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Happy New Year and the first blurb of Bootleg News for 2005...
02 Jan 2005

Well, Happy New Year everyone. We made it!...but man, the holidays can really suck the life out of you! It's been a nice break but I'm happy to get back into a routine. We hope that you enjoyed your Holidays and had the chance to kick back, eat, drink and be merry. There really hasn't been much going on over the past 2 weeks, however the break gave us an opportunity to catch up on some reviews. If you haven't had the chance to catch up on the latest, please do so. We are really looking forward to a great 2005 and we're glad to have you on board with us here at HotWacks On-line! So, let's catch up.

Here are some releases we learned about recently...27 Productions has a new JEFF BUCKLEY DigiPack title out now called "Logo 1995", and features his live show in Hamburg, Germany on February 22nd, 1995. For any FRANZ FERDINAND fans out there, there is a new compilation of FM Broadcasts available from Judah Records titled "Glastonbury 2004 & More" addition to his Glastonbury performance on June 25th of 2004 it also features the September 19th, 1993 in Liverpool and the broadcast of several Exclusive Radio Ayr performances on September 9th of '03. From Current Wave Records comes a new title from THE STROKES called "This Is It!...The Rarities Collection" and contains 24 tracks in soundboard quality. Kombat Records has something new for collectors of THE LIBERTINES called "Ruff Stuff", housing 27 tracks worth of demos, radio broadcasts and live recordings. New from Apocalypse Sound DVD
is FRANK ZAPPA "John, Dan and Me", which is a nice compilation of his Saturday Night Live appearances from 1973, 1976 & 1978...and The Godfather Records has a new U2 CD release that compiles a handfull of recent October and November Radio and Television Broadcasts and is titled "All Of This Can Be Yours".

From the LED ZEPPELIN corner there are several things to talk about. Due to some unfortunate developments within the Zeppelin collecting community, Genuine Masters has decided to simply remove their website from the net and continue to interact with its' customer base and operate via email only. The next project being tackled by GM will be "Mystic San Diego" and will feature the March 14th, 1975 San Diego Soundboard in their patented DVD-Audio, Visual Montage format. You can contact Genuine Masters directly at and they are taking orders now for this title streeting later in the month. Another ZEPPELIN-related label, Beelzebub Records has 2 new titles ready to go...we mentioned these a couple of weeks ago but they are available now..."In The Heat Of The Night" combines the 2 Fillmore East concerts from January 31st and February 1st, 1969, and Beelzebub Records is guaranteeing that their title is of much higher quality than the recent Empress Valley version "New York In The Wind". If anyone can verify this, please get in touch with us. I'm not sure what to make of this label yet, they informed me directly that ALL of their releases will be on CDR as it is too expensive to have them pressed on silver disc. Now, they are advertising this Fillmore East title as being pressed, which is great...but the communication is a little odd. The other new release is the Page & Plant DVD title, "Bizarre Party". Still, very interesting stuff and their latest email states some upcoming releases will include "In The Garden Of Sweden", the March 16th, 1969 Radio Broadcast from Stockholm...and "Good Times In L.A." which will feature the alternate Stereo Source of the infamous September 4th, 1970 performance at the Los Angeles Forum.

From THE ROLLING STONES this past 10 days come a couple of DVD titles via Jointrip DVD..."Hot August Night" is supposedly a newly acquired, upgraded Knebworth Video from August 21st, 1976. Their other DVD release is a Video Compilation called "Jump Back Video Sampler" which looks to feature the complete "Video Rewind" official release, along with some supplementary videos to complete the set. On the slate from Sister Morphine is a new CD release called "Voodoo Africana", which is apparently the soundboard from Johannesburg '95. Look for reviews to be posted this week on their last couple of titles, "Gonna Bust Another Bottle" and "'appy Birthday Nicky". The early word on those is that they are much better than that ridiculous "Superfonic Seattle" set they hastily put out last month!

Some clean-up news...that new CROSBY, STILL NASH & YOUNG title "Good Evening Boston" has been released on the Japanese, Screamer CD Label. Again, it is a 4-disc set that features both the complete August 5th, and August 6th, 1974 performances, recorded from the audience. Silent Sea has a new BEATLES DVD series out now called "Filmography"...there are 3 volumes, which are all double-DVDR sets. No details on what the contents of these discs include. We'll share more details as they are learned. Also, news out of Japan this weekend cites 3 new EAGLES titles on CD..."Live At Boston Music Hall 1975" 2CD, "Mid-Summer Music" 1CD, and "Heartache Tonight 1979" 2CD. There is also a new BADFINGER soundboard being released on an unknown label called "Come To Think Of It"...also being released is a couple of ERIC CLAPTON DVD's - "Nothing But The Blues" and "24 More Nights At Royal Albert Hall", both on the Heartwood Edge Label. Then there is the GEORGE HARRISON/ERIC CLAPTON DVD called "From That Sky". Look for a couple of DVD releases featuring the Austin City Limits peformances from ELVIS COSTELLO and SHERYL CROW.

That's all for now! Good to have everyone back in the groove. Again, we hope all of your Holiday activities and travels were enjoyable and smooth, and we look forward to growing the coverage for you in 2005 here at HotWacks On-line. Be sure to visit often and share your thoughts and questions with us during your stay. Don't forget we have our Bulletin Board for you to utilize and communicate with your fellow member collectors! I'll meet you back here next week and as always, keep an eye on the News Ticker! know the activity will pick up again now! Thanks for a great 2004.

January 2, 2005