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Follow up to Upcoming Releases, The News & Zeppelin Knebworth DVD Comparisons...
05 Dec 2004

As the point of posting today's column approached, healthy side-discussions were taking place regarding the comparisons between the 2 new LED ZEPPELIN "Knebworth" DVD's, etc. To spare those who are interested in the rest of the news, all of those related comments are at the end of today's Bootleg News Column. We also got a look at some the artwork for upcoming titles discussed last week such as the new ROLLING STONES titles from Dogs 'N Cats Records and the QUEEN "Live Crazy 1979" from Digital Archives.

Having said that, I am going to lead off with the news announced this week that Empress Valley will be releasing another, brand new, LED ZEPPELIN soundboard! This time, it's the February 16th, 1975 concert from St. Louis and will be released as "St. Louis Blues". Exact release date info hasn't been shared but we suspect it will be sometime over the Holidays. The early word is that it's even better sounding than the San Diego "Conspiracy Theory" release and we all hope for a dynamic show captured once again in soundboard quality. We'll keep on top of this and share more details as they come forth. It appears that it's the Badgeholder's Label that is re-releasing the Seattle June 19, 1972 Zeppelin show as "Let's Do It Again" and should be out soon...they also are re-releasing the San Diego June 19, 1977 recording as "Mystery Train".

We received info and samples of a new DVD-R Label that will provide alternative material to the typical Classic Rock genre 'round these parts. It is called Damage Inc. and we have fielded copies of their 2 inaugural titles; MODEST MOUSE "Lonesome Crowded Theater" & BUILT TO SPILL "Randy Described The Freebird". Both were Professionally Videotaped and Recorded at The Variety Playhouse Theater in Atlanta on September 25th & 26th, 2001 respectively. We'll post reviews on this new DVD-R product as soon as we can post the backlogged titles in queue.

Mainstream releases this week included NEIL YOUNG "Tonight's The Night - Original Acetate Master". Obviously a soundboard recording but will it be a crackling listen? A great but somber period for Neil and if any of our members get their hands on this one, please share your review or thoughts. New from MisterClaudel is JOHN LENNON & THE PLASTIC ONO BAND "Live Peace In Toronto 1969 Audience", a single disc featuring an audience recording of the show that took place on September 13th, 1969 at Varsity Stadium in Toronto.

On to the King! It's been a while since we talked ELVIS PRESLEY...the highly regarded Madison Label has released what is sure to be one of the jewels in their catalog crown. Just streeting this past week is "The Hampton Roads Concert", a single disc in a deluxe package that houses the April 9th, 1972 soundboard recording from The Hampton Roads Coliseum in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The set features 5-color printed picture silver disc, along with a 40-page booklet that takes a look at Elvis circa 1972 AND the film "Elvis On Tour". It comes in a dual-fold cardboard sleeve like the old double-LP covers. The recording and presentation here are said to rival ANY commercial or official release and looks absolutely fabulous! As we catch up, Madison also released "Movin' Mobile" within the last month as well. This features the afternoon show from June 2nd, 1975 in Mobile, Alabama and comes with a nice 12-page booklet. That's what we collectors are looking for! Give us something to cherish with the bucks we spend!

We led off the week with news from the Japanese Sirene Label, they will be releasing a 5CD set documenting the first PINK FLOYD concerts from the European In The Flesh Tour...the set is called "Dortmunds" and is comprised of the January 23 & 24th concerts at Westfalenhalle, Dortumund, Germany. The contents of the 5th bonus disc included in this set, called "Wish The Animals Were Here", features 6 tracks from the original analogue recording on vinyl bootleg of the same name, and is also taken from the Dortmund show on January 23rd, 1977. This bonus disc is limited to inclusion in the first 200 sets only. Also, coming soon from Sirene is the double CDR YES "9021What?" which documents their Greek Theater concert in Berkeley on September 21st, 1984.

News from the 4Reels camp include a correction. It seems that their plans for releasing THE WHO "Isle Of Wight" DVD have been scrapped...and that their next title will be THE WHO "Houston Summit" DVD from 1975 and is said to be killer quality from the Master Reels...this release will also be on a DVD9 Silver Disc and will include 40 minutes of bonus footage from Pontiac Stadium '75 and other bonus material. 4Reels BOB DYLAN "Isle Of Wight" is still tracking to be released in the next month, or so.

Through discussions over the weekend certain points were raised that involve what we include or exclude here on the HotWacks On-line site. I just want to point out that we try to cater to collectibility on all fronts. There are so many CDR and DVD-R labels out there, we've introduced a new one here's pretty difficult to keep up on most of those fronts. But what we learn about, we pass along. Depending on pertinent details and significance of the show or recording. There is a DVD Label out there that is releasing really stellar titles and packages called Way Of The Wizard. Simply outstanding presentation on Silver DVD's. I had a chance to look over the catalog releases last month first-hand in New York and was quite impressed. I have been aware of them but wasn't familiar with the type of product exactly. Highly recommended if you don't already own a particular title. I'm picking up a few just for the freakin' packaging! I just received The Who "Charlatan 1974" and though it is simply a knock-off of Cosmic Energy's "Soccer Rock", it's on pressed Silver Discs and the quality is outstanding throughout. Some of their graphic designs may not move you but...if you get the chance, check them out. If I own a superb sounding release, I want something worthy to house it in. Plain and simple. You may hear this theme from me throughout my ramblings here on Recorded Highlights & Action Replays. I will keep saying it until the labels get it.


As I eluded to at the top of the column, both of the new "Knebworth 1979" DVD's were received from Genuine Masters and Genuine Bastard in the last few days. Great, great Zeppelin for us to enjoy no matter what release you decide to pursue. But just to confuse the issue further, on Genuine Bastard's DVD the opening graphics state "Genuine Masters Presents..."! The differences between the two are both obvious and subtle and will likely just come down to personal preference. Notable comparisons:

-GM's double-DVDR vs. GB's Single Silver DVD9 Disc
-GM's superb PCM Audio vs. GB's excellent Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio Mix
- GM's standard clamshell pack w/High Resolution Art vs. GB's Classic Styled Digipack Cover
-GM's designed menus vs. GB's straight-forward Menu and Scene Selection Programming
-Pricepoint between the 2 releases, with GM's being the more expensive of the two

Both titles are from the same original source tape and are excellent but I could only confirm that GB's was taken from the excellent Japanese 3DVD-R release from this past summer. That could really be where the difference is here. There is a noticable difference in clarity in favor of Genuine Masters' "Return Of The Dinosaurs". GM's colors appear richer and deeper (perhaps just because of the clarity), indicating one helluva transfer from said tape/DVD or they have a source that is from a lower generation. The audio on both is superb and will depend on your preference for listening and set-up. As I have stated often througout the weekend, it is awesome to have this complete concert on DVD in this quality. No matter which way you go, you won't be disappointed. Formal Reviews to be posted here at HotWacks On-line soon.

Join me back here next Sunday for more Bootleg Release News here at HotWacks On-line.

December 5th, 2004