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The Easter Sunday Edition of The Bootleg News at HotWacks On-line.
27 Mar 2005

Happy Easter to everyone. I hope you all have had a nice holiday weekend and that things are a little brighter on some level, with Spring upon us. It seems like there are a lot of titles to talk about this week so let's have at it.

In Bootleg DVD News..Scorpio has taken "The TV Rarities 1965-1975" BEACH BOYS DVD-R that Cat's Meow put together last year and have reproduced it on Silver Disc DVD and released it as "The Beach Boys Video Party" this week...Keeping in the Scorpio family, HiWatt has an excellent new DVD by THE WHO called "Tangled Up In Who" which features the much circulated Tanglewood, Massachusetts Pro-shot concert, filmed on July 7th, 1970. The first hour is supposedly taken from an upgraded source and the rest from the commonly circulated but still excellent source. From Newcomer DVD Label, Snowball....there's a slew of titles to consider for your next acquisitions and they look pretty good!...JIMI HENDRIX "Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky" boasts that it has used nothing but "Master Sources" and is a Double DVD set that includes promos, live TV appearances, etc. from various periods of Jimi's career and is housed in slipcover and digipack presentation...MC5 "True Testimonial" provides a glimpse at an official documentary on the band that is currently being tied up in court but this is the raw footage of the project and features live performances, outtakes, deleted scenes and commentary from various sources!...LENNY KRAVITZ "Live Performances Vol. 1" collects 23 live performances that include clips with Mick Jagger, Madonna and much more for 2 hours of excellent footage..VELVET UNDERGROUND "Anthology" assembles the strange and the rare footage of the band from 1966-1986, including the ANDY WARHOL projects, performances with IGGY POP and more...THE DOORS "The Lizard King" is also being raved about but, I'm not sure what all the commotion is about as it appears it just brings together footage we have seen numerous times before. Perhaps one of our members could elaborate for us and confirm that this one provides upgrades or are their gems included here that escapses me at the moment???...the disc features Copenhagen '68, The Smothers Brothers TV performance and some promos, etc....Also from Snowball is BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND "Born In The USA Tour 1984-85" is about 2 hours worth of Pro-shot Tour footage assembled and presented in Dolby Digital Audio (the label also has some new CD titles, see below.)...ALSO, from the Global Funkschool Label there is SHEILA E. & PRINCE "Live In Romance 1600" which is Sheila and her band live in San Francisco on March 8th, 1986 with Special Guests, Prince & The Revolution...from the same label is PRINCE "Jam Of Moline", a June 21st, 1997 performance by PRINCE & THE NEW POWER GENERATION at the Mark Of The Quad Cities in Moline, Illinois...and new on DVD-R from the Bully Label is R.E.M. "Never Too Busy For Minnesota"...a Pro-shot/Soundboard production that documents the bands' Tour stop at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul on September 16th, 2003. A final DVD mention is a Japanese produced disc from PHIL SPECTOR titled "Session Works: Studio Outtakes From Gold Star 1962-1966" that is a double-DVD video documentation of the "genius" that was PHIL SPECTOR working with various artists and includes insights into working through multiple takes of such classic tunes such as "Walking In The Rain" and "River Deep, Mountain High"!!!...and offers an astonishing 97 tracks split between the 2 DVD's...Power Gate DVD Masters has just announced BLACK SABBATH "Last Show With Ronnie" on documents the RONNIE JAMES DIO-led SABBATH in their final show in this incarnation at the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland on November 13th, 1992....Masters of Beatles Essentials (MBE) has a new WINGS double DVD out called "Over Downunder" and captures the band live in Pro-shot/Soundboard quality at Myer Music Hall in Melbourne on November 13, 1975 and is also available on their CD Label as well.

On the Bootleg CD front...Snowball also has some strictly audio projects on the street that include a FRANK ZAPPA series simply called "His Story"...there are 4 separate Volumes currently out that feature studio sessions, single versions, acetates, demos, alternate versions and radio spots with each volume representing a certain period. The Gunfire Label has a new GUNS 'N ROSES release called "Tip Toe Through The Roses" recorded from the soundboard at The Idaho Center on November 11th, 2002...we mentioned some of these releases earlier in the week...from the Tricone Label is GEORGE HARRISON WITH ERIC CLAPTON & HIS BAND "Run For The Roses"...a 2CD set recorded at Osaka Castle Hall on December 2nd, 1991...Sirene will be releasing UK "Presto Visage", a 2CD set recorded at The Sunplaza in Tokyo on May 29th, 1979. FromTrial...CROSBY & NASH "Return To Festival Hall 2005", recorded last month on February 26th in London...and...BOZ SCAGGS "Skilled Middle Man", a 2CDR from Osaka on March 11th,1985 and a BRAND NEW ANNOUNCEMENT from Trial is RONNIE WOOD & FRIENDS "Get Ready To Dance", his March 13th, 2005 show at Theater Royal Drury Lane that includes the surprise appearance by MICK JAGGER and their run through of the STONES tune, "Dance"!...and new from Power Gate is MEGADETH "'Deths Coming", a 2CDR set that documents 2 performances from April 2nd and 3rd, 1987 in Tokyo AND just announced is JUDAS PRIEST "Painkiller In The East", also a double-CDR set recorded at Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo on April 15th, 1991...New from Zion is a Pre-Broadcast Master of BOB DYLAN W/TOM PETTY & The HEARTBREAKERS "Farm Aid 1986" 2CD from the soundboard!...there is also new DYLAN from Mainstream...titled "Night Of The Grand Rex", it features his January 30th, 1990 concert in Paris with bonus tracks from his shows the previous night on the 29th - and also from the 31st...Hollow Horn has their 3rd Volume in the series of Reference Recordings of BOB DYLAN ready to go!..."A Fish That Walks: Studio Outtakes Vol. Three" documents the period 1969-1971 on 2 discs and compiles recordings from the Nashville Skyline sessions along with Self Portrait and New Morning that of course includes his studio collaboration with JOHNNY CASH from '69 and the GEORGE HARRISON session from May of 1970...word out of the Wardour camp this Sunday tells of a new QUEEN release titled "The Ultimate Entertainer" 2CD and is recorded live at Chicago Stadium on December 7th, 1978...

Other miscellaneous Label Bootleg CD news...Tarantura will soon release LED ZEPPELIN "The Diploma", an extremely limited (100 copies) 6CD Box Set that will house 2 versions of a single source - one equalized and one that is not... of the ZEP's concert in Leicester on November 25th, other ZEPPELIN release news, Cashmere is set to go with "Afterburner", the recently circulated upgrade of the classic and stellar Seattle concert on July 17th, 1973...and the Wendy Label is issuing a Jewelcase edition of their popular "Fatally Wanderer" LED ZEPPELIN title...the Blizzard Label has a new SMASHING PUMPKINS release called "Freedom" on a single disc that documents their Tibetan Freedom Festival appearance at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco in '96 with some bonus material added...Crystal Cat has a superb new BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN title available now called "Milano Night" and is supposedly a recently discovered source of the bands' June 21st appearance in Italy...on CDR from Cat's Meow is another BRUCE title, "Blue Jeans So Tight on This Wisconsin Night", which documents one of the best shows of the 1984 leg of the Born In The USA Tour at The Alpine Music Center in East Troy, Wisconsin on July 13th, 1984...the MR96 Label has a new SISTERS OF MERCY disc out titled "Wander By Mistake" that compiles a rare collection of singles and b-sides in a nice digipack case. WatchTower is set with their new KING CRIMSON release..."The Night Watcher" captures the band during their Arlington, Texas concert on October 6th, 1973...and from the Destroyer Label comes a new PINK FLOYD title called "A Flying Pig", and features their Tampa Stadium show from April 24th, 1977.

That's the wrap for this Easter Sunday! Enjoy the day and thanks for joining us here at HotWacks On-line for the latest in Bootleg Music News. Let's rendezvous here again next Sunday! Have a great week.

March 27th, 2005