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New Macca from Misterclaudel, Clash, Sabs and Whitesnake...
30 Mar 2009

...A couple of Generic Label, silver disc issues comin' down the pike overnight to lead us off this Monday Night...Look for the new WHITESNAKE DVD, "Gambler's View" serves up two color proshot videos of the band's August 11th & 12th, 1984 concerts at Seibu Stadium in Saitama, Japan - the first video runs 81 minutes while the second night's tape around 65 minutes...Also, guess it's time for the weekly upgrade as BLACK SABBATH "The Manor Tapes: Born Again Unmixed Demos" 2CD will hit the streets shortly.  As these releases tend to promise, this one follows suit crediting a 'longer' and 'better' source than the previous demo tape from last year...the first disc is a direct transfer of the master tape while disc two offers a 'remaster' of the same...

Whitesnake Gambler's View DVD generic label  Black Sabbath The Manor Tapes: Born Again Unmixed Demos generic label

Paul McCartney & Wings Antique Chippendale Misterclaudel Label  Creedence Clearwater Revival Fillmore West 1971: Bad Moon Rising Over Lodi Refine Masters Label

Jeff Beck Going Down To The BBC Refine Masters Label

...Announced over the weekdend is the new PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS CD from Misterclaudel, "Antique Chippendale", offering up an audience tape of their live performance at Theatre Antique in Arles, France on  July 13, 1972...Above, Last Tuesday brought the announcements from Refine Masters who will issue CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL "Bad Moon Rising Over Lodi - Fillmore West 1971" single CD featuring a stereo soundboard of their July 4, 1971 San Francisco set at The Fillmore..and, JEFF BECK "Going Down To The BBC"  compiling Paris Theatre 1972 from London, Beat Club in Bremen, Germany on March 25, 1972, Sounds Of The Seventies/BBC Studios on December 14, 1971 and "I Got To Have A Song" - a track from his August 22, 1971 performance at The Ruis-Orockfestival in Turku, Finland...

The Clash Live In Amsterdam Viva Zapata Label The Clash The Boston Tapes Viva Zapata Label

...As mentioned on the ticker late last week, the Viva Zapata Label announced a couple welcome CLASH titles..."Live In Amsterdam: The Impossible Mission Tour" appears to be a tape of their May 10th, 1981 show at Japp Edenhall while "The Boston Tapes" leaves a little more speculation as the announcement didn't provide any details - though I'm guessing we are looking at The Orpheum Theater performances on September 7th & 8th, 1982...and I'll attempt to confirm that for ourselves!...check back for an update on those new CDs...

Bob Dylan The Ghost Of Electricity: The TV Shows Part 3 Hollow Horn LabelBob Dylan Mixin' Up The Medicine Hollow Horn LabelBob Dylan Mighty Mockingbird Hollow Horn Label

...To attempt to complete the circle of information from the last 7 days, pictured above are the trio of BOB DYLAN titles that have just hit the market from Hollow Horn.  As cited in the February 23rd Recorded Highlights & Action Replays column here at HotWacks On-line, "The Ghost Of  Electricity" 2CD is Vol. 3 of the label's Recording Artist Series focusing on cataloging all of Bob's Television appearances in audio form..."Mixin' Up The Medicine" is a single CD of Dylan's compositions from a newly sourced master - 'The Safety Tape' - of The Basement Tapes recorded with THE BAND during the June-October timeframe, 1967..."Mighty Mockingbird" 1CD is that newly surfaced and more complete recording of The Isle Of Wight performance on August 31, 1969...

...And that'll be a wrap for this week...thanks for checking out the details!  Keep thinking Spring and we'll get there have a great week.

Svengi, March 30, 2009