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New YES titles from Virtuoso lead the meager Boot News...
19 Aug 2008

Yes Alternate View Virtuoso Label Yes Dramatic Play Virtuoso Label

...Virtuoso announced two brand new YES titles that were both recorded in Boston but during different tours.  "Alternate View" 2CD features an excellent audience tape from Boston Garden on February 26, 1974 during their U.S. Tour promoting Tales From Topographic Oceans and provides an early tour setlist...and, "Dramatic Play" 2CD leverages another superb audience recording from the same venue on September 9, 1980 but with a different incarnation of the band during their Drama Tour of 1980 when vocalist TREVOR BOULDER replaced JON ANDERSON on vocals and GEOFF DOWNES took over the keyboard duties fresh off of their "Video Killed The Radio Star" MTV hit ala BUGGLES...the SODD Labels' next ROLLING STONES project is slated to street soon and it will be the 4CD set, "The Complete L.A. Sunday Tapes" containing the excellent MIKE MILLARD July 13, 1975 recording but this is essentially extreme redundancy yet again from the label...and, Tarantura has issued their LED ZEPPELIN 2CD, "Brussels Audience June 20, 1980 release...

The Rolling Stones Complete L.A. Sunday Tapes SODD Label Led Zeppelin Brussels Audience June 20, 1980 Tarantura Label

...should there be announcements or additions through the week, we'll just add them to this article as they become available.  Otherwise, have a great week and we'll hope to hear more as we approach September and buzz starts on titles expected in the 4th Quarter...I'll meet you back here next week otherwise!

Svengi, August 18/19, 2008