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Finally, Ladies & Gentlemen gets an official release!...
12 Oct 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones Blu Ray Eagle Rock Producitons

Released today!...It's about time.

...There, I feel much better now. On with the bootleg portion of the column...

The Allman Brother Band The Gatlinburg Tapes - Mid Valley Sampler LabelDeep Purple Thrill Of The Chase - Darker Than Blue Label

...Announcements this week include titles from Mid Valley Sampler Label: Pictured above is THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND "The Gatlinburg Tapes" 2CD featuring session tapes recorded at Gatlinburg Studios, Tennessee dated April 1st, 1971, plus a 'home jam' tape from DUANE ALLMAN'S house in April '71...also new from MVSR is STEVIE WONDER "Winterland & Berkeley 1973" 3CD set that pairs a couple of soundboard tapes from March 3rd and 4th, 1973...On the Mid Valley Label there is a new ERIC CLAPTON release, " Latin Blood" 4CD set that debuts the uncut October 3, 1990 Montevideo and October 5, 1990 Buenos Aires sounboard tapes! Also, there's the "Crossroads Guitar Festival" 3CD set from Mid Valley featuring the June 25, 2010 performances in Chicago...DEEP PURPLE "Thrill Of The Chase" 2CD features a superb master audience tape transfer of the bands' concert at The Budokan in Tokyo on May 14, 1985 on the Darker Than Blue Label...

Wings Venus & Mars Sessions - Yellow Cat Label

...Feels like a throwback mentioning something new from Yellow Cat but it seems the label has been resurrected to issue the wonderful WINGS "Venus And  Mars Sessions" single CD...And, that other cat has a new title too...New from Crystal Cat over the weekend is none other than JOHN FOGERTY "Big Time At Tivoli" 2CD, audience recording of his show this past Summer on July 10th in Tivoli, Gr�na lund, Stockholm...

Black Sabbath Sakuntala - No Label

...A new non-label BLACK SABBATH release has been announced, "Sakuntala" 2CD features a nicely captured audience recording from Stadthalle in Bremen, Germany on November 25, 1987 and, it comes with limited bonus CDR called "Apocalypse Remastered Edition" with a stellar Milan recording from later on December 5th, 1987...

Alcatrazz No Parole From Milwaukee - Shades Label

...New from the Shades Label is the ALCATRAZZ release "No Parole From Milwaukee" 1CD containing their Summerfest performance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 7, 1984, and comes with a bonus CDR "No Parole From Rock N' Roll Sessions"...And finally, there's that robust new PINK FLOYD box set from Wonderland Records, "Rare, Precious And Beautiful", an 8CD/2DVD package that gathers together nearly everything they could get their hands on, see looks quite nice...

Pink Floyd  Rare, Precious And Beautiful Box Set  - Wonderland Records Label

...And, that would be a wrap for this October 12th edition of the bootleg news here at HotWacks On-line...have a great week!

Svengi, October 12, 2010