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Rock And Roll is on the road again...
03 Apr 2005

Well we have some Rock N' Roll on the road and it is starting to get exciting again. With THE BLACK CROWES reuniting and on tour, U2 kicking off their World Tour, VELVET REVOLVER taking their act to the next level and now THE ROLLING STONES talking tour plans for August/September in the States...the mood is on the rise and their should be some great new recordings making the rounds! Here's the bootleg news we picked up on this week...

Secret Garden has released an interesting new BEATLES title called "We'd
Like To Carry On"
, a single disc compilation of rare
performance tracks, interviews, news conference bits and more ranging from 1963 to 1968. "On
The Rising Curve"
is the name of the new BOB DYLAN double-disc set from features a soundboard from his Meridia, Spain performance at The Teatro Romano on
July 12th, 1997. Soon to hit the streets from Exile Original Masters are 2 ROLLING STONES releases..."Midnight
will contain the April 3rd, 1999 performance from their concert
in Columbus, Ohio during their "No Security Tour"..."Rockin' The Coliseum" is another version of the July 18th, 1975 audience recording from Seattle (lifted from Risk Disc?)...on the European Digi-Pak Label, there is a cool
looking new BEACH BOYS live compilation making the rounds called "Long
Promised Road: The Beach Boys in Concert 1964-1974"
...the single disc title features 27 performances from 1964 to 1974 which include material before Brian retreated from the touring cirucuit, rare cover versions of tunes by THE BOX TOPS, THE BEATLES and more...with live rehearsal tracks, etc.

There are 2 new DEEP PURPLE Bootleg CD's to make note of. "Definitive
is from Bondage Music, a 3CD set culled from recordings at Boston
Music Hall on May 24th, 1973 and Munster, Germany on January 23rd, 1973 which
includes a rare live performance of "Mary Long" from the LP "Who Do You Think We Are?"...also
out of Japan on the Darker Than Blue Label comes "The Mephisto Waltz", a 2CD offering that pairs performances from Amsterdam on August 24th, 1969 and Dusseldorf, Germany on June 1st, 1970. Speaking of Dusselforf, Wardour is releasing LED ZEPPELIN "Dusseldorf
1970 Raw Master"
, a 2CD set from March 12th, 1970...from Beck Door Music there is THE JEFF BECK GROUP "Clambake", a 2CD set featuring their Fillmore West show on December 7th, 1968 when the line-up included ROD STEWART on Vocals, RON WOOD on Bass and MICKEY WALLER on Drums and NICKY HOPKINS on Piano...classic stuff. From Zion is a new DOOBIE BROTHERS double-CD, "Closer
Than Before"
...this one docuemnts the bands' October 13th, 1981 performance at Festival Hall in Osaka, Japan and the set will be a limited pressing of 300 copies. I mentioned Rock N' Roll on the road again at the top and this certainly includes classic Heavy Metal making the rounds! Power Gate Japanese CDR has provided a JUDAS PRIEST/SCORPIONS document from the recent tour..."Unbreakable
compiles both sets from the bands on 3 discs, recorded at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on March 17th, on Moonraker is LOU REED "Orpheum", a recording from March 30th, 1996 at The Orpheum Theater in Boston..."Long
Live Grunge"
is a new FOO FIGHTERS disc on the Megaphone Label and it captures the band live at the Manchester Apollo in London on May 25th, 1997...from the Zipperman Label comes a new FRANK ZAPPA release, "Lumpy Gravy & Elsewhere" is
a jam packed disc of rarities that includes rare acetates, radio spots and mixes
along with his film score for "Planet Blood/Queen of Blood", the 1973 Steve Allen
Show appearance, etc.

In ELVIS PRESLEY news, it seems that Fort Baxter is revisiting some material
previouly released from the label and will package them up in spectacular Box
Sets. The move comes in response to other Bootleg Labels reproducing their "Profile" Box Sets with inferior results in the artwork department and elsewhere. You know, I really like that approach. It seems the that Fort Baxter also recognized that their efforts from 7 or 8 years ago could be improved upon with the way technology has advanced and they wanted to provide something worthwhile to ELVIS fans and collectors. Nice. The first recording that will get the primo treatment will be the June 29th, 1974 Kansas City Evening Show, and will be titled "Kansas City Blues".
It will feature a 12-page color booklet and officially launches the Fort Baxter Classic Series Label.

On the Bootleg Music DVD front this week...from Japan, Trial DVD Masters have 2 new titles...WISHBONE ASH "Lorelei" is a 1976 Pro-shot, Color video from Koln, Germany on December 1st...then there is SPIRIT "Back
In California"
isn't filmed in California at all, but actually features footage from Essen, Germany on the 4th and 5th of April, 1978 and is captured in Pro-shot quality as well. From the American Budget DVD-R labels comes a handful of new releases. Cat's Meow (& family
of Labels) has produced a couple of BOB DYLAN titles..."Still A Star" is a compilation of 90's live appearances such as the Guitar Legends performance in Seville, Spain in '91, Roy Orbison Tribute, Willie Nelson's 60th Birthday and even some Promo Clips from the Era..."True
Confessions on Independence Day"
is the Farm Aid II appearance with TOM
in Pro-shot/Soundboard video and is nearly complete on the Hot Stuff! Label...Also from Cat's Meow is KATE BUSH "Clip
, a compilation of her Official Promo Videos...THE JAM "England
, a Pro-shot video document that captures their Bingley Hall show in Birmingham, England on March 21st, 1982...and for the headbangers in the crowd there is "Ultimate
, a compilation of sets from VENOM, SLAYER and EXODUS during a triple-bill date in New York City in 1985...from Bully comes another compilation of video from Various Artists called "Chicago
, it brings together TV appearances from SPANKY AND OUR GANG, THE BUCKINGHAMS, AMERICAN BREED and more obscure one-hit wonders and flash in the pan groups..."This
Is Video Clash"
pieces together all of the promotional videos of THE CLASH in
what is being calld "perfect quality" so this one sounds like an interesting
prospect...and finally, there is BLACK SABBATH & BLUE OYSTER CULT "Black
Plus Blue"
, a commercially produced film of their notorious "Black & Blue Tour" of
1980 produced by GEORGE HARRISON of all people and has never seen official
release. There you go!

Thanks for checking in and rounding out the weekend with us here at HotWacks On-line. I will make a concious effort to fully utilize the News Ticker over the coming couple of weeks so keep your eyes there for the latest. This is because there won't be a Bootleg News Column posted next Sunday, April 10th.
Recorded Highlights & Action Replays will resume right back here the following
week on Sunday, April 17th. Thanks again for the support and all of your emails.
Keep them coming and stay in touch. Have a good one and we'll share more down
the road.

April 3rd, 2005