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The week in bootleg news for September 13 through 19, 2004...
19 Sep 2004

It has been a fabulous week from our standpoint here at HotWacks On-line. The addition of The Bridge page has generated some healthy interaction with the group and many new links for our membership to help their research and acquisitions. Thanks to all who have submitted their links, or favorite links, to the team here!

I also want to thank some of the reviewers on the team who have kept up with additional posting of reviews lately, Gsparaco and Oswald, great job and keep up the good work. Life has taken a bigger chunk of my time away from here lately with moving to a different home, new job, and this week some health issues. I�m still on the mend but the energy level is getting back up to full. I have been able to plow through a bunch of boots and DVD�s so now I�m backlogged and ready to post-away this afternoon. Keep checking in over the next few days for PLENTY OF NEW TITLE REVIEWS here at HotWacks Online!

Earlier in the week, I mentioned a new BEATLES Label called Monochrome. They have apparently surfaced over the Summer and I just caught wind of some of their inaugural titles and had a chance to look at some sample artwork, which is nice and professional�as well as informative. Informative is VERY important with these discs as they are by-and-large Compilations. It appears that Monochrome has taken a bunch of titles from the Silent Seas Japanese CDR Label and put them to silver disc. Some of Monochromes� titles in circulation now include:

�Around & Around�2CD
�Playback 1: 1962-1968� 4CD
�Playback 2: 1968-1970�4CD
�Upgrades & Additions Vol.1� 1CD
�Upgrades & Additions Vol. 2� 1CD
�Vinyl To The Core� 3CD (an upgrade to the Palm Drive Label version)
�White Book-ends� 1CD.
All are soundboards recordings and are extremely limited runs. If we can actually get discs to review, we�ll obviously share more of the particulars.

In other BEATLES related news�.New Vigotone has released JOHN LENNON �Yer Blues�, a 20 song collection of outtakes, demos & rarities�.and Masters of Beatles Essentials has JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO �Double Fantasy Working Version� all soundboard disc of sessions and outtakes.

Another new CDR label to surface recently (new to me anyway!) is ROLLING STONES specific called Tattoo Boards. Naturally, the releases are all supposedly soundboard recordings from the Stones� 1981 Tour including:

�For Whom The Bell Tolls� (Philadelphia, 9/25/81)
�Local Rock History For You� (Candlestick Park, SF, 10/18/81, audience source?)
�Hartford Wailers� (Hartford, CT, 11/9/81)
�Dubious Personal Habits� (Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, 11/24/81)
�Guitar Onslaught� (Kansas City, MO, 12/14/81)

New Release News from the past week includes�.ROBERT PLANT/COZY POWELL �Rockfield Studios 1981� from the Wardour Label. This features a soundboard disc full of solo rehearsals from Plant, recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, England in the Fall of 1981�.News out of the Crystal Cat camp this week provided info on 2 new BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN titles released on Friday, said to be upgrades from any previous releases� �Agora Night� is a 4CD set from the Cleveland Agora Ballroom, August 9th, 1978 (features a bonus disc with a 54 minute interview from San Diego �78) with 12 page booklet�.and �Main Point Night� from February 5, 1975 in a slimline jewelcase with 12 page booklet�.of course, PINK FLOYD fans are a bit puzzled by the recent trend from Highland to rehash 1977 recordings, already released by the label, in a �remastered� series�the latest is �Mr. Pig� featuring, yet again, the infamous Oakland concert from May 9th, 1977.

With a bunch of titles from Cat�s Meow to post reviews on today, they provided information on a handful of new releases this week. Look for DVD-R titles from HEART �Letters Of Passion� (Live in Largo, MD 1980), THE DAMNED �Live 1979� (from San Francisco 1979 + promo films�), DURAN DURAN �Planet Japan� (July 12, 2003 in pro-shot/soundboard quality)�along with ROLLING STONES �Sucking On TV In The Seventies�, which is a compilation of familiar TV appearances (Don Kirshner�s Rock Concert, etc.) and rehearsals (Montreux Rehearsals �72) and promo vids from �Black & Blue� & �Emotional Rescue� in nice quality.

A new DVD from 4Reels has to be recommended here. I just watched their new U2 �Out Of Control In San Francisco�, a pro-shot/2 camera source transferred from a newly discovered master from Bill Grahams archives�.INCREDIBLE! EVERY U2 fan will want this once lost gem from their performance at California Hall on October 15, 1981. A complete review to be posted later today.

Thanks for joining me here and have a great week! Keep HotWacks On-line bookmarked and visit often. Welcome to new members and keep in mind there will be a ton of new reviews this week! Have a good one.

September 19, 2004