Pro-Shot video quality of Tarantura�s �Made In Occupied Japan� but this release will feature �vastly superior� audio to the Tarantura version. We certainly look forward to these!�.in other things Zeppelin�The Wendy Label has announce �Fatally Wanderer� as their next title�it seems they are just determined to chronicle all of the Japanese 1971 concerts with their moniker on them. This title will house the September 29, 1971 concert (for the umpteenth time!)�Empress Valley has released their handful of titles we spoke of previously�one clarification here. EV has re-released their Christmas Version of �Listen To This Eddie� with a different cover. We had implied and assumed they would be releasing a copy of GM�s �Watch & Listen To This Eddie�....have they?...or is it really a re-release? Guess we'll have to wait and hear! Their other titles to hit the street this week include �Swinging Berdu� from San Bernadino, June 22nd, 1972 (their second title to feature this show) and �The Lost Mixes EP � Vol. 3�, which features the newly surfaced 3rd & 4th album outtakes that were first introduced within the Zeppelin collecting community this Summer.

Various other titles to street this week�.Reel Masters has FREE �Live In West Germany 1970� a single disc release that features 2 West German performances, the dates & venue are unknown at this time. Main Stream has another new WHO title called �Going To Kansas City��this one, a double-disc set featuring their December 1st, 1975 performance at Kemper Arena in Kansas City�this one has just been announced and hasn�t been released yet. Highland has also announced their new PINK FLOYD title�cleverly called �Welcome To The Machine�!� which will feature the January 27th , 1977 concert. For some reason, I�m thinking this is a re-release from Highland.

In the CDR/DVD-R realm, a slew of interesting material continues to surface�for AC/DC fans there seems to be a surge of new material & titles. Metal Sword Records has a double-CDR set called �Rectifier��which contains the bands� live performance at the War Memorial Coliseum in Rochester, NY on October 3rd, 1980, along with bonus material from the Expo in Osaka on June 7th, 1982�some great early Brian Johnson era recordings. Also, Power Gate DVD Masters has just released �AC/DC Detroit 1983��featuring pro-shot video from Joe Louis Arena on November 18th, 1983 plus 50 minutes worth of bonus footage from the Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia on February 27th, 1981!�.

�.from Cat�s Meow THE GRATEFUL DEAD �Dyed in St. Paul� features a complete, beautiful soundboard from the St. Paul Civic Center on August 6, 1982�Cat�s Meow also has a new TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS DVD-R called �Chicago Wildflowers�, capturing the band in pro-shot/soundboard quality at the Chicago Pavillion in 1995...the relatively new CDR label Keep On Truckin� has some interesting titles this week also�first, �THE YOUNGBLOODS �71��a superb soundboard recorded on December 5th, 1971 with the venue being uncertain, but likely The Fillmore West�.they also have another welcome soundboard release from ALVIN LEE called �Piazza Blues�, recorded early this Summer in Bellinzona, Switzerland on June 25�finally, Hot Stuff! has a new BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN offering called �The Lost River Tapes� which is a double-disc compilation of 24 unreleased soundboard tracks from the 1980-81 River Tour housed in a cool gatefold sleeve.

These are just the highlights for this week folks!�there are a lot more titles out there we hope to actually get a chance to sample and review, in addition to some of the above. Please join me back here next week at the same time. Have a good one!

September 12, 2004