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15 Mar 2011

Deep Purple Getting Tighter In Miami - The Godfather Records LabelKISS If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old - The Godfather Records Label

...Another stellar batch of selections are coming our way courtesy of The Godfather Records Label March 23rd...above, the welcome DEEP PURPLE MK IV recording, "Getting Tighter In Miami" 2CD, documenting their February 8, 1976 performance at the Jai Alai Sports Auditorium in Miami, Florida from a very nice audience tape...KISS "If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old" 2CD is another excellent audience recording of the bands' Montreal concert on January 13, 1983 from the ERIC CARR/VINNIE VINCENT era, plus 6 bonus tracks from Souix City, Iowa - Rockford, Illinois and a couple of unreleased tracks: 'It's My Life" and 'Not For The Innocent'...Below:  PINK FLOYD "Livestock Market: Pigs And Sheeps" 2CD is an interesting choice by GFR, choosing an uncommon and great concert audience recording from the European Animals Tour and Bingley Hall, Stafford UK on March 30, 1977...BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND "The Giants Game" 3CD presents an In-Ear Monitor recording of the August 31, 2003 concert at Giants Stadium with bonus tracks from August 30th, the soundcheck song "Janey Don't Lose Your Heart", and the studio version of "American Skin (41 shots)"...

Pink Floyd Livestock Market: Pigs & Sheep - The Godfather Records LabelBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band  The Giants Game - The Godfather Records Label

Frank Zappa Come On Punky, Get Funky! - The Godfather Records LabelIron Maiden Welcome To The Final Frontier - The Godfather Records Label

...Also on the way from GFR is the 2CD FRANK ZAPPA "Come On Punky! Get Funky!", a nice audience tape from Pawtucket, Rhode Island and the early show from the LeRoy Theater on October 23, 1977...IRON MAIDEN "Welcome To The Final Frontier" 2CD is also a great audience capture of their 2011 Tour opener in Moscow on February 11 at the Olympisky Sports Complex...Below is the new PINK FLOYD 2LP set arriving into collector circles towards the end of the month, "Free-Form Freakouts" from Aurora Australis compiles rare film, radio and TV appearances circa 1967 through 1970...

Pink Floyd Free-Form Freakouts 2LP Set - Aurora Australis Label

Pink Floyd Free-Form Freakouts (inside cover) - Aurora Australis Label


Queen At The Palace - Wardour Label

...Two new QUEEN titles from Wardour are in the mix this month too...above is "At The Palace" 1CD is a fantastic Dan Lapinski audience source tape from the Providence, Rhode Island Civic Center on April 27, 1974, early copies come with the bonus CDR "Best Cologne 1974" containing an excellent audience recording from Sartory Hall in Cologne, Germany on December 6, 1974..."BBC Sessions 1973-1977" (below) is a single CD compilation transferred from the master tape reels, here's the breakdown of the sesions featured:

Session 2
Recorded at Langham One Studio, London on 25th July 1973
Produced by Jeff Griffin and Chris Lycett, and engineered by John Etchells

Broadcast on BBC Radio 1 on 24th September 1973, as part of Bob Harris's 'Sounds Of The Seventies' programme.

1. See What A Fool I've Been 2. Liar 3. Son And Daughter 4. Keep Yourself Alive

Session 4
Recorded at Langham One Studio, London on 3rd April 1974
Produced by Jeff Griffin and Chris Lycett, and engineered by John Etchells

Broadcast on Radio 1 on 15th April 1974, as part of Bob Harris's 'Sounds Of The Seventies' programme
5. Modern Times Rock And Roll 6. Nevermore 7. White Queen
Session 5
Recorded at Maida Vale Studio, London on 16th October 1974
Produced by Jeff Griffin

Broadcast on Radio 1 on 4th November 1974, as part of Bob Harris's 'Sounds Of The Seventies' programme
8. Bob Harris MC 9. Now I'm Here 10. Bob Harris MC 11. Stone Cold Crazy 12. Bob Harris MC
13. Flick Of The Wrist 14. Bob Harris MC 15. Tenement Funster 16. Bob Harris MC

Session 6
Recorded at Maida Vale Studio, London on 28th October 1977
Produced by Jeff Griffin, and engineered by Mike Robinson

Broadcast on Radio 1 on 14th November 1977

17. Spread Your Wings 18. It's Late 19. My Melancholy Blues 20. We Will Rock You(slow)
21. Explosion and Reading of Siddhartha (by Hermann Hesse) 22. We Will Rock You(fast)

...early copies of "BBC Sessions" will come with a bonus DVD-R "At The Rainbow" a 52 minute proshot video of a November 20, 1974 performance at London's Rainbow Theater...

Queen  BBC Sessions Wardour Label


Gary Moore Run Through The Nights - Shades Label

...Finally tonight, the Shades Label continues their GARY MOORE profile series with the 4CD "Run Through The Nights" featuring 2 shows from Nagoya and Tokyo in October 1985, while "Corridors Of Blood" 2CD contains a January 26, 1983 concert from Festival Hall in Osaka...

Gary Moore Corridors Of Blood - Shades Label

...That's all for now. Again to our friends in Japan, stay strong and keep the faith. Thanks for stopping in tonight and have a great week!

Svengi, March 15, 2011