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A Potent Batch from The Godfather Records and much more...
12 Jan 2011

The Rolling Stones Stoning The Coliseum - The Godfather Records LabelBob Dylan All Roads Lead To Rome - The Godfather Records

Johnny Cash Longing For Old Virginia - The Godfather Records LabelBob Dylan A Different Set Of Rules - The Godfather Records Label

...Fantastic news and confirmation tonight with the announcement of next weeks' delivery of titles from The Godfather Records, slated to hit the channels on the 19th of January...First up, GFR indeed pulled through with serving up the new, alternate and complete audience source tape of THE ROLLING STONES 2nd show at the Oakland Coliseum on November 9, 1969 via "Stoning At The Coliseum" 1CD in a trifold cardboard sleeve with 4-page booklet and miniature poster...Also in the batch are 2 BOB DYLAN releases, "All Roads Lead To Rome" 2CD presents for the first time to silver disc, the concert from Palazzo Della Civilt� e Del Lavoro, in Rome, Italy on June 20, 1989 with a slew of bonus tracks rounding out Disc 2:

Simmonscourt, Dublin,
Ireland, June 4, 1989
4. To Ramona
5. It Ain’t Me, Babe
Statenhall, The Hague,
The Netherlands,
June 10, 1989

6. Don’t Think Twice, It’s
Les Ar�ne, Frejus, France,
June 13, 1989
7. Gates Of Eden
8. Lakes Of Pontchartrain
9. Boots Of Spanish Leather
Palacio De Los Deportes,
Madrid, Spain, June 15, 1989
10. Song To Woody
Palacio Municipal De Los
Deportes, Barcelona, Spain,
June 16, 1989
11. Forever Young
June 20, 1989...The other DYLAN title is "A Different Set Of Rules" 2CD and features the very last show of his Fall 2010 Tour from the MGM Grand Theater in Mashantucket, Connecticuit on November 27th with 7 bonus tracks from The Borgato Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 26h...JOHNNY CASH "Longing For Old Virginia" 1CD is a soundboard recording of the late show at The Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, West Virginia on October 2, 1976 as part of a Jamboree USA show where he appeared with JUNE and ANITA CARTER, THE CARTER FAMILY, and JAN HOWARD...

The Allman Brothers Band  Keep On Wondering - The Godfather Records LabelBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Everyobody's Rockin' Tonight - The Godfather Records Label

U2 Aoneta 2010 - The Godfather Records LabelQueen Perfume Came Naturally From Wembley - The Godfather Records Label

...Also arriving from GFR...THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND "Keep On Wondering" 1CD stereo soundboard recorded on Sunday, July 26, 1970 at SUNY in Stonybrook, New York...BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND "Everybody's Rockin' Tonight" 3CD presents the complete Radio Broadcast from The Fox Theater in Atlanta on September 30, 1978 and comes with a color, 4-page mini booklet...U2 "Aoneta 2010" 2CD features their show from San Sebastian, Spain, Estadio Anoeta, on September 26, 2010 with this particular production being a matrix of an IEM recording (in ear monitor) and an audience tape - the second disc also features bonus tracks from Melbourne on December 1st, 2010...lastly we are provided the QUEEN title, "Perfume Came Naturally From Wembley" 2CD that utilizes an excellent audience recording from Wembley Arena, London on December 8, 1980 with the bonus track, "Imagine" from Wembley Arena on December 9th in acknowledgement of the shooting death of JOHN LENNON overnight...

Michael Jackson This Was Him - Apocalypse Sound DVDGeorge Harrison & Friends U.S. 1974 - Piccadilly Circus DVD

...Pictured above, MICHAEL JACKSON "That Was Him" DVD arriving next week (January 19) from Apocalypse Sound and compiles these TV broadcasts:

Live in Munich, Germany for “Michael Jackson & Friends”,
June 27, 1999
1. Introduction
2. Medley (featuring Slash)
3. Billie Jean
4. Dangerous
5. Earth Song
6. You Are Not Alone
Jackson 5 “Going Back To Indiana”, ABC TV, September 16, 1971
1. Bill Cosby Intro
2. I Want You Back / “Tito Thunderball’s Car Race”
3. Maybe Tomorrow /”Basketball Skit”
4. Stand / Feeling Allright / “Diana Ross Limousine Scoop”
5. Take It Higher / The Love You Save / Going Back
6. Finale
Jackson 5 “Victory Tour Shuler Express Special”
1. Heartbreak Hotel / Human Nature
Jackson 5 “Victory Tour Live In Los Angeles Special”
1. Shake Your Body / Heartbreak Hotel

...Also above, GEORGE HARRISON AND FRIENDS "U.S.1974" 3CD/DVD from Monkey Clown serves up the following:

Live At The Center Coliseum,Seattle,November 4th, 1974
01. Hari's On Tour (Express)
02. Something
03. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
04. Going Around In Circles (Billy Preston)
05. Sue Me Sue You Blues Ravi Shankar Set:
06. Zoon Zoon Zoon
07. Na Na Dahni
08. Cheparte
09. Anurag
10. Dispute And Violence

01. I Am Missing You
02. For You Blue
03. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
04. Soundstage Of Mind ( La Express)
05. In My Life 06. Tom Cat (La Express)
07. Maya Love
08. Nothing From Nothing (Billy Preston)
09. Dark Horse
10. Outta Space (Billy Preston)
11. What Is Life 12. My Sweet Load

01. Hari's On Tour (Express)
02. For You Blue (From Songs By George Harrison EP)
03. Who Can See It/04. The Lord Loves The One (Both Songs Played Only At Opening Gig Vancouver,Canada,November 2nd 1974)
05. Hari's On Tour (Express)
06. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
07. For You Blue
08. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
09. In My Life
10. Maya Love
11. Dark Horse
12. What Is Life
13. My Sweet Load (From Atlanta,Georgia,Afternoon Show November 28th 1974)
14. Something
15. Sue Me Sue You (From Long Beach Concert,November 10th 1974)

01. Bangla Desh Press Conference (NYC 7/27/71)
02. Dick Cavett Show 1 (11/23/71 Two Faced Man w/Gary Wright)
03. Dick Cavett Show 2 (11/23/71)
04. Dick Cavett Show 3 (11/23/71)
05. Dick Cavett Show 4 (11/23/71)
06. Dick Cavett Show 5 (11/23/71)
07. Dick Cavett Show 6 (11/23/71)
08. Bangla Desh Trailer (3/72)
09. Meeting Ford (Washington DC 12/13/74)
10. Ding Dong,Ding Dong
11. Dark Horse
12. Hari's On Tour
13. Home Movies From The Dark Horse Tour (12/74)

The Beatles Abbey Road...Naked - Piccadilly CircusGeorge Harrison Cloud Nine Rough Cuts - Piccadilly Circus Label

...Two new titles from the Picadilly Circus (Misterclaudel) camp, THE BEATLES "Abbey Road...Naked" 1CD contains the Rock Band mixes of the familiar Abbey Road tracks from the video game, plus "You Know My Name, Look Up The Number" and the 'complete' Abbey Road Medley...GEORGE HARRISON "Cloud Nine Rough Cuts" is a single CD of early alternate mixes, film track mixes and a bonus live track("Johnny B. Goode) from the Heartbeat concert on March 16, 1987...Below we have a non-label release, PAUL McCARTNEY "Live At The Apollo London" 2CD, a perfect audience recording effort from the HMV Hammersmith Apollo on December 18, 2010...RAINBOW "Tales Of The Rising Sun" 2CD is a superb live audience recording from the Tokyo Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan on December 2nd, 1976 and arrives from the Rising Arrow Label...

Paul McCartney Live At the Apollo London - No LabelRainbow Tales Of The Rising Sun - Rising Arrow Label

Finally, a new pressd DVD set from SODD, THE ROLLING STONES "Paris Complete 1976" features the previously available proshot concert from Pavillion de Paris on June 4, 1976 and we're told it comes with a limited bonus DVD-R but we aren't sure what the contents of that bonus disc are at this time...

The Rolling Stones Paris Complete 1976 DVD - SODD Label

...And that wraps up this second Boot News column for the new year, we hope your 2011 is off to a fine start!  Thanks for stopping in and have a great week!...

Svengi, January 12, 2011