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07 Nov 2004

ROLLING STONES related Bootleg News leads this weeks' column. Rumors had been swirling around for months regarding the demise of Vinyl Gang Productions. It seems that this has finally been confirmed. Vinyl Gang is no more but it appears that the label has simply changed its' name to Dogs N' Cats Records. The first batch of titles from the new label are a handful of 1981 soundboards that were originally circulated by Tattoo Boards. The first releases on Dogs N' Cats Records are: "More Than Ever" (2CD Seattle 10/15/81), "Something Old Something New" (2CD San Francisco 10/18/81), "Still Life In Hartford" (4CD 11/9 & 11/10/81), "Sweet Home Chicago 81" (3CD Rosemont Horizon, Chicago 11/24/81, plus Checkerboard Lounge appearance with Muddy Waters 11/22/81). In other STONES news...Sister Morphine has their version of the Seattle 10/15/81 soundboard ready to go... "Superfonic Seattle" will of course benefit from the remastering touch of Cool Cool Hand. It should be interesting to compare the various releases of this suddenly popular recording.

Various Label CD News...Back To Life Records has a new JETHRO TULL release called "Teatro Gran Rex, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2004"...from Flashbulb is OASIS "Live At Leeds"...a 3CD audience recording from the Leeds Festival, England on June 28th,2000...Reel Masters has a new double-CD release from FOCUS out now. It's called, what else, "Out Of Focus"... and features a BBC Recording from London in December of 1972, plus some audience-source bonus material from the Reading Festival on August 8th, 1972. We also mentioned these ealier in the week... Picadilly Circus has released PAUL McCARTNEY & NEIL YOUNG "Together On Stage 2004" audience recording from the Century Plaza Hotel,Los Angeles, just a few weeks ago on October 14th...ALSO...Wardour's new QUEEN release is called "Killing Me Softly", an audience tape from the Budokan, Tokyo on May 1st, 1975.

An exciting announcement from the Japanese Cashmere Label has stirred the interest of LED ZEPPELIN collectors...the label has announced the release of a title that features a brand new, and longer, source tape of Zeppelin's June 19th, 1972 concert in Seattle. This is a notorious concert from the band, as it was one of those never-ending affairs that saw roughly 5 encores...with the band previewing their "Houses Of The Holy" material (even playing "Dancing Days" twice!), and a one-off live debut of "Black Country Woman", which wasn't officially released for nearly 3 more years! There is no mention if this is an upgraded source from the common one that has appeared on Lemon Song's "Sizzles In Seattle", etc. In any case, it will be interesting! The 3CD set is said to be ready for release soon. Empress Valley has had a successful series with their LED ZEPPELIN "Lost Mixes" EP's. Their latest, "The Lost Mixes EP: Volume 4", is actually a 2CD set of "In Through The Outdoor" outtakes!...some said to be upgrades to what has been released previously...also very interesting.

There are so many DVD titles surfacing that we just want to point out some of the interesting ones. Available now at your favorite vendor is the latest from Bondage Music DVD...GUNS N' ROSES "Welcome To Destruction" is a Pro-Shot video of the infamous St. Louis riot show 1991 where Axl jumps in the crowd to punch a guy who was taunting Rose with a camera most of the night. We just obtained a copy of this here at HotWacks On-line and will be posting a review soon. Cat's Meow DVD has a few new titles on DVD-R THE ALLMAN BROTHERS "Macon To Burbank" is a live compilation that spans 20 years (1970-1990) of video documentation of the band...including their September 23rd, 1970 performance at The Fillmore East and a 1973 TV Special Hosted by Bill Graham from Macon Georgia..along with other TV appearances by the band and Greg Allman and Dickey Betts Solo...Also from Cat's Meow comes ROCKPOP "The Ultimate Edition" which is a double-DVD-R set of the entire German Heavy Metal RockPop Festival from 1983 that features sets from JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, SCORPIONS, OZZY OSBOURNE, DEF LEPPARD, KROKUS, THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP and QUIET RIOT...all Pro-shot Video with Soundboard Audio!...arriving soon from Gambit DVD is YES "Unionize Denver" which captures the band live at McNichols Arena in Denver on May 9th, 1991 in Pro-Shot quality...the video is 160 minutes and spread over 2 DVD's!...2 other DVD-R mentions include THE WHO "Live In Cleveland 1975" from Hot Legs and we don't want to overlook NEW YORK DOLLS "Live At The Matrix 1973"...both titles are supposedly Pro-Shot shows.

We have received information on a number of planned releases over the next couple of months. Some we can't really say much about, yet!...but we will give you generic teaser info on some cool projects. Coming in November will be LED ZEPPELIN "Knebworth 1979" (the 8/11/79 nearly complete Pro-Shot video) and will actually be released under the Genuine Bastard moniker...this one is supposedly an upgraded version of the heralded, generic label triple Japanese DVD that was out this past Summer. From the 4Reel Productions camp comes word of some VERY impressive DVD titles, including... THE WHO "Houston Summit 1975" in late November...other scheduled DVD titles expected to street closer to Christmas are BOB DYLAN "Isle OF Wight 1969", which is going to cause A LOT OF BUZZ!..and will also feature some surprise bonus material...and also THE WHO "Cow Palace 1973". Very cool. We cannot elaborate too much because details are still sketchy but...A well known label is working on some incredible BEACH BOYS releases that will include some Live AND Studio outtakes on CD. The first of which is said to be a 1972 Carnegie Hall live soundboard!...then, closer to Christmas we could see an exciting DVD release that is supposedly an unreleased 1968 documentary on the band that includes some incredible live footage from London.

That's it for now! Thanks for tapping in for the updates and I'll meet you back here next Sunday.

November 7th, 2004