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Faces Reunion, Stones and Dylan headline Bootleg News...
26 Sep 2004

As I write today, I want to first send out positive and supportive vibes to our friends in Florida who are getting pounded again by Hurricane forces, this time, Jeanne. Hang tough folks!

One thing we can certainly all agree about regarding bootleg collecting�there is ALWAYS a variety of things to talk about. And that is surely the case again this week.

First off, my taper alert I put out in July for that ROD STEWART/RON WOOD concert at the Hollywood Bowl on August 30th, has paid off! (No, I'm not really taking any credit for the coverage.) It seems a custom-named label called LA Express, has the concert ready to be released on a double-CD set titled "Hollywood Revives: One Night Special". The initial release info states it is from August 31st but the show actually took place on Monday, August 30th. For those catching up, Ron Wood joined Rod Stewart onstage for a 5 song appearance in the middle of the show, including "I'm Losing You","I'd Rather Go Blind", "Every Picture Tells A Story", "You Wear It Well" and "Stay With Me"... Then, Wood came back onstage for the finale to join in on "Maggie May & "Having A Party/Twisting The Night Away"...only to return with one more member of The Faces, Ian Maclagan, on organ, to join Rod Stewart for a mini-Faces reunion to perform "Ooh La La" with Wood taking over his original lead vocal chores for the encore....And somebody thankfully documented this one! More to come on this title...

We'll transition from one Ron Wood topic to another...The Exile Label snuck in a new ROLLING STONES title recently called "No Risk In Lakeland" . This the third stab at the opening concert of The Some Girls Tour in Lakeland, Florida on June 10th, 1978. We're eager to compare this to Vinyl Gang Production's "We Ain't Sugar" released last year...stay tuned. Speaking of VGP...they have appparently gone back to a formula that made them successful in the first place. They have 3 new titles, just released, that have their roots from the vinyl days!..."FIRST NIGHT STAND: An open Invitation With The Devil" is a 4CD set compiling both the afternoon and evening shows from the 1975 Tour Of The Americas opening concerts at Dunkirk Hall, on the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on June 1st, 1975.....also new from VGP is "Saturday Night Live", which documents the rehearsals and subsequent performance in October '78 for the SNL show on NBC-TV in the U.S. The last of the latest VGP release trilogy is a 5-disc set that binds 3 1978 concerts's called "Satisfaction Guaranteed"...the set incudes the Buffalo show from 4th of July '78, Chicago on July 8, 1978 & St. Louis July, 11, 1978 (including the Jagger/Peter Tosh duet on "Don't Look Back"). The artwork is also borrowed from the original vinyl issues as well! In Stones bootleg DVD news, Jointrip continues to document everything Jagger...their latest titles, aside from the '75 L.A.Forum DVD, are MICK JAGGER titles...."It's Only Rock N' Roll" (She's The Boss sampler compilation)...& "Deep Down Under Special 1988" another of their special editions, running just over 2 hours with both pro-shot and audience recorded video.

Main Stream has some new releases to share info about...THE EAGLES "Flying In The East" is a soundboard from Nagoya, Japan on February 9, 1976...MAHVISHNU ORCHESTRA "The One And His Secret Play", a single disc soundboard from August 29, 1975...SANTANA & JOHN MCLAUGHLIN "Brothers Of The Spirit: A Live Supreme", another soundboard...this one a 2CD set from Chicago on September 1st, 1973... and BOB DYLAN "Fleadh Festival 2004",an audience source from June 20th in Hyde Park, London with Ron Wood (again!) guesting on guitar duties.

....Tambourine Man has 2 new Dylan titles also..."Deep Beneath The Waves" is a 2CD title, featuring an audience recording from Estadio Municipal Escribano Castilla Motril, Spain on August 20th, 2004.."Pecos Blues" is TM's own compilation of the Pat Garrett soundtrack sessions, Mexico City, in January of 1973...and Burbank, California in February '73. It is unclear whether there is anything new featured on this version.

We told you earlier in the week about the Japanese MisterClaudel Label having 2 new BEATLES soundboards just released..."In Concert At Whiskey Flat" is from Convention Hall in Philadelphia on September 2, some bonus tracks..& "300,000 Beatles Fans Can't Be Wrong" is recorded at Centennial Hall in Adelaide, Australia on June 12th, 1964...AND...

The Tarantura Label is up to it's shenanigans with their LED ZEPPELIN releases again...Tarantura is set to release "Rock Explosion", a 4CD set that includes the October 4th & October 9th 1972 Osaka concerts. They will also release the shows separately as.."Dancing Jimmy" (10/4) & "My Brain Hurts" (10/9). A real problem for completists!...that's all I can say. In other Zeppelin notes, Wendy's new "Fatally Wanderer" has been out about 10 days and collector's are eagerly awaiting confirmation on if their new rendition of this Osaka 9/29/71 recording(s) are indeed a new revelation...or just hype. If you have gotten this one, send us your assessment. We'll continue to try and track a copy down also. We are eagerly awaiting the new Genuine Masters' "Heartbreakers Back In Town" should be in our paws mid-week. Look for a review to soon follow! While that release is available now, GM's "Budokan Tea Party", the PAGE & PLANT DVD...will arrive mid-October.

The Japanese Rising Arrow 5 Label has a new, Limited Edition, RAINBOW release..."Dynamo" is a 2-CD soundboard from The Budokan on January 21, 1978. There's an excellent ERIC CLAPTON release out now called, "Same Old Blues: Definitive Masters" is a crystal clean broadcast/soundboard from Madison Square Garden, April 24,'s from the Playmen Label and we'll have a review posted here at HotWacks On-line later today for you.

Final notes for this Sunday...the PINK FLOYD DVD, The Wall Definitive Edition, we touched on this week is being released on the Sirene Label...also! on the look out for a cool new CLASH DVD coming out at the end of November!!!...a check o the Scorpio Dylan DVD Box set is apparently still scheduled to arrive for collectors mid-October...keep your browsers here for more on that!

Here's a pertinent article to share in closing:

Judge Strikes Down Anti - Bootleg Law

Published: September 24, 2004

Filed at 8:45 p.m. ET

NEW YORK (AP) -- A federal judge Friday struck down a
1994 law banning the sale of bootleg recordings of
live music, ruling the law unfairly grants ``seemingly
perpetual protection'' to the original performances.

U.S. District Judge Harold Baer Jr. dismissed a
federal indictment of Jean Martignon, who runs a
Manhattan mail-order and Internet business that sells
bootleg recordings.

Baer found the bootleg law was written by Congress in
the spirit of federal copyright law, which protects
writing for a fixed period of time -- typically for
the life of the author and 70 years after the author's

But the judge said the bootleg law, which was passed
``primarily to cloak artists with copyright
protection,'' could not stand because it places no
time limit on the ban.

Baer also noted that copyright law protects ``fixed''
works -- such as books or recorded music releases --
while bootlegs, by definition, are of live

A federal grand jury indicted Martignon in October
2003 for selling ``unauthorized recordings of live
performances by certain musical artists through his

The business, Midnight Records, once had a store in
Manhattan but now operates solely by mail and
Internet. It sells hundreds of recordings,
specializing in rock artists, from the Beatles to Led

An e-mail message to Martignon from The Associated
Press was not immediately returned Friday, and a phone
number could not immediately be located.

Megan Gaffney, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan U.S.
attorney, said federal prosecutors were ``reviewing
the decision and will evaluate what steps ought to be
taken going forward.''

The Recording Industry Association of America, a trade
group that fights piracy and bootlegging, also
disagreed with the ruling.

The decision ``stands in marked contrast to existing
law and prior decisions that have determined that
Congress was well within its constitutional authority
to adopt legislation that prevented trafficking in
copies of unauthorized recordings of live
performances,'' said Jonathan Lamy, a spokesman for
the RIAA.

The bootleg law calls for prison terms of up to five
years for first offenders and 10 years for second
offenders, plus fines. It requires courts to order the
destruction of any bootlegs created in violation of
the law.

The law did not apply to piracy, which is the
unauthorized copying or sale of recorded music, such
as albums.

Have a great week and I'll meet you back here next Sunday. Thanks for visiting.

September 26, 2004