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New Clapton, Stones and new Vinyl Release from Aurora Australis...
25 Jan 2011

Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd - The Malcom Jones & Peter Jenner Tapes 2LP (Aurora Australis Label)

Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd - The Malcolm Jones & Peter Jenner Tapes 2LP (inner sleeve - Aurora Australis Label)

...Arriving to the channels next week for vinyl bootleg collectors, specifically PINK FLOYD collectors, is the above 2LP set from Aurora Australis, "The Malcolm Jones & Peter Jenner Tapes", providing some very nice pieces of the recording puzzle for both SYD BARRETT and PINK are the liner notes from the back cover:

Malcolm Jones, the head of EMI‘s �Progressive“ label Harvest Records championed Syd Barrett from 1969 onwards and was involved in the early stages of releasing �Opel‘ - a collection of outtakes and unreleased solo songs finally issued in 1988. The first side consists of a 5 track tape Jones compiled at Studio 3, EMI Studios, Abbey Road on Tuesday, August 18th, 1987. Although it is unclear why this collection was created as these rough mixes have remained unissued, it is evident that Jones wanted to include two unreleased Pink Floyd songs from 1967 for a future collection. The second side is a tape Malcolm Jones would play Barrett and Floyd fans who visited his home. Although they are only fragments this tape provides a fascinating glimpse into the working process of Barrett in the studio with and without overdubs. The final track is an unreleased Floyd cut from 1967 which has over the years been named many things, most notably �Sunshine‘. The now legendary �In The Beechwoods‘ tape is also included as an added bonus. These recordings of unissued Floyd songs were played to a young journalist in 1969 by Nick Mason.

Due to the success in 1974 of a double album coupling �The Madcap Laughs‘ and �Barrett‘ on Harvest Records,EMI persuaded Syd Barrett to return to their Abbey Road Studios to spend time working towards a forthcomingLP. The sessions were given the EMI Job Number of 56802, started on Monday the 12th of August 1974 and recorded on 16 track tape. Under the guidance of engineers John Leckie, Pat Stapley and mentor/producer Peter Barrett laid down a rather chaotic collection of instrumental guitar tracks which have now become something of a Holy Grail for Barrett collectors. Apart from �If You Go‘, all titles were made up purely for identification purposes.The next day, Peter Jenner compiled a reel of the best �takes‘ from the initial session and another tape collectingunreleased songs and alternate takes from syd‘s solo albums,plus two unreleased Pink Floyd cuts. After completion, the master tape was sent to EMI headquarters in Manchester Square and unfortunately has not been seen since. Thankfully a first generation cassette was dubbed at the time and here is that tape presented in its entirety for the first time.

The Rolling Stones The Hague 1976 - No Label

...Look for this new ROLLING STONES title, "The Hague 1976" 2CD in the usual channels as we get into February...It contains the May 30, 1976 concert recording from Stadion F.C. Den Haag In Het Zuiderpark, The Hague, Holland via an excellent audience tape...initial copies come with a bonus DVD-R, "Aux Abattoirs", featuring the June 4th, 1976 proshot video from Paris...

Eric Clapton Norfolk Scope - Beano Label

...Next up from Beano is the ERIC CLAPTON release, "Norfolk Scope", a 2CD set presenting an August 30, 1975 soundboard tape of the Norfolk, Virginia show at The Scope...the show features an encore finale of "Let It Rain" with supporting act, POCO, joining Slowhand on the stage...and that wraps up this edition for the Bootleg News for this January 25th, thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!

Svengi, January 25, 2011