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Sex Pistols, Clash, The Libertines....and Led Zeppelin in the news...
17 Oct 2004


The typically CLASH exclusive label, Snotty Snail, has a couple of exciting titles ready for release. These open the boundaries a bit for the label, they stick with the Punk-rooted genre though.

The first of the two titles is THE LIBERTINES "The Good Old Days". A double-disc compilation of bbc radio broadcasts, supplemented with some TV broadcasts sprinkled in. This is an outstanding collection in wonderful quality! Included here are: The Nottingham Rock City performance on October 30th, 2002 - broadcast on BBC Radio 1; Gothenberg, Sweden broadcast from December 18, 2002; Eurosonic Festival, Amsterdam on January 9, 2003...A Spanish TV appearance form July of '03, and their appearances on David Letterman, Paris Cafe and the Blackball Film.

On deck for Snotty Snail is an awesome looking set that provides a time capsule type of audio document from "The Anarchy In The U.K. Tour 1976", which featured headliners THE SEX PISTOLS, THE DAMNED, JOHNNY THUNDERS "HEARTBREAKERS" and new comers THE CLASH. The 2 CD set is called "Never Mind The Bans" and documents The PISTOLS' December 6th show at the Manchester Elecric Circus & their Leeds concert on December 6th, 1976. There is apparently a bonus CD included that features THE CLASH's set from the same Manchester gig...AND THE BUZZCOCKS set as well!

Both the Anarchy set and The Libertines title come with front insert art that is a 12-page foldout booklet with pictures, news articles and interview snipets from various publications, etc. These are VERY nice! We'll get a review posted ASAP of The Libertines release on HotWacks On-line soon. The Anarchy set, we have only received artwork for...stay tuned for more on this one.

As we announced earlier this week, Genuine Masters has another landmark project being readied for a November release. It is one of the best LED ZEPPELIN concerts from their 1977 U.S. Tour...we are talking of course about "For Badgeholder's Only"...the outstanding show from the Los Angeles Forum on June 23rd, 1977. This is the show in which THE WHO's Keith Moon made a surprise appearance, guesting on "Moby Dick" and the "Whole Lotta Love/Rock & Roll" encore. The concert certainly features one of the best versions of "No Quarter" ever recorded...the tape is a very clean and extremely low generation of the Mike Millard recording. We were able to listen to 3 Mp3 samples: "Since I've Been Loving You", "No Quarter" & "Guitar Solo". The 90 second/each samples provided incredible depth and clarity other sources/releases haven't even closely achieved. Amazing. Well, basically it is comparible in quality to GM's "Watch And Listen To This Eddie". The FBO release will be a single DVD-R picture disc with PCM Audio and you can also obtain the audio on 3 CDR's that are sold separately. It's always best to get the whole package as you cannot go wrong with these GM titles...and this one is going to be fantastic. You can view complete artwork, screen shots, etc. at the GM website. We've posted the front & back art for FBO below.

In an otherwise, slow news week there are a couple of loose ends to point out. Beano DVD has continued their series with a new ERIC CLAPTON double DVD set, simply called "Montreux 1986". It includes 2 performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 9 & 10, 1986...along with rehearsal footage from Brixton Academy in February of '85. Highland Visions is releasing a new Genesis DVD..."Live In Japan 1978" will feature the pro-shot Tokyo show on December 3rd, with bonus footage from Osaka on November 30th (audience shot). And, VGP is re-releasing THE ROLLING STONES "San Diego Sixty-Nine" CD...with a new cover. Why? In other Stones-related news D-Stone DVD-R has a NEW BARBARIANS double-disc set coming out call "7479", with 250 minutes worth of video from 3 different shows: Largo, Maryland 1979, Ron Wood Solo concert featuring Keith Richard and Rod Stewart in Kilburn '74 & the CNIB Benefit for the Blind in August of 1979....oh, and there's BLUE MURDER double-CD on the way called "Don't Leave Me For West", recorded in Osaka on May 12th, 1993. As always, there is a ton of new CDR & DVD-R titles that are being advertised. I'll just mention that the Johanna Japanese DVD-R label is well represented this week with new sets from VAN HALEN, THE WHO, THE NEW YORK DOLLS, IGGY POP, DON HENLEY & PETER GABRIEL.

That's it for now. Keep your eyes on the News Ticker.

Thanks again for joining me and I'll meet you back here next MONDAY at HotWacks On-line for RECORDED HIGHLIGHTS & ACTION we sum up the week in bootleg news. I will be on holiday all next weekend and will post the news Monday evening.

October 17, 2004