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Offerings from Wendy, Wardour, Mid Valley and more this week...
30 Aug 2011

Led Zeppelin Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg (front) - Wendy Records LabelLed Zeppelin Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg (back) - Wendy Records Label

...New from Wendy Records on CD is the LED ZEPPELIN release, "Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg" 2-disc set, presenting the March 14, 1973 Nuremburg, Germany performance at Messehalle in slick looking digipack format with slipsleeve cover...Mid Valley fills in the ERIC CLAPTON catalog from the front and back by delivering "God's Extracurricular Activity" 4CD pairing a couple of outstanding audience recordings from recent appearances in Surrey on June 4, 2011 and Italy on the 24th of June...and with the DEREK & THE DOMINOS re-issue "In Concert" 3CD leveraging the 'Wolfgang's Vault' tapes in new artwork with the October 23rd and 24th, 1970 Fillmore West shows, plus BLIND FAITH "Noblesse Oblige" single CD of the August 16, 1969 Santa Barbara tape in new artwork presentation...

Dio R.J.D. 1983 - Langley Deluxe Label

...Covering the legacy of RONNIE JAMES DIO is in good hands this week, courtesy of Langley Deluxe as they plug a whole in the live catalog with DIO "R.J.D. 1983", a 2CD set featuring a couple of great tapes from Leicester, UK and a show at De Montfort Hall on November 8, 1983 and Stockholm on November 17th and the show at Draken, to sweeten the pot a bonus CDR comes with the initial pressings called "First In Line", a stereo soundboard of their Pink Pop Festival performance on June 11, 1984...

Queen Multitracks - Wardour Label

...The latest from Wardour could be an interesting listen, providing some insights how many QUEEN compositions were produced or built with "Multitrack Mixes", a 2CD of newly acquired stereo soundboard seperate tracks of very familiar recordings along with a similar, bonus CDR set of 'One Vision''s the tracklisting for this one:

Disc 1
1. Another One Bites The Dust (Drums, Extra)
2. Another One Bites The Dust (Guitar, Bass)
3. Another One Bites The Dust (Vocal)
4. Play The Game (Bass, Guitar, Drums)
5. Play The Game (Piano)
6. Play The Game (Vocal, Extra)
7. Somebody To Love (Backing Vocal)
8. Somebody To Love (Drums)
9. Somebody To Love (Piano)
10. Somebody To Love (Vocal)
11. Under Pressure (Guitar, Bass)
12. Under Pressure (Piano, Drums)
13. Under Pressure (Vocal)
14. We Are The Champions (Guitar, Bass)
15. We Are The Champions (Piano)
16. We Are The Champions (Vocal)
Disc 2
1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Drums)
2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Guitar, Bass)
3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Vocal)
4. I Want To Break Free (Drums)
5. I Want To Break Free (Guitar, Bass)
6. I Want To Break Free (Vocal, Synthesizer)
7. Keep Yourself Alive (Drums, Vocal)
8. Keep Yourself Alive (Guitar, Bass)
9. Hammer To Fall (Drums)
10. Hammer To Fall (Guitar, Bass)
11. Hammer To Fall (Vocal, Keyboards)
12. Now I'm Here (Drums)
13. Now I'm Here (Guitar, Bass)
14. Now I'm Here (Vocal, Piano)
15. Tie Your Mother Down (Drums)
16. Tie Your Mother Down (Vocal)
17. We Will Rock You (Drums)
18. We Will Rock You (Vocal, Guitar)
+ Ltd Bonus CDR "Multitracks: One Vision"
1. Bass, Effects
2. Intro, Guitar, Drums(Rim) #1
3. Intro, Guitar, Drums(Rim) #2
4. Guitar #1
5. Guitar #2
6. Intro, Keyboard, Drums(Rim), Effects #1
7. Intro, Keyboard, Drums(Rim), Effects #2
8. Drums(Kick)
9. Drums(Room) #1
10. Drums(Room) #2
11. Drums(Snare) #1
12. Drums(Snare) #2
13. Vocal #1 14. Vocal #2

Toto Master Sword - Zion Label

...And finally tonight, the Zion Label has issued TOTO "Master Sword" 6CD set that documents their 1982 stand at The Budokan in Tokyo with a superb audience source tape of the May 17th show digitally transferred from the master cassette, and an upgrade to the May 18th concert with a stereo soundboard recording...the initial pressing also includes the bonus DVD-R "Budokan 1982", a 60-minute proshot video of the events...and that's it for Summer!  Can you believe it? Not me, the days just completely blow by me, must be age setting in. Hope you had a good one and we wish all those stateside a nice Labor Day holiday weekend ahead and to you all...a great week!  Thanks for dropping by.

Svengi, August 30, 2011