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An August Resurrection of Genuine Masters, More Zep and Deep Purple Mark V DVD
05 Aug 2008

Deep Purple Rises Over Japan DVD No Label

...1970's DEEP PURPLE proshot footage is pretty scarce (aside from the common California Jam '74 show).  So, imagine the surprised looks on a few collectors faces to see the news come across from Japan earlier today when the DVD "Rises Over Japan: The Original Film Edition" was can bet I was one of those.  This No Label proshot production features the Mark V line-up of DAVID COVERDALE, GLENN HUGHES, TOMMY BOLIN, JON LORD & IAN PAICE filmed live at Budokan in Tokyo on December 15, 1975.  The downside?...It's only a 5-track fragment of the performance, including "Burn", "Love Child", "Smoke On The Water", "You Keep On Moving" and "Highway Star".  However, this 1975 rarity is supplemented with roughly another hours' worth of earlier PURPLE and family-related clips (total running time is approximately 83 minutes).  The other performances on this collection come from:

  •  'Pop Deux' Paris TV on October 8,1970 - "Wring That Neck" & "Mandrake Root"
  • Hammersmith Odeon, London on May 9, 1974 - "Burn"
  • RAINBOW - Tivoli Konsertstal, Copenhagen, September 22, 1976 (4 tracks)  1. Intro. 2. 16th Century Greensleeves 1 3. 16th Century Greensleeves 2 4. Catch The Rainbow 1
    5. Catch The Rainbow 2 6. Guitar Crash 7. Do You Close Your Eyes
  • RAINBOW - Falconer Theater, Copenhagen, October 1, 1977 (10 tracks) 1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 1 4. Kill The King 2 5. Mistreated 6. Guitar Solo(Mistreated) 7. 16th Century Greensleeves Intro. 8. Guitar Solo(16th Century Greensleeves) 9. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll 10. Guitar Solo/Lazy 11. Guitar Solo(Still I'm Sad) 12. Guitar Crash(Do You Close Your Eyes)...

Led Zeppelin For Ahmet Hybrid-DVD Audio Genuine Masters Label

...Continuing the theme of surprises from somewhere over the rainbow...GENUINE MASTERS is back on the radar with the announcement this past Thursday that Black Dog was enticed out of retirement to partner with Jules McTrainspotter in producing the one-off Hybrid DVD-Audio, "For Ahmet", the 131-minute McTrainspotter tape of the LED ZEPPELIN reunion show at 02 Arena, London, on December 10th.  The production allows Black Dog to polish up the stellar recording, procured from dead center on the floor, about 20 feet from the stage...marry up approximately 600 high-resolution images to accompany the PCM stereo uncompressed DAT audio track and you have a sure-fire winning production.  The title is expected to hit the market August 22nd via retail to collectors - and it will also be made available as a one-time bit torrent download, complete with original image files, at a few of the usual torrenting platforms ZEP collectors are known to share...this is a great tape and put in the hands of Black Dog makes this title something to look forward to...and, there's more ZEPPELIN... 

Led Zeppelin Heavy Zeppelin TCOLZ LabelLed Zeppelin Heavy Zeppelin - insert - TCOLZ Label

...The Chronicles of Led Zeppelin (TCOLZ) Label is forging a name for itself but the jury is still out on whether that's a good thing, or bad.  The philosophy of the all-ZEP bootleg label is to leverage uncirculated tapes or tapes that haven't been previously available via silver commercial bootleg.  While I like the choices the producers have made, they are really for the completist or hard-core LED ZEPPELIN collectors.  It's probably a good thing they are limited to a hundred copies apiece!  The audience tapes being brought forth are marginal at best and this latest 3CD effort, "Heavy Zeppelin", contains a REALLY marginal tape of a REALLY ugly performance from the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland on February 10, 1975.  The band were in pretty rough shape, especially ROBERT PLANT who was still fighting the flu 3 weeks into the tour...and on a pretty poor recording it makes it that much worse...

Whitesnake Stormbringer Tarantura Label  Iron Maiden Maiden Japan Vol.1 Tarantura Label

...Tarantura wasn't going to be denied further attention this week and released a couple of new titles over the weekend.  WHITESNAKE "Stormbringer" 2CD contains their June 25, 1981 performance from Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo via audience tape, and IRON MAIDEN "Maiden Japan Vol.1" 2CD captures the band live during their early, 6:30 show, at Koseinenkin-Kaikan Dai-Hall, Tokyo on May 21, 1981...

...Finally, we were due for some sort of ROLLING STONES release update and the token title for this week is from SODD, who are bringing their version of the relatively new tape from the early show in Copenhagen on October 7, 1973..the title is called "An Afternoon In Copenhagen"...

...The New Swingin' Pig Label has virtually kept the vinyl presses running all Spring and Summer, regularly introducing new bootleg LP titles into the underground circuit and they have recently issued these limited pressings of 500 copies, amongst others: 

BOB DYLAN "Only A Hobo" (previously unreleased 1963 sessions) on blue splash vinyl,

AC/DC "A Giant Dose Of Rock N' Roll" (Haymarket, Sydney January 30,1977)

Three IRON MAIDEN LP sets:  "All Hell Broke Loose At Wembley" London 1990, "A Quiet Night In Holland" 1981, "Somewhere Back In Brazil" Porto, Alegre, March 5, 2008

And that's a wrap for this rather quiet week, but some good stuff being brought to the table above.  Have a great week and I'll meet you back here next Monday night.  Thank you.

Svengi, August 4, 2008


by YouKnowWho @ 06 Aug 2008 06:42 am

The Chronicles of Led Zeppelin (TCOLZ) Label ha ha ha ha they are truely in a niche market. in short TCOLZ releases CRAP recordings of, this time, a crap show in limited quantities 9100 each). So extremely rare crap, that's nice ha ha ha ha I like their artwork though!


by YouKnowWho @ 06 Aug 2008 06:45 am

Oh and the Purple release looks nice. Rises Over Japan is a deleted official VHS release though. i was one of the lucky to buy the original VHS or Betamax it was I believe. It's only 28 minutes but the footage is great and I often wondered why it hadn't been released on DVD (bootleg or official)before. Maybe it is because the footage is well uh SHORT and the filming is actually pretty dark. Wondering what happened to ALL the footage that was shot, maybe..... someday.....


by since75 @ 09 Aug 2008 08:03 pm

was &quot;Change & Chaos&quot; a Wendy title actually ever released? <br />it was going to be a 3 disc set of the March 11, 1975 Long Beach show. <br />but I have not seen this available? yea, I know about the recent BL(T) release, lol, got mine coming.


by classicrawker @ 09 Aug 2008 11:07 pm

The MK4 Bolin Purple footage has been released before on silver DVD as I have a title on the Crime Crow Productions label titles &quot;16 Gold Bars&quot; which I picked up 2-3 months ago.It has the same 5 songs as mentioned in Svengi&#039;s news column and is 30 minutes and change in length. The footage on the 16 Bars release is a little dark and is several gens removed from the master as the faces get fuzzy on distance shots and the colored stage lights bloom a little but very enjoyable to see Tommy Bolin Purple footage...The 16 Bars title has 4 songs (MKII) from July 14th Granada TV in very good quality, Two songs (MK2)from the POP2 French show October 8, 1970 in watchable quality, 2 songs (MK2)from Hofstra U May 27th 1973 in watchable quality, two songs (MK1)from Playboy After Dark October 23, 1968 in watchable quality,and three bonus songs (MK2) with no date which look like lip sinc&#039;d promo videos...All in all a very nice selection of early 70&#039;s Purple in decent quality...Highly recommended...


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