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New Band DVD on Pignon, Beano bundles up more Clapton, and more...
27 Sep 2011

Starting us out this week is a welcome DVD release on the Pignon Label, THE BAND "On Stages 1978-1989" compiling a hand full of performances from the 80's, along with some solo material- see the particulars below:

The Band On Stages 1978-1989 DVD - Pignon Label


Pink Floyd BBC Archives 1967-1969 - No Label

...A colorful Non-Label PINK FLOYD title graces the page this week too.."BBC Archives 1957-1969" is on of those 'ultimate editions' we are often presented with, here the focus is early FLOYD from stereo soundboard archive tapes, the tracklist below doesn't immediately identify anything previously unreleased but it'll likely be the source and transfer that decide whether this one achieves 'ultimate' you go:

Disc One
1. Pow R Toc H (14th May 1967 "Look Of The Week")
2. Astronomy Domine (14th May 1967 "Look Of The Week")
3. The Gnome (25th September 1967 "Top Gear")
4. Scarecrow (25th September 1967 "Top Gear")
5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (25th September 1967 "Top Gear")
6. Matilda Mother (25th September 1967 "Top Gear")
7. Reaction in G (25th September 1967 "Top Gear")
8. Flaming (25th September 1967 "Top Gear")
9. Green Onions (12th December 1967 "Tomorrow's World")
10. Instrumental (12th December 1967 "Tomorrow's World")
11. Vegetable Man (20th December 1967 "Top Gear")
12. Scream Thy Last Scream (20th December 67 "Top Gear")
13. Pow R Toc H (20th December 1967 "Top Gear")
14. Jugband Blues (20th December 1967 "Top Gear")

Disc Two
1. Instrumental (26th March 1968 "The Sound Of Change")
2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (28th March 1968 "Omnibus' All My Loving")
3. The Murderotic Woman (25th June 1968 "Top Gear")
4. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (25th June 1968 "Top Gear")
5. Let There Be More Light (25th June 1968 "Top Gear")
6. Julia Dream (25th June 1968 "Top Gear")
7. Point Me At The Sky (2nd December 1968 "Top Gear")
8. Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major (2nd December 1968 "Top Gear")
9. Embryo (2nd December 1968 "Top Gear")
10. Interstellar Overdrive (2nd December 1968 "Top Gear")
11. Daybreak (12th May 1969 "Top Gear")
12. Nightmare (12th May 1969 "Top Gear")
13. The Beginning (12th May 1969 "Top Gear")
14. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (12th May 1969 "Top Gear")
15. The Narrow Way (12th May 1969 "Top Gear")
16. Moonhead (20th July 1969 "Omnibus' What If It's Just Green Cheese?")

Eric Clapton - Toledo 1979 - Beano Label Eric Clapton Comes Over You - Beano Label

...Beano makes the biggest splash on the scene this week with 3 new ERIC CLAPTON titles covering different touring phases...."Toledo 1979" 2CD captures his June 4th, 1979 concert at the Toledo Sports Arena via superb audience source..."Comes Over You" 2CD presents a beautiful audience recording from the Lakewood Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia on July 28, 1990...and "Plays Montreux 1992" 2CD serves us what is described as a 'nearly perfect' audience tape of his performance at Le Casino in Montreux, Switzerland on July 12, 1992...

Eric Clapton Plays Montreux 1992 - Beano Label

The Rolling Stones Beggar's Banquet/Let It Bleed Mono Edition - SODD Label

...And finally, SODD have released THE ROLLING STONES "Beggar's Banquet/Let It Bleed Mono Edition", 2CD is exactly what is described and provides collectors with an opportunity to give these classic a different listen - plus there's other mixes and versions of relataed material from those sessions, here's the tracklisting:

DISC:1 BEGGERS BANQUET (MONO EDITION+) 01. Sympathy For The Devil / 02. No Expectations / 03. Dear Doctor / 04. Parachute Woman / 05. Jig-Saw Puzzle / 06. Street Fighting Man 07. Prodigal Son / 08. Stray Cat Blues / 09. Factory Girl / 10. Salt Of The Earth / 11. Jumpin' Jack Flash / 12. Still A Fool 13. Street Fighting Man / 14. Child Of The Moon 15. Jumpin' Jack Flash
DISC:2 LET IT BLEED (MONO EDITION+) 01. Gimme Shelter / 02. Love In Vain / 03. Country Honk / 04. Live With Me / 05. Let It Bleed / 06. Midnight Rambler 07. You Got The Silver / 08. Monkey Man / 09. You Can't Always Get What You Want / 10. Memo From Turner 11. Honky Tonk Woman / 12. You Can't Always Get What You Want 13. Gimme Shelter / 14. You Got The Silver 15. Memo From Turner

..And that's the wrap on another week in bootleg releases!...Thank you for your time and have a wonderful week.

Svengi, September 27, 2011