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An abundance of more Floyd, sure. What about a cool NEIL and CRAZY HORSE title too? on in for details...
16 Nov 2009

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Don't Spook The Crazy Horse No Label

..."Don't Spook The Crazy Horse", above, is a generic label 3CD set that captures NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE live at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California on November 13, 1990 and features an interesting setlist...

Pink Floyd Santa Monica 1971 Sigma LabelPink Floyd 'Cosmos' Radio Show bonus CDR w/ Santa Monica 1971 Sigma Label

...Leading off the landslide of PINK FLOYD releases ths week, a couple of titles from Sigma.  "Santa Monica 1971" 2CD, plus bonus CDR features the '71 audience tape from the Santa Monica Civic Center on October 16th that has been  staple show for any Floyd collector, going waaay back to the mid-to-late 70's.  The bonus disc with this one is titled 'Cosmos' Radio Show and features the KPPC FM Radio Interviews  with Nick Mason & Richard Wright at KPPC-FM Pasadena on October 16th as well...Also from Sigma comes "San Diego 1975" 2CD that also utilizes an excellent audience source tape to provide collectors with the best tape possible...Keeping with the Wish You Were Here Tour, Aurora Australis have finished their latest PINK FLOYD vinyl pressing and it is called, "Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA - April 26th. 1975" (below), a 3LP set that is limited to under 360 copies...shown here is the Grey marbled pressing which is the last batch but also the smallest run at 51 copies...The first 110 are Blue Wax, the second 90 copies are Yellow Wax, the middle batch of 105 copie are pressed on Red Wax while the last run are the Grey marbled ones...

Pink Floyd San Diego 1975 Sigma Label

Pink Floyd Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA - April 26th. 1975The 3 Lp box set Aurora Australis©­ Label

...And finally tonight, look for a new bootleg package of THE CLASH called "Rockers Galore" a CD/DVD-R set that leverages an apparent radio interview of the band circa 1979 and the release of the London Calling is the tracklisting:

CD¡¡01. Complete Control - from From Here To Eternity 02. Paul Simonon - on the beginnings of The Clash
03. Mick Jones - on the beginnings of The Clash 04. Joe Strummer - on the beginnings of The Clash
05. Mick Jones - more on the beginnings of The Clash 06. Janie Jones - from The Clash 07. Paul Simonon - on naming the band
08. White Riot - from The Clash 09. Topper Headon - on how he joined the band
10. Tommy Gun - from Give 'Em Enough Rope
11. Paul Simonon & Mick Jones - on why Train In Vain wasn't listed on London Calling
12. Train In Vain - from London Calling 13. Paul Simonon - on reggae influences and singing for the first time
14. The Guns Of Brixton - from London Calling 15. Paul Simonon - on reggae and working with Mikey Dread
16. Rockers Galore - featuring Mikey Dread - B side of Train In Vain 17. Mick Jones - on Sandinista! & The Magnificent Seven
18. The Magnificent Seven - from Sandinista! 19. Joe Strummer - on the political nature of the band
20. Police On My Back - from Sandinista! 21. Joe Strummer - on inspiration for Rock The Casbah
22. Rock The Casbah - from Combat Rock 23. Joe Strummer - on the state of British rock music in 1980 ? 1981
24. Straight To Hell - from From Here To Eternity 25. secret tracks

BONUS DVDR 01. Tommy Gun 02. London Calling 03. Bankrobber 04. Train In Vain 05. The Call Up
06. This Is Radio
Clash 07. Rock The Casbah 08. Should I Stay Or Should I Go

The Clash Rockers Galore No Label

...And that puts the wraps on yet another underground round up of material.  Have an awesome week!

Svengi, November 16, 2009