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Beating back the Winter doldrums!
13 Mar 2005

Anyone else sick of Winter? It seems that the Winter doldrums have reached their peak this last week though I always look at March as "turning the corner" with all of that. It seems that the bootleg release news this past 7 days would also reflect the same. There hasn't been a lot to talk about until this weekend. It just seems there is a ton of re-issue/re-release coverage. Ah, but Spring is just around the corner! With that, let's jump in...

As Mr. Sparaco touches upon in his latest FLEETWOOD MAC review here at HotWacks On-line, the Yellow Dog Label has seemingly been "resurrected" and has been busy. All of THE WHO fans are aware of this but an oversight of mine was to miss commenting on Yellow Dog's "THE HIGH NUMBERS Live 1964", a VERY important release in the Live history and catalog of THE WHO. "Live 1964" combines two key recordings; an 11-song set from The Railway Hotel in Wealdstone, UK on October 20th, 1964 (which had previously been documented as being from the Marquee Club, London.) tracks seemingly recorded a couple of days later at Abbey Road Studios. This an incredibly cool title and again, my apologies for not pointing this one out previously. I even had a note made to myself and it was just an oversight. Imagine that. D- Stones' recent ROLLING STONES DVD offering, "8182 Vol. 1" is getting rave reviews from Stones collectors. It compiles rare and uncirculated Pro-shot Video from the 1981 U.S. Tour (Phillie Opener on 9/25 along with Buffalo, New York & more.)...and the 1982 European Tour.

In other Label news...earlier in the week we were able to confirm that Genuine Masters' LED ZEPPELIN DVD-Audio/Picture Montage release of "Orlando-You Really Got Me" will have an official release date of March 25th, those that have already pre-ordered we are told, their copies will be shipping on March 21st. Stay tuned for April release plans from GM in the next couple of weeks! Digital Gang Productions has some stellar releases in the cue for us over the next month or so. I will be posting a review of their latest KISS "Tokyo '77" which will be available soon. This one is direct from an HBO Master Production of the live broadcast back in the day (Pay-Per-View?). Anyway, it is going to make all the KISS fans out there drool. Both Sound and Video are simply superb and I'm told that my early DVD-R sample is actually being pressed to Silver DVD in Japan for a May release! On the heels of that comes news from DGP that right behind "Tokyo '77" will come what can only be described as a landmark KISS live document, "Live At Anaheim Stadium 1976", Pro-shot on August 20th, 1976. This one is said to even surpass the quality of "Tokyo '77"! Also, it is said that "The Inner Sanctum" show from the Sydney Showgrounds on November 22nd, 1980 will be seeing a proper bootleg representation and release soon. The quality being described here is said to be "Mint" with plenty of extras from the same period. Look for DGP's BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & The E STREET BAND title "Cologne '99" to be released soon. This one is recorded form Colgone Arena and taken directly from the DAT master. That brings us to DGP's current release to point out...THE ROLLING STONES "Rock And Roll Over Rotterdam". A super audience sourced recording from the first of 5 shows in The Netherlands and the first of their Rotterdam appearances. This performance is from August 11th, 2003 and unless someone can correct the first commercial bootleg to feature this show! And a very inspired performance it is too.

A round-up of additional Bootleg titles we learned about this week includes a seemingly new BOB DYLAN 2CD set from Crystal Cat called "Bleeding Shadows" and features his July 10th, 2004 show at the Estadio Municipal Escribano Castilla in Spain...some interesting new DVD-R titles from the Bully Label...BOB DYLAN "Wembley 1984" contains an incomplete Pro-shot document from London on July 7th, 1984, plus bonus footage from Barcelona on June 28th, 1984...then there are a couple of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN titles, "Charlotte 1985 & St. Paul 1977" with which combines a steady "screen-shot" source (12 songs) from the Charlotte Coliseum on January 16th, 1985 AND the Super 8mm footage that from the St. Paul Civic Center on February 19th, 1977, which has seen limited circulation in trading circles over the years and this one has been synced with the excellent audience recording from this show to provide the only film document from this early, pre-"Darkness" tour...and also features 12 songs from the core of the concert in St. Paul...and then there is "Rockin' Ass Minneapolis", the Vote For Change show at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 5th, 2004 so somebody got their "Twin Cities" mixed up!...this is apparently all the performances to feature SPRINGSTEEN, in Pro-shot quality. From Room 101 comes a welcome NEIL YOUNG "Unplugged" single DVD that provides his complete 73 minute MTV "Unplugged" performance from Universal City, California on February 7th, 1993 in a very nice Digi-pack presentation...Conheca has launched a DAVID BOWIE series, wrapped up in a wonderful DVD Digipack. Their initial volume is titled "Rare Precious & Beautiful Volume 1" and concentrates primarily on BOWIE's 70's TV appearances. 3logy Productions has taken the initial step on behalf of the commercial, Silver DVD labels, to release the upgraded ROLLING STONES "Halloween Oakland 94" and is highly recommended for any collecors/fans who loved their Voodoo Lounge Tour...this video is a beauty....Crime Crow has taken the beautiful GRAND FUNK RAILROAD video from the L.A. Forum '74 and pressed it to Silver DVD and added the VH-1 "Behind The Music" feature on the band, wrapped it up and released it as "American Band". Back to the bootleg CD format...the Georgama Label has churned out GREEN DAY "Four More Years: Odes to the All American Idiot", a digipack
offering that documents their Leeds Festival appearance on August 27th, 2004 and adds some bonus live tracks from Germany on October 1st...and I can't forget about the new REM release form Anubis..."Live At The Assago Forum 2005", a stellar audience recording from Milan on January 15th.

It should also be stated and clarified that we have confirmed that the Watch Tower Label's new LED ZEPPELIN "Coherence" release is shipping error free. The problem in one of the discs that we pointed out last week was caught prior to shipping.

That's a wrap for this week. Thanks again for your support and continued passion for this hobby of ours. If you come across releases that should be noted and documented to share with your fellow collectors, please drop me a line at Have a great week, keep your eye on the News Ticker as it will undoubtedly become more active in coming days, and I'll meet you back here next Sunday at Hotwacks On-line.

March 13th, 2005