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It's the Thanksgiving Edition of the Bootleg News!...
23 Nov 2009

What we do want to relay to you before tomorrow night is that THE CLASH CD/DVD-R title 'Rockers Galore' called out last week appears to be a direct pirated copy of the bonus discs/set that accompanied the official Deluxe Edition of London Calling (2002?) available only through the US big box retailer, Best Buy- artwork and all!  This is one of those situations we all hate to see and always gets defined as a 'bootleg' when/if it gets called out...and drives annoys boot collectors to no end...Thanks to RevRussell for the sleuthing and confirming the suspicions over the last 5 days...

Deep Purple Red Sky Kansas Darker Than Blue Label

...And on with new business for this Thanksgiving week.  Darker Than Blue have gotten their mits on what looks to be a nice little DEEP PURPLE MKIII recording from the second leg of the bands' 1974 U.S. Burn Tour.  Called "Red Sky Kansas", the single disc release features a promising audience recording from Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri on August 28, 1974 (the label will also peddle 20 'limited' rare, misprinted first-run copies that have the incorrect date of April 28, 1974 on the covers! You can't make this stuff up!)...

Kate Bush Cathy's Fantastic Works HC LabelKate Bush Tour Of Life In London Palladium HC Label

...Pictured ABOVE are two new KATE BUSH titles from the HC Label..."Cathy's Fantastic Works" 2CD is a compilation of demos and studio sessions with the first disc featuring 1973 demos along with 1977 studio sessions for The Kick Inside and Lionheart, in addition to some other bonus rare recordings.  Disc 2 is soley comprised of The Phoenix Recordings from 1976...The other title is "Tour Of Life In London Palladium" 2CD which contains a complete April 14, 1979 show at London's Palladium Theater along with other rare bonus tracks...BELOW, the Beano Label will issue two new ERIC CLAPTON titles which represent a 1983 stand at London's Hammersmith Odeon.  The first set is the 4CD, "Wonderful Return To Hammersmith Odeon" containing the May 16th & 17th performances, while "Next Stop Royal Albert Hall" 4CD pairs up the May 18th & 19th concerts...and, this is nearly as low as the CLASH title mentioned at the we're bootlegging video game soundtracks!...pictured below right, THE BEATLES "Abbey Road Rock Band Mixes" leverages, yes, you got it..though I do dig the Abbey Road outtake photo they use for the cover shot, don't think I've seen that particular take is the translated japanese description for good humor:

2009 album will be released independently of the source sequential series of topics that year.

Abbey Road Edition first name can be heard what a great mix of new songs. In addition the new feature just does not mix.

Previous work rather JUST A ROCK BAND THAT'S ALL that much attention to it, and whether or fade counts, there appeared considerable portion of the first part of music around, it has become a major feature.

Compared to the previous work of the best content, this unit is that the album, the first "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" "Because" also has a count. The "You Never Give Me Your Money" is the ending Dokoro listen, "Sun King" and begins to count John languid melody intact, sound and listen to the beginning again, we have many amazing sound. "Sun King" was originally "Mean Mister Mustard" that are connected to a medley, ending in this version is just not something that ends with a medley Jean.

Followed by "Polytheme Pam", the Journal has been from the meeting state that part of the opening at the beginning of the song John and Paul, a start will be forced to involuntarily. "You did this before," says John, and played moments into the count burst into strumming a guitar intro that easily impressed.

Let It Be �xand�w ominous atmosphere unlike, you will be impressed by the natural events that are done in the studio working together again like this. As you know the next song "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" was recorded for the same time, it is fully connected to a medley here.

One of the highlights and "Her Majesty" followed by the murmur of the pole, with a whopping! John put the count, shazam! From the sound of the guitar that will last for jokes already familiar in the panel - that ends with the sound development that I may have just been recorded in the full version.

Mix up the rock band here (as well as mix, it is important to look the other way around very high) will have recorded songs by Abbey Road. B and later as a bonus track recorded in the form of rock band led a medley of mixed aspects, beginning with the last count of "The End" is recorded by itself.

Series 2009 Instrument rock albums per year appeared. The contents of surprise disappoint again.

01. Come Together 02. Something 03. Maxwell's Silver Hammer 04. Oh! Darling 05. Octopus's Garden 06. I Want You 07. Here Comes The Sun 08. Because 09. You Never Give Me Your Money 10. Sun King (Separate Take ) 11. Mean Mr. Mustard (Separate Take) 12. Polythene Pam 13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 14. Golden Slumbers 15. Carry That Weight 16. The End 17. Her Majesty (Complete) 18. You Never Give Me Your Money 19. Sun King 20. Mean Mr.Mustard 21. Polytheme Pam 22. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 23. Golden Slumbers 24. Carry That Weight 25. The End 26. Her Majesty 27. The End (Separet Take)

Eric Clapton Wonderfu Return To Hammersmith Beano LabelThe Beatles

...In closing, PINK FLOYD fans can likely expect an upgraded version of the bands' 1975 Knebworth concert from one of the premium labels such as Sigma as a newly shared DAT copy of the master cassette is being torrented big time on the net as I type. There seems to be quite a nice batch of new tapes being posted lately...with that, HotWacks On-line would like to wish you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!..Enjoy a break, a nice meal with your families and try not to get caught in the Black Friday crowds and just slap some headphones on and play some newly acquired tunes...All the best, I'll meet you back here next week...

Svengi, November 24th, 2009