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Halloween BOOTLEG NEWS!...So much to say, it's scary...
31 Oct 2004

Happy Halloween to all those who are stateside and welcome to an overdue summary of Bootleg Release News here at HotWacks On-line. We also want to acknowledge our new members and assure them that this is typically a weekly column. It's just that this little thing called Life has called for major adjustments on my end and, I'm doing just that! I feel like a rhythm is slowly but surely getting established and I can get back to normal posting of reviews and news. Thank you all for your patience.

I would first like to point out an awesome deal that is being offered by Genuine Masters. When you order their latest title LED ZEPPELIN "For Badgeholder's Only" or any other GM catalog title, you get a free copy of the AC/DC flick, "Let There Be Rock" on DVD-R. This is a very clean VHS to DVD transfer and looks great. (The audio for this movie has always been lacking a bit, but until it gets the proper treatment officially take advantage of the offer here from GM.) By the way, we will be posting a review of the excellent FBO title today as well!

LED ZEPPELIN collector's will be eager to get a listen to these releases: Wendy Records' new title will be out mid-November, "Walk Don't Run" will feature the L.A. Forum show on August 22nd, 1971... Empress Valley will be releasing the August 21st, 1971 show next month, titled "Firecracker's Explosion" and is said to be a new alternate source recording for this one, should be very interesting....other titles on the slate from EV include "Praying Silently For Jimi", the afternoon show from Madison Square Garden on September 19,1970...and then, "The Lost EP Mixes: Volume 4".

Anubis Records seems to have been quiet, until recently...their November BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN release will be "Walk Like The Heroes"... double-disc set that features the re-mastered, Michigan Palace recording from Detroit on October 4th, 1975. While this is a CDR release, Anubis has really brought top-notch SPRINGSTEEN titles to the table in the past, this should be no different and we look forward to "Heroes". Asbury Records has the new "The First Reunion Performance" out now on a double-disc set. This one contains the Tramps Nightclub rehearsal and performance takes for the Blood Brothers effort, recorded February 21, 1995..."The Lost Soundboard Tape" is Asbury Records other October release and it contains the complete Palladium performance from New York on September 17th, 1978.

There seems to be a surge of ERIC ClAPTON (and releated) releases...Mid-Valley has just released the limited edition "Delta Blues", an audience recording from San Jose on July 31st, 2004...on ARMS, there is the 4-disc set "EC & Friends Were Here - The Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004"...the set features 2 days worth of performances from The Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas this past June 5th & 6th. Also from ARMS is the DEREK & THE DOMINOS "In The Skydog"...a 2CD title that features the December 1st, 1970 concert at Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa plus, some bonus tracks from the Fillmore in November of 1970. The CDR Label Cool Hippie Stuff has just released CREAM "Train Time", a single disc title containing two audience recordings; Madison Square Garden, New York on November 1968...and the Los Angeles Coliseum in October of '68!...(keeping in theme with the Label name, Cool Hippie also has a new soundboard release from ANGEL "Live In Fresno 1978" (October 10th 1978) and KANSAS "Live In Japan 1999", a double-disc audience set from March 15th, 1999 in Osaka.) Don't forget Tarantura also had the CLAPTON title "Listen To 'Dis,Jimmy" released a couple of weeks ago....

Watch Tower has a couple of new releases that have surfaced this past week...PAUL McCARTNEY "Ride The Sky", a May 22nd, 1976 recording....PINK FLOYD "Raving & Drooling"(Boston, June 18, 1975)...and JEFF BECK "Lost Mistral Tape". Speaking of JEFF BECK, the Be Twisted Label has new title out called "Freeway Rice Pudding Jam", a 2CD audience recording from The Palladium in New York on October 6th, 1976. Palm Drive has STRAY CATS "Let's Go Faster Demo Recordings" out now...a single disc soundboard release and the title says it all. From Hard Road comes a new OZZY OSBOURNE title, "The Drunken Show"...a soundboard from Tokyo, June 29th, 1984. Gypsy Eye has a new QUEEN title coming out soon called "Big Disgrace" and will feature the April 12th, 1978 show in Stockholm. From the Big Twisted Label comes FRANK ZAPPA "Two Faces Of Zappa" that combines 2 recordings; Philadelphia on November 17th 1974 and tracks from the unreleased "Trance Fusion" album compiled from the 1988, "Broadway The Hardway Tour", in soundboard quality...

We talked about a slew of RUSH titles that have surfaced lately. Due in part because their 30th Anniversary Tour having been such an overwhelming success. A couple of prominent titles to talk about...from Mainstream Visions DVD comes "R30 UK", an audience-shot double-DVD-R recorded at Birmingham NEC on September 15, 2004...and "Behind The Fire" an audience recording, double-CD from Gypsy Eye containing the Starwood Amphitheater show from Antioch, Tennessee on May 26th. Then, a classic concert release from RockMasters recently... "Brainwaves" is the wonderful Tuscon, Arizona show from November 26th, 1978, a soundboard from the "Hemispheres Tour".

I'll wrap it all up today giving you all some heads-up on new titles, just into the review desk here at HotWacks On-line....The Godfather Records has several new releases for October/November, including...U2 "A Home Away From Home", recorded in Glasgow on November 6th, 1984...THE CURE "The Gothfather", which features a special acoustic show performed in Paris on June 30th, 2004 in soundboard quality...and...for you METALLICA collectors, there's "The Heaviest Nights Of Their Lives"...a single disc of really early live recordings from the Lyceum Ballroom in London on December 12th, 1984... AND...San Francisco Old Waldorf on Ocotber 18th 1982 all in sounboard quality! From Play This we have 2 new titles JETHRO TULL "Roll Over Japan", a complete show from Tokyo on July 19th, 1972 in a beautiful double digipack....also from Play This comes THE CLASH "Acoustic Nation", a single disc collection primarily from Gateshead Station in Newcastle on May 11th, 1985 and bonus tracks from Amsterdam on May 10th, 1981. We have also received new titles by EMINEM, his 1996 debut LP on this title called "Infinite"...a beautiful JUDAS PRIEST digipack title called "Reunited 2004" which also features the opening set from ANNIHILATOR...and from Lost Dogs Label comes MORRISSEY "Green Energy" ...a single disc compilation of material, primarily from the Green Energy Festival at Dublin Castle, Ireland on June 5th, 2004...will bonus tracks from the BBC last May.

Here is some artwork of recently discussed titles that I thought I'd post for all.

Thanks for rendezvousing back here for all the news we can digest! Be sure to check in often over the next week as we all catch up on the reviews. See you back here next Sunday for more Recorded Highlights & Action Replays!

October 31st, 2004