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Scorpio unveils plans for another major Bob Dylan release...
28 Jul 2008

..."Talkin New York" is the name of the forthcoming BOB DYLAN disc from the Scorpio Label.  This landmark title will be the next in a series of major DYLAN releases in 2008, presenting the collecting community with a stereo soundboard that is twice as long what has been available previously of the November 4, 1961 New York City show at Carnegie Chapter Hall.  Previously we have had 7 tracks available from this important early NYC appearance from the soundboard and this new source tape brings another 8 previously unavailable tracks to our players but is still incomplete.  The set will feature a 4 page booklet and will hit the market over the next couple of weeks..."Talkin' New York" will surely nestle into our collections up there against Hollow Horn's "Stolen Moments" and "Unravelled Tales", rounding out a coup of important tapes to surface so far this year, this one being the earliest of the tapes...Tambourine Man Records issued 4 new DYLAN titles this past week, including "Can't Save A Dime" 2CD which contains a nice audience tape from the May 21, 2008 performance in Halifax, Nova Scotia..."The Master's Hand & The Cowboy Band" 2CD is the June 1, 2008 show at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland..."Ceremonies Of The Horsemen" 2CD contains the show from Stadhalle in Vienna, Austria on June 10, 2008 and "Seek Your Maker" 2CD documents the show a night later on June 11th at Salzberg Arena in Salzberg, Austria...

Bob Dylan Can't Save A Dime Tambourine Man RecordsBob Dylan The Masters Hand & The Cowboy Band Tambourine Man RecordsBob Dylan Ceremonies Of The Horsemen Tambourine Man RecordsBob Dylan Seek Your Maker Tambourine Man Records

...Plenty of LED ZEPPELIN to highlight this week as well.  As mentioned on the ticker, there are a couple of No Label releases hitting the streets..."Blow Away" 3CD brings another rendition of audience source #2 from a DAT transfer of the Seattle Coliseum on March 21, 1975...too bad we aren't talking about the stereo sounboard here!  The TCOLZ Label recently issued their version as part of their inaugural efforts earlier this Summer...the other non-label release this week is JIMMY PAGE "Prison Blues" 2CD, an excellent audience tape from The Hammersmith Odeon on November 25, 1988 during the Outrider Tour...Since I brought up TCOLZ, their next product will be "Heavy Zeppelin" 3CD, a first time for the Landover, Maryland audience tape from February 10, 1975 to be put to silver disc and is limited to 100 copies ...

Led Zeppelin Blow Away No Label

...Also new this week, the No Label ERIC CLAPTON title, "Hard Rock Calling: Hyde Park 2008" 2CD leverages a stellar audience recording from the front row at the June 28th event...and, Tarantura issued ERIC CLAPTON & HIS BAND "Delta Queen" 2CD presents the June 23rd, 2008 audie tape from FM Arena in Nottingham, UK...also new from Tarantura comes WHITESNAKE "Stormbringer" 2CD with their June 25, 1981 Tokyo show...Tarantura's LED ZEP Long Beach '75 Box Set is expected to arrive into dealer hands and ship out to collectors by weeks' end...the circulating word is that there is a brand new Long Beach source tape ready to surface, instantly making this box 'incomplete' in it's scope - but, isn't that always the possibility?  Fact is, it's very limited and is another expensive proposition anyway so that may not matter to those that will pick this up automatically...

Eric Clapton Hard Rock Calling: Hyde Park 2008 No LabelEric Clapton & His Band Delta Queen Tarantura Label

...Back to the ZEPPELIN...Wendy Records' "Live! YARDBIRDS featuring JIMMY PAGE: Ultimate Edition" 2CD compiles 3 different sources of the March 30, 1968 New York Anderson Theater appearance, that includes a new Columbia Master transfer, the audience tape from the 2000 Moorland Records which includes the soundcheck tracks..and an 8-track tape transfer, plus some bonus tracks from BBC show tapes to round out Disc 2 :

“Bouton Rouge” France TV, March 9th. 1968
11. The Train Kept A Rolling 12. Dazed And Confused 13. Goodnight Sweet Josephine

“Top Of The Pops” BBC Radio, March 6th. 1968
14. Think About It (introduction) 15. Think About It 16. Jimmy Page interview 17. Goodnight Sweet Josephine 18. Goodnight Sweet Josephine (outroduction)

“Top Gear” BBC Radio, March 18th. 1968
19. White Summer 20. Dased And Confused 21. My Baby...

...The other new set from Wendy is "The Nobs" 2CD with the upgraded Copenhagen tape from KB Hallen on February 28, 1970...Watchtower has re-issued it's 3CD set, "Timeless Rock", with the September 23, 1971 Tokyo show - with a different cover and Scorpio will also re-issue a recent ZEPPELIN hit set, "Fresh Garbage" 5CD with alternate cover artwork as well...Finally, there is a new CDR Label called Night Prowler on the scene that have 20-30 releases planned over the coming 2 weeks. They specialize in Rush, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater and Clapton.   What caught my eye when the information came across is that this label took the initiative on an idea I have floated out there many times in these columns and comments about a label finally producing a New York '77 LED ZEPPELIN Box Set, and they have done exactly that over 17 discs covering June 7th-14th at MSG - unfortunately these are CDRs but it's still a great idea...the source of the pseudo press release information says that the quality of these Night Prowler Label discs seem 'pretty good' and pricing is 'OK'...make what you will of that but, now we know about them a little bit...

Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page: Ultimate Edition Wendy LabelLed Zeppelin Timeless Rock Watchtower Label

...That's what we have learned over the last week and we sure look forward to that new Dylan disc from Scorpio!  Thanks for joining us all for the latest rumblings from the underground and as always, keep your browsers pointed at the News Ticker for ongoing word from the collector circles on what's new...Have a great week!

Svengi, July 28, 2008


by billyst @ 05 Aug 2008 12:40 am

Has anyone out there heard about any new tsp vinyl releases?


by Cornell @ 11 Apr 2013 08:59 pm

Here are 100 album/compilations that I like.1 Jawbreaker- Bivouac 2 Jawbreaker- 24 Hour Revenge Therapy 3 Les Thugs- Road Closed 1983-1999 4 The Clash- (self-titled; US version)5 Joy Division/Warsaw- Substance 1977-1980 6 Kudzu Wish- Reverse Hurricane 7 Seaweed- Spanaway 8 The Prids- Until The World Is Beautiful 9 Flogging Molly- Drunken Lullabies 10 Rock*A*Teens- Cry 11 Jawbreaker- Unfun 12 The Epoxies- (self-titled)13 Erase Errata- Nightlife 14 Mekon's- The Edge Of The World 15 The Prids- Love Zero 16 Pretty Girls Make Graves- Good Health 17 Motormark- Chrome Tape 18 Sleater-Kinney- Call The Doctor 19 Les Thugs- Still Hungry 20 Jawbreaker- Etc. 21 The Thermals- More Parts Per Million 22 Mekon's- The Mekon's Honky Tonkin' 23 Wipers- Is This Real? 24 Misfits- Walk Among Us 25 Die! Die! Die!- Promises, Promises 26 Mekon's- The Mekon's Rock n' Roll 27 Rocket From The Crypt- Circa: Now! 28 Die Mimmi's- Das Ist Meine Welt 29 Fugazi- 13 Songs 30 Misfits- Collection 1 31 Rocket From The Crypt- All Systems Go 2 32 The Clash- London Calling 33 Ramones- (self-titled)34 Wire- Pink Flag 35 Slant 6- Soda Pop Rip Off 36 Grade- Under The Radar 37 X-Ray Spex- Germ Free Adolescents 38 All Girl Summer Fun Band- 2 39 Seaweed- Four 40 Built To Spill- Normal Years 41 Minor Threat- Minor Threat: Complete Discography 42 Leatherface and Hot Water Music- BYO Split Series Volume 1 43 Pretty Girls Make Graves- The New Romance 44 Rocket From The Crypt- Scream, Dracula, Scream 45 Jawbox- My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents 46 Fugazi- Red Medicine 47 Rocket From The Crypt- All Systems Go 1 48 Superchunk- Incedental Music: 1991-95 49 Gang Of Four- Entertainment! 50 The Raveonettes- Chain Gang Of Love 51 Misfits- Collection 2 52 Joy Division/Warsaw- Warsaw 53 Joy Division/Warsaw- Unknown Pleasures 54 The Gossip- Movement 55 Rock*A*Teens- (self-titled)56 Minutemen- Double Nickels On The Dime 57 American Steel- Jagged Thoughts 58 Bad Religion- All Ages 59 Superchunk- On The Mouth 60 Mates Of State- My Solo Project 61 Elastica- (self-titled)62 Jesus Mary Chain- Psychocandy 63 Hutch- Jack London Hotel 64 You Say Party! We Say Die!- Hit The Floor 65 American Steel- Rogue's March 66 Modest Mouse- Building Nothing Out Of Something 67 Devo- Freedom Of Choice 68 Dead Low Tide- (self-titled)69 Screeching Weasel- My Brain Hurts 70 Swinging Utters- Streets Of San Francisco 71 Friction- Hours Of Operation 72 Mission Of Burma- Signals, Calls, and Marches 73 Miss Derringer- Winter Hill 74 Flogging Molly- Within A Mile Of Home 75 Leatherface- Mush 76 Blitz- Voice Of A Generation 77 Scared Of Chaka- Hutch Brown Sayngwich 78 Magnetic Fields- 69 Love Songs 79 Flamingo 50- My Reason 80 Erase Errata- At Crystal Palace 81 Mission Of Burma- Peking Spring 82 Jawbreaker- Dear You 83 Les Thugs- Nineteen Something 84 Jets To Brazil- Orange Rhyming Dictionary 85 Green Circles- On Air 14/3/03 86 Grade- Head First, Straight To Hell 87 Interpol- Turn On The Bright Lights 88 Little Richard- Georgia Peach 89 Fugazi- Steady Diet Of Nothing 90 Bad Religion- Against The Grain 91 Built To Spill- Keep It Like A Secret 92 Rocket From The Crypt- All Systems Go 3 93 Misfits- Static Age 94 Modest Mouse- Lonesome Crowded West 95 The Pogues- Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash 96 The Cure- Boys Don't Cry 97 Face To Face- Don't Turn Away 98 X- Los Angeles 99 Small Brown Bike- Dead Reckoning 100 Les Thugs- Strike


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