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31 Aug 2010

Rainbow Thunder Roar Rising Arrow LabelRainbow Burbank Master Rising Arrow Label

...Announced today from Rising Arrow are the two RAINBOW titles above, "Thunder Roar" 2CD presents a nice audience tape from New York's Beacon Theater on June 17th, 1976..."Burbank Master" 2CD features a wonderful audience tape from The Starlight Bowl Amphitheater in Burbank, California on August 3rd, 1976...Not to be outdone, Darker Than Blue has a pair of related efforts for September...RAINBOW "Outrage" 2CD contains a stereo soundboard recording from The Hammersmith Odeon in London on July 27, 1981 transferred from master tape...DEEP PURPLE "The Bronx" 2CD features an audience recording from Gaelic Park, The Bronx in New York on August 30, 1972 with a limited number of bonus CDR "San Bernadino Master Reel" with a January 28, 1972 recording from The Swing Auditorium...

Rainbow Outrage Darker than Blue Label

Deep Purple The Bronx Darker Than Blue Label

The Beatles Rock Band 1963-1969 JPGR Label

...The For Fans Only Label's next ROLLING STONES effort features the January 18, 1973 Nicaraguan Benefit Concert audience recording from the L.A. Forum, complete with replicated TMOQ William Stout cover art...and the selling point is???? ...not sure, perhaps just a chance for those who can't find the older versions to add it to their collection...And, there's a new BEATLES Rock Band 1963-1969 single CD from the JPGR Label (?)...that's the skinny for this week. We would like to wish all of you Stateside, Canucks too, a nice long Labor Day Holiday...Ugh, Summer is over...thanks for stopping in...

Svengi, August 31, 2010