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Grammy Sunday Bootleg News roundup....
13 Feb 2005

A relatively light week of New Release Bootleg News caused this Grammy Sunday Edition of Recorded Highlights & Action Replays to be somewhat delayed. I simply held out to do some gathering of not only the latest releases to pass along for the week, but also thought I'd throw in some off-beat releases that have been forwarded from the last month.

The latest from Japan this week sees Wardour getting a new QUEEN together called "Operatic Afternoon", which features the AFTERNOON performance at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan on March 29th, 1976...that's right, for the first time on CD a tape source of the same show that first appeared on the incredibly rare "Zoom" double bootleg LP set from long ago. This will be a wonderful title to have on CD. Also coming on Silver Disc from the Tricone Label is ERIC CLAPTON "Journey's End", a 2CD release that features his December 13th, 1990 show at Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa, Japan and is what I believe is his final show of the "Journeyman Tour". Sirene is continuing it's themed PINK FLOYD packages by combining their May 9th & 10th, 1977 shows at the Oakland Coliseum..and is simply titled "Oaklands". While the May 9th show has been booted to death and is most commonly known as the "In The Flesh" recording and originally released by Great Dane in the early 90's on CD, the following night hasn't been nearly as over-circulated. So, this is a nice chance for collectors to get them both together. From Trial on CDR this week comes news of 3 new titles...STING "Buenos Aires 1994", a soundboard recording from March 25th, 1994 at Valez Sarsfeild Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina...BOSTON "Nashville Spectacular", a more recent document from the bands' last go-round. This one, recorded at the Starwood Amphitheater in Nashville, Tennessee on August 24th, 2004...and, how about a new BILLY JOEL soundboard..."Syracuse 1993" captures the Piano Man live at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York on November 13th, 1993. Also, new from Power Gate CDR is an important AEROSMITH title called "Academy Of Music", which is a rare, early live document of the band from November 2nd, 1974 and recorded at the New York Academy Of Music. Very cool.

Elsewhere from around the world, on the BB Label comes THE BEACH BOYS "Help Me Tampa"...a live performance from April 12th, 1974 with some bonus TV appearances tacked on 2CD's. Shout To The Top has a couple of new titles...BON JOVI "It's Only My Life", a double-disc set that features an audience recording from a North Carolina peformance on June 23rd, 2000...THE CARPENTERS "They Long To Sing Once More" features an Osaka show on March 25th, 1976...also THE DOORS "Roadhouse Blues", an STTP stab at their London, Roundhouse gig on September 8th, 1968 with assorted bonuse tracks. Rattlesnake is on a roll with some more new titles that include:...THE BYRDS "Rollin' Down The Road" contains a rare recording of the band in a later incarnation live in Louisville, Kentucky in 1970...this is the MKIII line-up Roger McGuinn, Gene Parsons, Skip Battin & Clarence White ...also from Rattlesnake is DAVID BOWIE "Bewelay Brothers At The Hammersmith", a 3CD set that features his performance at the Carling Apollo Hammersmith in London on October 2nd, 2002 with bonus tracks from his BBC Radio2 show...there is also a couple of new BOB DYLAN titles..."He Is The Man", another release of the Atlanta "soundboard" from February 9th, 2002..and then we flash all the way back to 1963 for classic Bob on "Radio Unnameable", Dylan recorded at WBAI Radio in New York in '63...PAUL McCARTNEY "Home Is Where The Heart Is" documents his return to Liverpool on June 1st, 2003 with some live bonus tracks taken from Rome on May 10th of '03..."Invocating Of Protector Angels" is Rattlesnakes' new VAN MORRISON title...and it features a July 10th, 1980 performance in Montreux, Switzerland and filled in with bonus cuts from a San Anselmo, California show on February 15th, 1973.

There seems to be a bit of a buzz over the Japanese newcomer Label, Screamer. We have onlycovered the very tip of the releases with reviews of a couple of NEIL YOUNG titles here at HotWacks On-line. Their new ROLLING STONES title "Live at the LA Forum July 9, 1975" would on the surface be a bit redundant given the handful of releases on CD already but, word has it that this is the nicest representation of this Mike Millard recording on CD yet. Until now, this recording of the first night of their 5 shows at the L.A. Forum in 1975 has been the least dynamic, quality-wise. We will have to experience it ourselves but the slew of titles Screamer has brought to collectors are certainly intriguing and broad. They seem to be sourcing shows from various arenas from EZ Torrent to whatever else. I know their EAGLES "Boston Music Hall 1975" and "Heartache Tonight 1979" plus MICK TAYLOR "Lone Star 1986" were all recently seeded shows for download at EZ Torrent. What is nice is that they are putting these wonderful shows on Silver Disc, so they certainly get kudos for at least taking it to the next level though they were again...easy pickins. In addition to the aforementioned artists, Screamer has new releases out now by WISHBONE ASH "Birthday Show", CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG "Good Evening Boston" and of course the BOB DYLAN titles "Rolling Thunder Revue Boston 1975 Complete" & "Rolling Thunder Revue Cambridge 1975". We hope to get a handful of these titles, if not all, to post reviews here on our archive very soon.

In other random release news that go back probably to late 2004 anyway, I would like to point out some other niche releases that have recently landed in front of me and will gradually make their way into our database as well. I certainly wasn't aware of some of these titles and in some cases...I wasn't even familiar with the artists! There is a strange ROLLING STONES Blues compilation in circulation called "Confessin' The Blues Vol. 1" from a generic label of the same name. It brings together some really random solo performances and band renditions of some blues and Stones classics. From Remedy Records comes THE CURE "Strange Days In Glastonbury" documents their June 25th, 1995 UK concert in a superb soundboard recording with some bonus material tacked on. "Dutchies Do It Better" is a new MADONNA double-disc from Digital Cruciality Productions and features her Arnheim, Holland performance on September 8th, 2004. NIGHTWISH "Asylum Choir" is a single CD featuring their Hultsfred, Sweden show on August 2nd, 2003 and is limited to only 400 copies!...ha!...that is too much. From Heart Of Darkness Records comes a new JOY DIVISION Bootleg CD called "Closer To The Unknown" , a compilation of rare studio outtakes 1977-1980, not included on the official retrospective "Heart And Soul". And then there is CRADLE OF FILTH and the title of the week from Dark Slaughtery Records, "The Rotten Stench Of Early Days When We Raped Dead Angels". Good lord. Apparently there is an audience out there for some of this stuff and it amazes me, sorry. As they say, to each his own.

New information has been forwarded on the latest from European DGP Label this week. On DGP DVD they have a superb KISS "Tokyo Budokan 1977" show out that is direct from a Studio Source, meaning that it doesn't come from an inferior VHS version. This is the HBO version but is supposedly quite an upgrade on every level. It is presented in PCM Stereo, 4:3 aspect ratio, NTSC format and is said to blow your socks off! DGP is also readying a stellar Osaka '77 audience source show from KISS. So, watch for that to be released in the near future. From DGP Newline is BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "Roadhouse Blues: Seaside Bar Songs"...Springsteen's Early Show at Asbury Parls' Harry's Roadhouse back in December. A setlist full of rarities and surprises that make the other Christmas shows "pale in comparison", from what we are told. Later this month the label will release another SPRINGSTEEN title, "Shake Your Foundations" audience source recording of their Rotterdam 1985 show where the bands' loud amplification damaged the Stadiums' foundation! DGP is also planning on releasing a second printing of their stellar version of the Detroit '75 show soon.

In Bootleg DVD and related medium News this week, VELVET REVOLVER looked very dapper tonight at the Grammys, backing an all-star line-up for a very cool rendition of THE BEATLES' "Across The Universe"...their concert performance last month, January 22nd, at London's Hammersmith Apollo has been released this week on DVD-R from Power Gate DVD Masters in Pro-shot quality, it's called "UK Slither"...Trial DVD Masters have a DVD-R release to point out that features STEELY DAN called "Manassas 1996", also Pro-shot, filmed July 21st, 1996 at The Nisson Pavillion in Manassas, Virginia...Japan Baby have taken the bright step of releasing BLACK SABBATH & ROB HALFORD "Iron God", which documents their second collaboration in about 10 years. Ozzy Osbourne was side-lined with a bout of bronchitis for a Black Sabbath performance at Camden, New Jersey during an Ozzfest appearance on August 26th, 2004...and the Judas Priest frontman stepped in to save the day with a brilliant performance with the band. And, I wind up this weeks' column to provide the inside scoop on Genuine Masters next LED ZEPPELIN DVD-Audio/Picture Montage project..."Orlando-You Really Got Me". GM is giving the mono soundboard/audience recordings of the Orlando concert on August 31st, 1971 a very nice clean-up! Some samples of much smoother edits and snipets of tracks that display, once again, some expansive sound were forwarded to me over the weekend. Comparing to Empress Valley's "Florida Sunshine" quickly shows just how sloppy and rough the soundboard to audience transitions really were on EV's title. Expect really wonderful results from GM on this new endeavor. Being that it is a ZEPPELIN show in their primal prime, it is really going to smoke! No release date has been set for the Orlando title just yet. However, Genuine Masters latest release, "Texas Pop" streets this week and our copy should be arriving early this week. Look for an early heads-up on the lowdown on this one here at HotWacks On-line. One final word on the outstanding BOB DYLAN "Genuine Telecasts" DVD Box Set from Scorpio...we have mentioned in the review here on the site that rumours were circulating on a possible 7th disc to be released as part of this set. The latest scoop is that there will simply be another volume to be released as a separate entity. That means there was another flaw in the planning of this set as it is toted as a compilation from 1962-2002...the latest video included only brings us to 1999. Certainly one of the best DVD titles of 2004, but it was hastily put together. It could have been executed so much better and that is what is disappointing about this one.

That's all for this week. Thank you so much for stopping by for the latest and again, sorry for the late post but I was awaiting word on a few things. See you back here next Sunday, have a great week.

February 13th, 2004