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The Super Bowl Diversion, version...of The Bootleg News
06 Feb 2005

Ah, yes it's Superhype(Super Bowl) Sunday here in the U.S. To offset that white noise, we have quite a bit of Bootleg Release News to share with you this week here at HotWacks On-line. While typing this column up today, I am listening to BOB DYLAN "Deep Beneath The Waves" from Tambourine Records. An excellent recording of an equally great performance from Motril, Spain last Summer. I know we have quite a few DYLAN collectors among thought to bounce off of this group...don't you think it's time for BOB's management to cease with that canned Columbia Recording Artist intro "the poet laureate from the 60's who escaped self-induced drug problems in the 70's" the start of each performance? It's gotten as old as BOB! Just had to get that off my chest, thanks. On with the news for February 6th, 2005...

First off, Genuine Masters has locked in to a firm Street-date for their new LED ZEPPELIN DVD-Audio/Picture Montage, "Texas Pop"...It is February 18th. On a somewhat related note...It would appear that Scorpio has pressed to Silver DVD Disc, GM's "Ladies & Gentlemen..The Rolling Stones" Widescreen version and released it on their Bad Wizard Label. Last week I talked about some of the new Rattlesnake/Kingsnake CD & DVD releases to surface of late...and I failed to point out their new STEVIE RAY VAUGHN title "Live At The Lorelei Festival", which captures Stevie & DOUBLE TROUBLE live in Germany on August, 25th, 1984. This is another nice Digi-Pack presentation for collectors and it features an 81 minute Pro-shot Video source with Dolby Digital Audio. And, 4Reel is back on the front lines with what is sure to be a top DVD title for 2005, THE WHO "The Summit 1975"...featuring their complete Houston 1975 performance in Pro-shot quality, direct from the master source!...along with a ton of extras. I dropped this one in at the tale end last week but it's certainly worth a more prominent mention this week.

In other Bootleg DVD News...Apocalypse Sound has issued a new batch of titles that include: U2 "Louder Than Bombs" that on the surface looks absolutely essential for the U2 collectors out there. The main feature is the Pro-shot video of U2's "US Festival" appearance in Devore, California on May 30th, 1983...but also, the title includes some intriguing bonus material in the form of 6 outtake performances from the Red Rocks show in Denver from June 5th, 1983 that weren't featured in the officially released, "Under A Blood Red Sky" Home Video...another U2 release is "Live Under The Brookly Bridge" that captures their complete surprise performance from Empire Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn, New York on November 22nd for the filming of MTV's "Jammed" show...this title also adds plenty of extra clips to round out the disc like the iPod version of the "Vertigo" Promo Clip...their complete Saturday Night Live appearance back in November as well, and much more. Also from AS comes THE CURE "Big Bright Beautiful World" which compiles several 2004 video documents from the band...the MTV European Music Award in Rome from November 18th, Milan on June 23rd and also their BBC-TV Studios "Later with Jools Holland" appearance on October 22nd. On the Goodfellas DVD Label comes METALLICA "Live Covers" which is a nice video document of their Roseland Ballroom show in New York on November 24th, 1998...the band does provide interesting covers from Black Sabbath, Queen, Bob Seger, etc. Damage Inc. Studios has their new FLAMING LIPS DVD ready to go...called "Flaming Lips in Twenty-First Century Lips", compiles their June 28th, 2003 performance with other Pro-Shot footage such as; Big Day Out in Australia on January 21st, 2004, Scotland 2003 and their Jack Daniels Set in Lynchburg, Tennessee on September 18th, 2004...on a single disc for over 2 hours of enjoyment. Look for a review here at HotWacks On-line in the next few days.

On another ROLLING STONES related note, the Cat's Meow DVD-R label has just issued their version of the MUDDY WATERS/STONES "Checkerboard Lounge" video on DVD-R...a quick comparison to the version circulating as "Fathers & Sons" shows that while Cat's Meows' version is of a higher generation source, their audio is much more appealing and natural sounding versus the more compressed sounding "Fathers & Sons". So, make what you will of that. Other releases from Cat's Meow this week include...PAUL McCARTNEY "The Secret Files" DVD which features both the "Secret" Rehearsals AND the "Secret" gig in Paris on March 25th, 2003. KISS "Candid Kiss", which is a 3DVD-R set that compiles all the rare video one could assemble, cohesively, from their "Hot In The Shade" Tour in the form of the theme: "Exposed II Outtakes" - this would be backstage footage, interviews, soundchecks, rehearsals, meals,etc....on Cat's Meow CD is an obscure and scarcely documented period from ERIC BURDON..."Live 1974" is a nice soundboard recorded at Ebbets Field in Denver on October 17th, 1974. A VERY tripped out ERIC BURDON here!...from Hot Stuff! DVD comes TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS "Pack Up The Plantation Live"...which is a Pro-shot video documentation of the bands' last 2 performances of the "Southern Accents Tour" at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. New from Room 101 are a couple of DVD titles...RORY GALLAGHER "Tattoo'd Lady" is a welcome release that covers the Irish Guitarists' November 4th, 1987 Cork, Ireland concert!...and anything RORY is alright with me. I hope labels continue to cultivate new performance recordings from this guy...also from this label is JETHRO TULL "Montreux Breath", their July 4th, 2003 Montreux Jazz Fest performance taken from a PAL video source in dolby digital audio...both titles come in superb DigiPack type packages.

Ok, here is the BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND portion of the column. Asbury Records continues to churn out anything Bruce-related and their latest DVD effort is titled "Rainy Night in Hamburg" at AOL Arena in Hamburg, Germany on June 12th, 2003 and featuring a guest appearance by Wolfgang Nieddecken and is from a PAL source as well...I'll squeeze in here that the Cannon Label has another 2003 show they have just released on DVD called "Meet Me In Maryland" that documents the bands' September 13th, 2003 concert. On to BRUCE Bootleg CD news...Asbury Records latest audio offering is a seemingly superfluous title "People Have The Power", their version of the final Vote For Change concert in Washington D.C. on October 11th, 2004. More interesting for collectors are the new releases from The Godfather Records...first is "How Nebraska Was Born...", a 2CD set of "The Definitive Remastered Nebraska Outtakes" that comes in a superbly packaged, deluxe wallet-style foldout cover with insert mini-poster and is "A Love Affair", recorded at Stadio Guiseppe Meazza in Milan on June 21st, 1985...and this one has also been given top packaging treatment in a custom tri-fold cover with mini-poster and 8-page booklet. Very nice. Also from Godfather Records this past week is another U2 title, "Desert Roads", that is similarly packaged 2CD, plus bonus DVD, set documenting the final Joshua Tree show in Tempe, Arizona on December 19, 1987. The DVD sounds cool as it features their L.A. show earlier on November 18th, 1987 in Pro-shot quality!

On the BOB DYLAN front, numerous releases to point out...back to the Rattlesnake Label for 3 new DYLAN titles they issued in the last week or so..."Wear The Fox Hat" compiles the best of audio sources combined to provide his complete Fox Warfield Theater show in San Francisco on November 16th, 1980..."San Jose 2001" is just that, an audience source of the October 12th, 2001 show...and "Kool Cat Pulling Off The Strings" documents BOB and band last year in Toronto on March 21st, 2004...with bonus tracks tacked on from Detroit and Washington D.C. 2004 as well. Main Stream has the newly streeted title "Flames In Verona" which takes us back to the Temples In Flames-era recording from Verona, Italy with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on October 1st, 1987, in very good audience-sourced quality...another stray recording has surfaced from US 61 titled "Outside The Museum" and features his June 29th, 2004 concert in Bonn, Germany along with bonus tracks from The Apollo Theater in New York on June 7th!

Last but certainly not least is more exciting ELVIS PRESLEY bootleg news...SR Records has just released a fabulous package boasting another brand new ELVIS recording for collectors to sink their teeth into. It's called "Trying To Get To Memphis" and is a very respectable recording of his August 11th, 1971 Dinner Show in Las Vegas. Early assessments describe an excellent version of "Trying To Get To You", plus the very first 70's performance of "Memphis, Tennessee" from ELVIS and band. The set also includes a wonderful, full color, 8-page booklet with period photos to add to the enjoyment.

That wraps up this weeks' news and thanks for checking us out here at HotWacks On-line. We hope all the new members enjoy this weekly feature and I invite you to check back often and keep your eye on the News Ticker! We have an immense backlog of title reviews to post in the coming days so, do check back throughout the week. I'll meet you back here next Sunday for all the latest Bootleg news. Have a good one.

February 6th, 2005