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Marching along into Spring with new Neil Young, Stones and more...
22 Mar 2011

...We are certainly appreciative of the efforts by our Japanese friends to keep things productive and moving in spite of the conditions caused by the natural disasters, and now the continued threats of nuclear meltdown at their power plants. And we would urge each of you to try to make a donation to the Red Cross on behalf of the millions affected by these disasters...Any contribution will make a difference.  Thanks to subscribing collector, Mott, for calling out this offering from the KEITH RICHARDS website:

Keith Richards website has made a special Keith tshirt to help the victims in Japan.ALL proceeds go to the victims. Here's;s the link:

...On with the bootleg news for this week...

Neil Young & The Stray Gators Definitve Last Album - No Label

...Starting us off this week is a non-label NEIL YOUNG & THE STRAY GATORS 2CD called "Definiteve Last Album", which documents their performance at the Bakersfield Civic Auditorium in Bakersfield, California on March 11, 1973...

The Beatles Revolution's Evolution - Roaring Mouse Label   George Harrison Beware Of ABCKO - Roaring Mouse Label   The Rolling Stones Stones From The Vaults Vol. 2 - Masterfile Label

...Two new titles from Roaring Mouse this month include THE BEATLES "Revolution's Evolution" 1CD featuring assorted outtakes, and GEORGE HARRISON "Beware Of ABCKO" 1CD compiling solo outtakes...The newest of the dedicated ROLLING STONES labels, Masterfile, present their 'Ultimate Rolling Stones Anthology' with the first two volumes of their 'Stones From The Vaults" series, which seem to thoughtfully piece some interesting early outtakes, live and alternate mixes circa 1963-1966...Here's the tracklistings for both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2:

Stones From  The Vaults, Vol. 2


1. 19th Nervous Breakdown (alternate mix) (RCA STUDIOS, LOS ANGELES and CALIFORNIA, 12.3 - 12.8.1965)

2. Looking Tired (RCA STUDIOS, LOS ANGELES and CALIFORNIA, 9.6.1965)

3. Paint It Black (backing track)/4. If You Let Me (RCA STUDIOS, LOS ANGELES and CALIFORNIA, 3.6 - 3.9.1966)

5. Con Le Mie Lacrime (alternate take) (IBC STUDIOS and LONDON, 3.15.1966)/6. Yesterday's Papers (demo)/7. Yesterday's Papers (backing track)

8. Let's Spend The Night Together (backing track)/9. Get Yourself Together

10. Please Go Home (backing track) (RCA STUDIOS, LOS ANGELES and CALIFORNIA, 8.3 - 8.11.1966)

11. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby and Standing In The Shadow? (alternate) (IBC STUDIOS and LONDON, 8.31 - 9.2 1966)

12. Ruby Tuesday (backing track 11/66)/13. Dandelion - Sometimes Happy and Sometimes Blue (demo)

14. Trouble In Mind (OLYMPIC SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 11.8 - 11.26.1966)

15. Let's Spend Sometime Together (TV live) (THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW and CBS TV, 1.15.1967)/16. She's A Rainbow (sessions)

17. We Love You (sessions)/18. Citadel (backing track)/19. 2000 Light Years From Home (backing track)

20. Gold Painted Fingernails (Instrumental)/21. ON With The Show (backing track) (OLYMPIC SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 5.17-6.9.1967)

22. Child Of The Moon (sessions)/23. Child Of The Moon (backing track) (OLYMPIC SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 10.1967)

24. Jumpin' Jack Flash (backing track) (OLYMPIC SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 4.20.1968)


1. Did Everybody Pay Their Dues (OLYMPIC SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 3.17 - 4.3.1968)/2. Stray Cat Blues (outtake)

3. Parachute Woman (alternate mix)/4. Prodigal Son (alternate mix)/5. Factory Girl (alternate mix)/6. Dear Doctor (alternate mix)

7. Hamburger To Go/8. Blood Red Wine/9. Still A Fool (OLYMPIC SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 5.13 - 5.23.1968)/10. Family (alternate take)

11. Memo From Turner (alternate take) (OLYMPIC SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 6.28.1968)/12. Gimmie Shelter (alternate mix)

13. You Got The Silver (alternate mix)/14. Sister Morphine (outtake)

15. I'm A Country Boy (OLYMPIC SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 2.10 - 3.31.1969)/16. Jiving Sister Fanny

17. Downtown Suzie (OLYMPIC SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 4.17 - 7.2.1969)/18. Hillside Blues (I Don't Know The Reason Why)

19. All Down The Line (acoustic demo) (SUNSET SOUND STUDIOS, LOS ANGELES and CALIFORNIA, 10.17 - 10.26.1969 + ELEKTRA STUDIOS, LOS ANGELES and CALIFORNIA, 10.28 - 11.2.1969)


From The Vaults Vol.1 1962-1965

01 Introduction - We Want Stones/02. I Ain't Got You (demo)/03. Beautiful Delilah (demo)/04. Down The Road Apiece (demo) 05. Little Queenie (demo)

/06. Medley: Little Queenie-Beautiful Delilah-La Bamba-Wee Baby Blues (ON Your Way To School) - Around & Around (demo) DARTFORD, KENT and late 1961 or early 1962 (Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys)

07. You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover (demo) CURLY CLAYTON SOUND STUDIO and LONDON, 10.27.1962

08. Baby What's Wrong/09. Roadrunner/10. Diddley Daddy/11. Bright Lights and Big City

12. I Want To Be Loved IBC STUDIOS and LONDON, 3.11.1963/13. Come ON (BBC Session)/14. Memphis and Tennessee (BBC session)

15. Roll Over Beethoven (BBC session) SATURDAY CLUB and BBC RADIO, 10.26.1963

16. Go Home Girl DE LANE LEA MUSIC RECORDING STUDIOS and LONDON, 11.14.1963/17. It Should Be You/18. Leave Me Alone

19. That Girl Belongs To Yesterday REGENT SOUND STUDIOS, LONDON and 11.20 and 11.21.1963

20. Tell Me (alternate take) REGENT SOUND STUDIOS, LONDON and 2.24 and 2.25.1964

21. Not Fade Away (alternate take)/22. I'm A King Bee REGENT SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 1.10.1964

23. Andrew's Blues/24. Mr. Spector & Mr. Pitney Come Too REGENT SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 2.4.1964

25. Wake Up In The Morning (Rice Krispies Jingle) PYE STUDIOS and LONDON, 2.6.1964/26. Route 66 (BBC session)

27. Cops And Robbers (BBC session)/28. You Better Move ON (BBC session)


30. As Time Goes By (demo) DE LANE LEA MUSIC RECORDING STUDIOS and LONDON, 3.11.1964

31. Dont Lie To Me REGENT SOUND STUDIOS and LONDON, 5.12.1964/32. Stewed And Keefed

33. Hi Heeled Sneakers CHESS STUDIOS, CHICAGO and ILLINOIS, 6.10-11.1964


01. Reelin' & Rockin'/02. Meet Me In The Bottom/03. Tell Me Baby, How Many More Times CHESS STUDIOS, CHICAGO and ILLINOIS, 6.11.1964

04. Da Doo Ron Ron/05. Blue Turns To Grey (alternate version) REGENT SOUND STUDIOS and DECCS STUDIOS and LONDON, 8.31 - 9.4.1964

06. Around And Around (BBC session)/07. If you need Me (BBC session)/08. I Can't Be Satisfied (BBC session)

09. Crackin' Up (BBC session) TOP GEAR and BBC RADIO, 7.17.1964

10. Try A Little Harder (demo) REGENT SOUND STUDIOS and DECCA STUDIOS and LONDON, 6.29 - 7.7.1964/11. We're Wastin' Time

12. Earch And Every Day Of The Year/13. Hear It REGENT SOUND STUDIOS and DECCS STUDIOS and LONDON, 8.31 - 9.4.1964

14. We Were Falling In Love REGENT SOUND STUDIOS, LONDON and 9.28 and 9.29.1964

15. 2120 South Michigan Avenue (BBC session) RHYTHM & BLUES and BBC RADIO, 10.8.1964

16. Mercy Mercy (alternate version)/17. Goodbye Girl/18. Key To The Highway CHESS STUDIOS, CHICAGO and ILLINOIS, 11.8.1964

19. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (BBC session)/20. The Last Time (BBC session)

21. Down The Road Apiece (BBC session) TOP GEAR and BBC RADIO, 3.1.1965/22. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - Around & Around (Live)

23. Hey Craw-Daddy (Live) EUROPE 1, FRENCH RADIO, LIVE AT OLYMPIA THEATRE and PARIS, 4.18.1965

24. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (backing track) RCA STUDIOS, LOS ANGELES and CALIFORNIA, 5.11 - 5.12.1965

25. Oh Baby and We Got A Good Thing Goin' (BBC session)/26. The Spider And The Fly (BBC session)/27. Cry To Me (BBC session)

28. Fanny Mae (BBC session) YEH! YEH! BBC RADIO, 8.20 & SATURDAY CLUB and BBC RADIO, 8.20

Not to be outdone, Dog N Cat Records are doing some compiling of their own, albeit redundant beyond redundant, with "This Is Rhythm And Blues" 1CD (DAC 115) featuring 1964 radio and televison broadcast performances (as DAC sometimes does, this title is being issued after the "LiveR Than You'll Ever Be" 4CD set which is DAC 116 for those who are keeping score, and this one of course brings together both sources from the early and late shows on November 9th, 1969 at the Oakland Coliseum and is reviewed by Riccar99 on these pages)...

The Rolling Stones This Is Rhythm & Blues - Dog N Cat Records Label (DAC 116)

Gary Moore Loner's End - Shades Label

...The Shades Label is on a mission to keep GARY MOORE'S legacy in front of collectors for consideration. The label has two new titles for late-March release, "Loner's End" 2CD presents a pair of soundboad tapes from The Paradise Theater in Boston on September 1, 1987, and from the Hammersmith Odeon in London on April 1st 1987... "The Days To Remember" 4CD leverages audience master recordings, in wonderful quality, to  showcase Sheffield City Hall performances in the UK on March 29, 1987 and May 25, 1989...

Gary Moore The Days To Remember - Shades Label

...And that's the quick slice of activity from the underground for this March 22nd...We hope you all have a great week!

Svengi, March 22, 2011