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The Bootleg News roundup for the first week of March...
07 Mar 2005

Welcome to the Bootleg Music Release News for March 6th, 2005 here at HotWacks On-line. First off, I want to thank all the members who emailed thoughts and suggestions this past week. There were some good ideas that we'll look into over the next month and try to expand the offerings and coverage for guidance here on the site. Good stuff. That leads me to throw out the invitation again to any members who may have the time, talent and desire to contribute reviews for inclusion in the HotWacks On-line database. Again, it does take time and patience as there is a process to upload and a template to follow. We would be seeking those that acquire original releases on a fairly regular basis and could post at least 2 or 3 reviews a month. If this is you, or if you may know someone with the collecting bug and has a way with words, shoot me an email at It should also be stressed here that we are not in the business of supplying Bootleg Recordings/Releases. We are collectors also and we purchase, borrow or network to obtain the titles being reviewed. If you are interested in what I've outlined here, you would be reviewing your personal acquisitions and we can discuss the rest of the particulars. On with the news...

ROLLING STONES collectors listen up...Genuine Masters is once again ready to shift artist focus from their LED ZEPPELIN projects in coming weeks to polish and present the wonderful "LiveR" tapes!...we have been privy to some Mp3 comparison samples of the GM
source vs. Tarantura and Sister Morphine and we will be treated to a much more natural sounding presentation with the spatial qualities that have set their ZEPPELIN projects apart from comparible titles! GM will be featuring both the afternoon and evening performances from the Oakland Coliseum on November 9th, 1969 and it will be a treat to relive these shows in such quality! Stay tuned...GM's next LED ZEPPELIN title "Orlando - You Really Got Me" will be streeting towards the end of March. In other ZEPPELIN-related bootleg news, the Wendy Label is ready to throw their hat into the DVD ring with "The Reunion Collection", a compilation of the post-Zeppelin appearances and performances including their 1985 Live Aid set, the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary set and 1995's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction and jam session with Neil Young, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry...The Badgeholders Label's next title will be "The Rockpile Tapes", a 3CD set that compiles all known audience source tapes of both the February 2nd and August 18th, 1969 concerts...the 3rd disc is titled "Rockpile Revisited" and features the second show from on August 18th...we should also mention that there appears to be trouble with one of the discs in Watch Towers' "Coherence" release that is raising the ire of some collectors. We haven't been able to ascertain or confirm what the problem is but as we learn what the exact problem is, and/or what the Label is doing about it...we'll pass it along here.

The latest out of Japan...Mid-Valley (Empress Valley) has ERIC CLAPTON "The Magnificent Seven" out now...a 2CD set from November 5th, 1974...coming soon from Wardour is THE WHO "Young Vic Rehearsals", a single disc of soundboard recordings from both the Rehearsals and Concert at The Young Vic Theater, Waterloo, London on April 26th, 1971!...Reel Masters has RICK WAKEMAN "Rock Explosion '75", a double CD from the soundboard at Tokyo's Shibuya-kokaido on January 17th, 1975..PLUS, the first 100 copies will have a bonus DVD included that features a Pro-shot video from Wembley Empire Pool on May 30th, 1975 and is titled "King Arthur At Wembley"...from Trial there is MICK TAYLOR "It Hurts Me Too", a Stereo Soundboard recorded at The Showcase Club, Long Island, New York on May 28th, 1988..Trial DVD Masters has LINDA RONSTADT "In Concert 1980", a Pro-shot offering on DVD-R taken from a low-gen tape of her Television Center Studios, taping in Hollywood, California on April 24th, that THE BLACK CROWES are getting ready to tour again, Power Gate has an outstanding looking CROWES title arriving in the next few days called "Virtue And Vice", a Stereo Soundboard of their January 27th, 1999 concert that has an excellent set list that represents their "By Your Side" Tour wonderfully.

Miscellaneous Label release updates...from Peeple Records comes JAMES BROWN "Soul Train Sessions", a collection of 1969 Studio outtakes from the soundboard...ZipperDeke has a MILES DAVIS double-disc out called "From Pangaea to Agharta", a soundboard source from an unreleased CBS Live LP recorded in Tokyo on February 7th & 8th, 1975! Fans of DOVES, Smash It Up Records has released "Toronto Broadcast", recorded in Toronto on March 1st, 2001...also from ZipperDeke is "Charge Of The Light Brigade", an early JOURNEY audio document from the pre-Steve Perry line-up that includes some live and rare studio material along with the earliest Neil Schon recordings from his pre-Santana band called BIRTHDAY...then there is MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA "McGuru Lives", the 1971 WBAI Radio Broadcast on a single disc...Noriaa Records has THE WHO "Music Must Change", Pete Townsends' Who Are You demos on a single CD...Hard Video has 2 new VAN HALEN DVD's, "Eruption: the Van Halen Media Collection 1977 - 1985", which includes interviews, videos, TV Spots AND MTV's "Lost Weekend w/Van Halen"... and "US Festival", a stellar verison of their May 29th, 1983 Festival appearance in San Bernadino...Cat's Meow has some new DVD-R titles on the scene this week that include...THE EAGLES "Fly Again", a Pro-shot video from the in-house cameras at the Tarrant County Convention Center in Houston 1977, plus some bonus 1994 footage filmed in about some MC5!...Cat's Meow offers up 100 minutes of anything and everything that can be located from TV appearances and rare live clips...ROLLING STONES "Madison Square Garden - The Other Night", the now common January 16th, 2003 HBO Rehearsal Broadcast run-through for the live Pay-Per-View that would take place 2 nights later on the 18th...and there is a couple of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN DVD's, "Born In The USA TV Reel" - featuring 1984-85 live footage, interviews, rehearsals and video outtakes...and "John Steinbeck Benefit", a double-DVDR set of Bruce's acoustic performances, including San Jose on October 26th, 1996 in "superb audio and video quality"...and, we also mentioned the 2 new YES DVD's from Yes Visions earlier this week...the 2 volumes feature the complete concert from Queen Park Rangers Stadium on May 5th 1975...the 2 volume set is titled "Gates Of Q.P.R. Volumes 1 and 2"...Volume 2 has a bonus biography of the band featurette included.

Recent ELVIS PRESLEY bootleg news and release updates...the Audionics Label will be releasing "Keep The Fire Burning" shortly. It is a previously unreleased soundboard from Murfreesboro, Tennessee on May 7th, 1975 and is a complete, unedited recording running about 60 minutes and has a deluxe 12-page booklet, featuring unique photos from the tour and extensive liner notes. The Madison Label has "Elvis - A Legendary Performer, Vol. 5" out now...this is a single CD compilation of previously available recordings taken from the best possible sources, and representing every phase of ELVIS' career. This one also has a 16-page illustrated "Memory Log". The Czech Label, Memory Records, has 2 new ELVIS titles on the market now. The first is "I Did It My Way", a strong performance from ELVIS in Green Bay,
Wisconsin on April 28th, 1977w/ bonus tracks from Mobile, Alabama on June 2nd, 1977..."Let Me Be There" showcases his midnight performance in Las Vegas on February 8th, 1974 and includes bonus tracks from the dinner show in Vegas on January 27th, 1974.

That's it for this week! Thanks again for stopping by and please stay in touch with us and let us know about things you learn about or stumble upon. Keep an eye on the News Ticker throughout the week and I'll meet you back here next Sunday for more Bootleg Music News here at HotWacks On-line.

March 6th, 2005