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Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy lead the News for this first of March!...
01 Mar 2011

Led Zeppelin Madison Square Garden 1971 - Wendy Records Label

...Kickstarting the Boot News tonight is the latest LED ZEPPELIN installment to the Wendy Records Label, look for "Madison Square Garden 1971" 2CD to hit the channels very preseents the bands' September 3, 1971 concert from MSG via audience source tape....

Van Halen Japan Tour II - Shades Label

...Two new releases on the way from the Shades Label...above is VAN HALEN "Japan Tour II" 2CD with an excellent audience tape from The Budokan on September 13, 1979 and comes with the bonus CDR "Pasdena On Fire"....below, THIN LIZZY "Tokyo First Gig" 2CD containing an excellent audeince recording of their performance at Nakano Sunplaza on September 25, 1979...

Thin Lizzy Tokyo First Gig - Shades Label


Van Halen Golden Coast Ballroom Live 1976 - Bottoms Up Label        Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Live Outtakes 75-80 - Retrotone Label

The Beatles Rock Band Mixes (Red & Blue) - No Label

...Other titles this week include the VAN HALEN release, "Golden Coast Ballroom Live 1976" 1CD, presents a May 9, 1976 on the Bottoms Up Label...BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND Live Outtakes 75-80 from Retro Tone Label, and THE BEATLES Rock Band Mixes is a 4CD package with a 'red' a 'blue'  package that compiles all the  apprpriate tracks to provide a themed set ...

Rainbow Branded To Kill - Rising Arrow Label

...On the way from Rising Arrow is the RAINBOW 4CD set, "Branded To Kill"...the package offers up two different audience tape sources of their December 16, 1976 evening performance at The Budokan in Tokyo...