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New releases from Graf Zeppelin, Master Stroke, GP and Non- Label fare...
14 Jun 2011

Led Zeppelin Live From Enlgand 1972  - Graf Zeppelin Label

...The Graf Zeppelin label has established a solid library of LED ZEPPELIN releases but their latest, "Live From England 1972" 3CD seems to pretty much be a straight copy of Empress Valley's "Sweet Brummy Roll", released in 2003, featuring audience tapes from the Odeon Theatre in Birmingham, UK on December 16th, and The Brighton Dome, UK on December 20th, 1972...

Queen Rare Cuts Vol. 2 - Master Stroke Label

....From Master Stroke comes QUEEN "Rare Cuts Vol.2"  which compiles rare tracks circa 1975-1978...below, the non-label MICK JAGGER release, "Foxy Nights" 4CD set which pairs up two audience tapes that document his two shows from Nagoya, Japan at International Exhibition hall on March 25th and 26th, 1988...this numbered set is limited to 100 copies...

Mick Jagger Foxy Nights - No Label

The Rolling Stones Shea Stadium 1989 - No Label

...Several ROLLING STONES titles this week...the non-label "Shea Stadium 1989" 2CD set features a great audience recording of their October 10, 1989 concert in New York City....and as the follow-up comments last week pointed out, a couple of new compilation releases from a new label, GP, on the shelves are shown below..."Collected Rarities Vol.1 & 2"  collects 12" promos, alternate mixes, etc. from 1971-2010...

The Rolling Stones Collected Rarities Vol. 1 - GP Label

The Rolling Stones Collected Rarities Vol. 2 - GP Label

...And that's the crux of it for this week, thanks for swinging by...Happy early Father's Day to all the Dad's, have a good one...

Svengi, June 14, 2011