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21 Nov 2004

Good day all!...and I hope you had a nice weekend. The ole ass is dragging this bleary Sunday as I stayed up last night with my teenage kids giving the new "Live Aid" DVD set a once over. For those who are on the fence about picking this up...PICK IT UP! Yes, there are about 6 hours of footage missing but it is nicely done. It sounds fantastic and, it's worth it just for the set from QUEEN! I was talking to my kids about that day, where I was and why it was such a huge event in so many ways. We got on the topic of why the LED ZEPPELIN Reunion wasn't on the new set and I explained that the band felt there were too many negative elements to their performance that they had to respectfully decline the OK to allow it on there. Then! dawned on me. I had just gotten my "For The Love Of FBO" 12 DVD set in the mail and a 1st gen version of the Zeppelin Live Aid Performance was on there! So, in the middle of watching the legit set ... I threw in the Zeppelin DVD with their performance on there and it was such a spectacular and clean version that we couldn't find ANY reason why it should have been left off! There were so many performances that were MUCH worse, I honestly can't believe the band wouldn't allow it to be included. I want to thank Carol, Tim and whoever else was involved in the production of this huge project over at the Zeppelin For Badgeholder's Only community. Absolutely incredible. So, having that in such comparible quality to supplement our evening last night was really sweet. Let me just say that nearly all the performers have to just cringe at their attire from that era! is good none of the 80's styles & "fashions" stuck! It is hilarious to watch the parade of clowns amidst the performances. Ok, enough of that.

We just got the new set of Apocalypse Sound DVD's here at HotWacks On-line and let me just start out by pointing out the diamond in the rough amongst the batch ...they have a new AC/DC double-DVD set called "The Greatest Frontman", and it is really a wonderful looking and sounding compilation of promotional videos, TV appearances and
concert performances. Look for a review asap this week. The other DVD's for November/December from Apocalypse Sound include: TOM WAITS "Songs After Closing Time" (Denmark TV 1976, Italian TV 1986, plus American TV appearances)...NIRVANA "About A Boy" (Complete Castle Theatre concert, Rome, November 19, 1991, plus bonus footage)... U2 "Outside It's America, Inside It's Dublin" (contains documentaries from "Joshua Tree Tour")...and finally, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "All Star Duets - Rock N'Roll IS A Jam Thing", a 2-DVD set featuring all of his Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame appearances and just about every other guest appearance AS could find! Again, reviews to post soon.

Speaking of SPRINGSTEEN...Asbury Records has just put out a great title called "Seasons Greetings From Asbury Park". It is the audience shot piece from Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ on December 7th, 2003 when he performed with the Max Weinberg 7 and a bunch of other NJ area celebrities, and it is a huge upgrade to Cat's Meow's "Seaside Holiday" issued earlier in the year. It appears to be from the master and with near soundboard-like audio quality too!

We confirmed earlier in the week that Live Remains has released their 2 new LED ZEPPELIN titles "Return Of Destroyer" & "Cold Sweat"...both re-issues of recordings that have been booted to death. Great concerts, but really. On another Zep-related note, Genuine Masters have moved up their street date for their DVD-Audio/Video Montage title, "The Devil's Blues"...and their Knebworth DVD "Return Of The Dinosaurs". They will now be available for the holidays as the new available date is December 2nd! Also, new on the Empress Valley Zeppelin release schedule is "Frankfurt Special", of course the fantastic show from June 30th, 1980. Mainstream has provided an interesting new RAY DAVIES title "Kirk The Bingo Play The Kinks". (The Japanese REALLY have trouble with translating what they are trying to say!) Anyway, this one is actually a soundboard from Ray and his band, recorded in Odense, Denmark just last month on October 13th...with the bonus broadcast audio from his VH-1 Storytellers appearance back in 1996.

For the Adult Contemporary genre of collector...the Zion Label has some new titles that were just released...JOURNEY "Legend", which documents their show in Osaka on February 25th, 1983...and TOTO "Meet You All The Way", also recorded in Osaka, but on March 11th, 1982. Then, Trial has released 2 new JACKSON BROWNE companion titles..."Solo Acoustic in Nottingham", recorded on October 30th, 2004 at the Royal Centre...and "Solo Acoustic in London" recorded two nights later on November 1st at The London Palladium. An unidentified Japanese Label has issued PAUL McCARTNEY "Bridge School Benefit", recorded live at the annual event which is held at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California...this one on October 24th, 2004. Paddington has their new 5CD ERIC CLAPTON "TV Appearance Collection" out now. ALLMAN BROTHERS collectors will be interested in Young American CD's new SECOND COMING "Basement Sessions" release!...this is a pre-Allman Bros. group recorded in February 1969.

In other DVD news...Tambourine Man Vision have a new and interesting BOB DYLAN set just out this week. It's called "House Of Blues" and it features his complete set at the Atlanta venue on August 3rd, 1996. Johanna DVD have issued some "new" titles along with their continuous production of classic broadcast and concert video on DVD-R. Their latest includes BRIAN WILSON "Smile Concert In Bristol 2004", taped on March 2nd, 2004 at Bristol, UK...and...TOM WAITS "Troubadour Years #1", which again is a compilation of 70's TV appearances, including his 1978 Austin City Limits performance. A final note, we have learned that the new Scorpio BOB DYLAN 6DVD Box Set will be released by Christmas. The word is that the elaborate artwork printing is holding it up, but should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Lastly, Gambit DVD has released 2 versions of their YES title "Unionize Of Denver" details on what the extra DVD-R is on version 2. We'll pass along details when we get them.

Thanks for tuning in for the latest news here at HotWacks On-line! To all of our friends in the states, have a great Thanksgiving week and let the
holidays begin! See you back here next week. As usual, keep you eyes on the News Ticker and stop by often.

November 21, 2004