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Rattlesnake Titles update, ELP and Jeff Beck in the news...
14 Jan 2008

The round-up of release information this week starts with the latest out of Japan...

Emerson, Lake And Palmer Boston 1971 Virtuoso LabelEmerson, Lake And Palmer Detroit 1971 Virtuoso Bonus CDRJeff Beck Ronnie Scott's 2007 Generic Label

...The Virtuoso Label will issue the EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER set "Boston 1971" 2CD featuring a really nice audience tape from The Boston Music Hall on November 12, 1971 and a limited number of sets will include the bonus CDR of the November 15, 1971 audie tape from the Easttown Theater in Detroit as "Detroit 1971"...Coming on a generic silver disc release out of the Euro market is JEFF BECK "Ronnie Scott's 2007" 2CD that leverages a superb audience recording from Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London on November 27, 2007...Empress Valley issued their version of the LED ZEPPELIN "Paris '69" FM recording that is sourced directly from the broadcast per the label info, along with that special "Lifetime Guaranteed Revisited" CD/DVD-Audio package that reissues the Spokane, Washington tape from December 30, 1968 - just some stuff cited earlier that has now hit the streets...more on the Paris 69 FM Broadcast down below...

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Naked Front Cover Rattlesnake LabelThe Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Naked Back Cover Rattlesnake Label

...The Rattlesnake Label is busy, as we layed out during Christmas week, and I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight their BEATLES "Sgt. Pepper's Naked" CD set.  The title runs through the original tracklisting as we know the original running order - BUT, alternate versions of the tracks or remixes, all in what is touted as superb stereo.  Also featured are some bonus tracks that include alternate instrumental, vocal or remixed tracks as well as the "Making Of .." program with interviews of GEORGE MARTIN and PAUL McCARTNEY and utilizes the full photo shot on the front cover plus an 8-page color booklet featuring other original art associated with the landmark LP... This set has just been issued along with ROLLING STONES "Key To The Highway - The Master Tape Version", "Cold Sweat" and "Please Please Please" which we talked about a few weeks ago as well...In other STONES news, another generic label set has been announced out of Europe called "The RCA Studios Hollywood 1978" 2CD that will only be interesting if the quality is somehow superior to what we have heard in previously released collections of this material...

The RCA Studios Hollywood 1978 Generic Label

...Ok, every LED ZEPPELIN oriented label - and then some, have capitalized on both the French FM re-broadcast of the L'Olympia performance from October 10, 1969 as well as the Reunion show last month.  As we do try to bring pertinent information to the table that helps guide the collecting community, I wanted to point out a couple of these releases that are new to the Beelzebub Records catalog of offerings.  First off, the "On Fire" CDR title is claimed to be sourced from a "pre-FM" source of the Paris '69 performance which is quite interesting as there has been absolutely no talk around the net about the existence of this source.  As other labels have opted to edit out the DJ chatter on the broadcast tape, this writer is skeptical that it is actually a pre-FM source and just an editing job here as well.  But, we'll validate this in due time.  The label is also describing their 02 Arena Reunion tape as "almost Soundboard" which really isn't supported with the mp3 samples on their site.  I would argue that the effects of the samples indicate otherwise.  The other claim that this is an unreleased master taped from the first row, certainly could be partially true based on the samples from the "Storm London" 2CDR but again we'll attempt to confirm as there are many, many sources being shared via the net on the torrenting sites and we are typically skeptical with how the information is presented anyway. 

Led Zeppelin On Fire Beelzebub RecordsLed Zeppelin Storm London Beelzebub Records

...Since I've taken a step down CDR lane, I'll point out a cool looking 5CDR soundboard recording of THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND called "San Francisco 1973", taped on New Year's Eve at the Cow Palace...during Set 2 JERRY GARCIA and BILL KREUTZMAN of THE GRATEFUL DEAD join the band, and then BOZ SCAGGS jumps into the fray during Set 3 as GARCIA and KREUTZMAN hang around to jam as well...this one looks pretty cool and we don't really see a ton of discs from THE ALLMANS and this set arrives via non-label format and an interesting note to end with this week.

The Allman Brothers Band San Francisco 1973 No Label 5CDR

Short and sweet this week and we'll continue to post the fluid information via the home page News Ticker throughout the week.  Thanks for stopping by and please visit often!  Have a good one.

Svengi, January 14, 2008