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Sigma and Mid Valley carry the announcements this week...
10 Aug 2010

Just to bring us up to the moment, here are the highlights from the last 5 days...JEFF BECK Beck "Emotion & Commotion Live Vol. 2" 1CD soundboard recorded in Italy on July 13, 2010...and a few ERIC CLAPTON titles, from Mid Valley: "Rose Garden"  2CD set containing his August 7, 2001 concert, "Crossroads Guitar Festival" 3CD featuring this Summer's show from June 26th in Chicago, "I've Got a Rock & Roll Heart" 4CD containing Pittsburgh on February 25th and Sunrise, Florida on March 11th, 2010 with bonus tracks from Nashville on the 27th of February...and from Empress Valley, LED ZEPPELIN Bath Festival (June 28, 1970 UK) 2 Sources,4 CD set which is available with two different jackets:

A) Out on the Tiles - Exremely Limited Edition
B) Bath Festival Program Cover - Limited Edition

Hot off the 'net today, two new PINK FLOYD titles from Sigma...

Pink Floyd Keep Smiling People: Amsterdam '68 Sigma Label

..."Keep Smiling People: Amsterdam '68" 2CD features a superb transfer of the essential audience recording from Club Paradiso in Amsterdam on May 23rd, 1968...early pressings include the bonus CDR "Definitive Rome 1968"...

Pink Floyd Victor's Montreux Sigma Label

..."Victor's Montreux" 2CD presents what could likely be the definitive edition of the exquisite November 21, 1970 audience recording of the Altes Casino show at in Montreux, Switzerland...and believe it or not, you are up to speed on the latest information, anything else that comes across will hit the ticker...have a great week!

Svengi, August 10, 2010