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New Kiss and McCartney titles head this weeks' line-up...
02 Aug 2011

Kiss Crazy Killer Whales Alive - Tarantura Label

...It's another Mr. Peach recording for Tarantura again this week, KISS "Crazy Killer Whales Alive" 2CD presents a magnificent tape from Aichiken Taiiku Hall in Nagoya, Japan on March 28, 1977...Meanwhile, Picadilly Circus turns around another nice tape of PAUL McCARTNEY and his band with "Live At Yankee Stadium 2011" 2CD docmenting their New York City concert on July 16, 2011...

Paul McCartney Yankee Stadium 2011 (front) - Picadilly Circus LabelPaul McCartney Yankee Stadium 2011 (back) - Picadilly Circus Label

Asia Dragon Master - Virtuoso Label

...From Virtuoso this week, ASIA "Dragon Master" 2CD serves up a superb audience recording of their show at The Orpheum Theater in Boston on April 29, 1982...

Deep Purple In Concert 1970 - Langley Label

... A couple of  new releases from the Japanese Langley Label...above we have DEEP PURPLE "In Concert: 1970  Pop Spectacular 1972" 2CD that presents a couple of BBC performances transferred directly from original BBC transcription discs - disc 1 presents a John Peel session at BBC studios in London on February 19, 1970 while disc 2 features a March 9, 1972 taping from Paris Theater in London with host Mike Harding - the limited to 50 sets come with the bonus CDR title 'Archen 1970", a pitch-corrected stereo soundboard from July 10, 1970...below is WHITESNAKE "Production Rehearsals" 2CD that features a stereo soundboard tape of the bands' studio rehearsals for their 1982/83 World Tour on the first disc while disc 2 contains backing tracks for the 'Slide It In' LP - this title is also limited to 50 pressings and comes with the bonus CD COZY POWELL "Killer", which pairs a couple of nice recordings, first a stereo soundboard BBC In Concert tape of 'Cozy Powell and Friends" from the Paris Theater on January 9, 1980 and features JACK BRUCE, CLEM CLEMPSON, DON AIREY and MAX MIDDLETON, then there's the September/October 1982 Brittania Row studios tape of the 'Octopuss in Progress' ...

Whitesnake Production Rehearsals - Langley Label

Toto Keeper Of The Words - Zion Label

...And finally this week, a couple of TOTO sets from the Zion Label..."The Keeper Of The Words" 2CD leverages a really nice audience recording of their October 29, 1986 performance at Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan and comes with the bonus "Anthology" DVD-R with a 90-minute proshot compilation..."Heal This Time" 2CD is another great audience tape from NHK Hall in Tokyo on April 25, 1988 and comes with the bonus 'Firenze 1988' DVD-R containing a 47 minute proshot video of their concert at Palasport in Firenze, Italy on March 16, 1988...

Toto Heal This Time - Zion Label

...Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a great week!

Svengi, August 2, 2011