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Led Zeppelin Knebworth DVD details and David Bowie lead the news...
14 Nov 2004

It has turned out to be a pretty active week on the news front. The commercial bootleg labels and smaller CDR labels are really picking up the pace with the release schedule.

We talked about some of Genuine Masters' upcoming LED ZEPPELIN titles for 2005 last week. One new piece of info we can add to that is that they have obtained a seemingly upgraded source for the San Diego recording that EV released as "Conspiracy Theory"(3/14/75). GM has forwarded some Mp3 samples to us, but we haven't had a chance to compare the sources just yet. Another interesting twist with Zep recordings. It will also be fun to compare the 2 Knebworth titles that both GM and Genuine Bastard are releasing. In the end, collectors' win anyway. We will get a beautifully upgraded DVD version of the August 11th, 1979 concert. The 2 titles will be provided in different formats. The key points being that, Genuine Bastard Label (a jab?) is releasing the show in a 5.1 surround audio format (and is called "Knebworth Festival August 11, 1979 25th Anniversary Edition") vs. GM's solid PCM audio (being released as "Return Of The Dinosaurs")...AND...Genuine Masters has been able to complete the "White Summer/Black Mountain Side" gap in the show as well. I should also mention that we have samples of GM's "Devil's Blues", which is the San Francisco soundboard from 4/27/69, and we'll take the time to properly convert and compare this week. In other Zeppelin bootleg news, Live Remains has that re-issue of the Cleveland April 28th, 1977 concert scheduled for release soon. It will be called "Return Of Destroyer".

DAVID BOWIE collectors sure have good reasons to be smiling lately! There have been quite a few new Bowie titles surfacing around the globe. An untitled Japanese Label has taken a bunch of Bowie Rarities to release "commercially" in a single disc title called "The Freakiest Show". The "ultra rare" compilation gathers an unusual batch of outtakes and unused recordings, including "Rupert The Riley" & "Miss Peculiar", a couple of fully mixed finished tracks from EMI for Rydodisc but never used on the Rykodisc reissues. I should state that these recordings were likely obtained via downloading from the Bowie fansite, Savagejaw. Nevertheless, it's recommended material. In other Bowie-related bootleg news, the Japanese CDR Label Trial...has released several new titles this past week...including, "Ziggy At Kingston"...a single disc featuring the May 6th, 1972 concert at Kingston Polytechnic in London..."Enter Galactic" is an excellent sounding show recorded at Atlanta's International Ballroom on October 10th, 1997, an equally stellar show is released by Trial as "The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell", recorded Alcatraz, in Milan on December 4th, 1999. Then of course there's the "Under The Moonlight" title we mentioned a few weeks excellent audience recording from the Hammersmith Odeon in London on June 30th, 1983 during the "Serious Moonlight Tour". On the Bowie DVD front there are also several new releases,"Art Ritual" is a Pro-shot video in Loreley, Germany 1996 from Trial DVD Masters.
The latest "World Tour 1978 Special", is a Double-DVDR of 1978 Television broadcasts and rare clips including portions of Dallas '78 andLive on Japanese TV broadcast!...out now on the Hot Legs Label.

Trial have a ton of new titles and have done a nice job sourcing some rare and obscure recordings. It has been fun learning about them and thought I'd share some of latest here as well. The new listings are quite varied, and include: BILLY JOEL "Bottom Line 1976" 2CDR, in addition to this complete June 10, 1976 show, there are outtakes from Sigma Studios in Philadelphia in April of '72!...HEART "New Jersey 1979" 2CDR, an FM Broadcast from WNEW in NY - recorded at the Passaic Theater in New Jersey on January 26th, 1979 which really captures the band in their prime....BOSTON "Live Spectacular" 1CDR, a soundboard from Long Beach on October 16th 1977...BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS "Newport Jazz Festival 1970" 1CDR, recorded in early July 1970. CAPTAIN BEYOND "Bickershire Festival 1972", recorded in England on May 6th, 1972...JAPAN "Ghosts In Kyoto" 2CDR, a full show recorded live in Kyoto, Japan December 15th, 1982. THE FACES "In Concert 1973" 2CDR, combines 2 BBC Paris Theater recordings from London on February 8th & April 1st, 1973...FREE "Live In West Germany 1970" is one we've mentioned before but is just now available. It features 2 audience recordings from unknown West German venues and dates, that haven't been out on bootleg CD before. THEN there are the new DVD releases as addition to the Bowie title above we are presented with RORY GALLAGHER "Celtic Festival 1994", a nice Pro-shot document from Lorient, France on October 20th, 1994 - one of his last live shows...THE ROLLING STONES "Licks Sunrise 2002" one of the stellar audience-shot documents from the Licks Tour, this one from The Office Depot Center in Sunrise, Florida on October 22nd, 2002....THE POLICE "Ghosts In The South", a live Pro-shot video from Vina Del Mar, Italy on February 20th, 1982. Those are just the highlights from a VERY active label.

Cleaning up this week are titles from other high profile artists...we told you about the new PAUL McCARTNEY DVD from BMW called "Summer Tour In Madrid"...this combines 2 perfornances on DVD...the core video is filmed in Madrid, Spain on May 30th, 2004 and the bonus footage is a Pro-shot vid from his performance at the Rock In Rio Festival, held in Lisbon, Portugal on May 28th, 2004...
Rebel Yell Factory has released a couple of cool titles this week...THE CLASH "Complete "The Agora 1979" Tapes features a great soundboard from The Agora Ballroom in Cleveland on February 14th, 1979...that is one helluva way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Also from Rebel Yell comes THE STRAY CATS "Unreleased Studio Demos 1979 & Dave Studio Masters 1981", which combines demos for the 1st LP from '79 along with studio outtakes from Studio 44 in France on April 28th, 1981..."Farewell East 2004" is the new EAGLES title from the Fastlane Label. This is a 3CD set recorded at Yokohama Arena in Yokahama, Japan on October 26th, 2004..another quick turnaround for a recording!...Coming soon from Exile is THE ROLLING STONES "Opening With Security" from Oakland '99..and from the Sirene Label, UK "Philadelphia 1978 Pre-FM Master" in a Limited and #'d Edition of only 300 copies. Paddington Records has released the ERIC CLAPTON 5CD set "TV Appearance Collection", featuring 82 Tracks in a Limited Edition.Finally, a fun DVD release to mention is...THE SMALL FACES "Own Up Time", 78 minutes worth of 60's TV appearances.

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by HotWacks On-line for a complete week of Bootleg release news. See you back here next week!
Until then, keep an eye on the ticker...

November 14, 2004