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New Scorpio Titles and more from Shades, Darker Than Blue...
02 Nov 2011

The Rolling Stones Reel Time Trip (front) - Scorpio Label

The Rolling Stones Reel Time Trip (back) - Scorpio Label

...Scorpio emerges from the shadows with a couple of releases this month...above is yet another ROLLING STONES compilation, "Reel Time Trip" 2CD that includes one previously unreleased track from the 1961 LITTLE BOY BLUE AND THE BLUE BOYS tape we first got a listen to a few years ago -the newly presented track is "You're Right, I'm Left, She's Gone"... the rest of the compilation here I am as skeptical about as any of you as it boasts that they are transferred from 'orignal studio tapes'...a tired tale but we'll's the tracklisting:

1. LITTLE BOY BLUE & THE BLUE BOYS: You¡¯re Right, I¡¯m Left, She¡¯s Gone
December 1961, first ¡°demo¡± session. Recorded in the back room of Dick Tay- lors¡¯ parents home. Alexander Road, Bexleyheath, London.
Mick Jagger - Vocal; Keith Richard - Guitar; Dick Taylor - Guitar, Bass; Bob Beckwith - Guitar; Allen Etherington - Percussion.
2. The Last Time¡¡Jnuary 17, 1965, RCA Studios, 3. (I Can¡¯t Get No) Satisfaction¡¡May 12-13, 1965, 4. Get Off Of My Cloud¡¡September 6-7, 1965, RCA Studios, Holly- wood, Producer: Andrew L. Oldham, Engineer: Dave Hassinger
5. 19th Nervous Breakdown¡¡December 6-10, 1965, RCA Studios, Hollywood, Producer: Andrew L. Old- ham, Engineer: Dave Hassinger
6. Paint It Black¡¡March 6-10, 1966, RCA Studios, Hollywood, Producer: Andrew L. Old- ham; Engineer: Dave Hassinger
7. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?¡¡August 4-12, 1966, RCA Studios, Hollywood, Producer: Andrew L. Old- ham, Engineer: Dave Hassinger
8. Gimmie Shelter¡¡February 22-25, 1969, Olympic Sound Studios, London. Producer: Jimmy Miller; Engineer: Glyn Johns. Early version with alternate lyrics, note that "a burning car- pet" replaces " a red coal carpet" in verse 2. This take is generally known as the "Acetate Version".
Additional instrumentation: harmonica Mick Jagger; piano Nicky Hopkins; per- cussion Jimmy Miller; additional vocals; Keith Richards
9. You Got The Silver¡¡February 17, 1969. Olympic Sound Stu-dios, London. Producer: Jimmy Miller; Engineer: Glyn Johns. Vocals: Mick Jagger.
10. Loving Cup¡¡June 10 - July 2, 1969, Olympic Sound Studios, London, Producer: Jimmy Mil- ler; Engineer: Glyn Johns. Early version with Mick Jagger repeating theendoflines1and2(¡°comeonup¡±/ ¡°face full of mud¡±); no female back-up vocals and no brass.
11. Sister Morphine¡¡(Jagger, Richards, Faithfull)¡¡March 28-31, 1969. 12. Brown Sugar 3¡¡December 2-4, 1969,

Bob Dylan Abandoned Desire - Scorpio Label

...Also from Scorpio comes BOB DYLAN "Abandoned Desire" 2CD which offers a transfer of the Quadraphonic version of the Desire LP on disc one, alternates and outtakes on disc 2 - here's that tracklisting:

1. Hurricane - 8:33 (October 24, 1975)
2. Isis - 6:58 (July 31, 1975)
3. Mozambique - 3:00 (July 20, 1975)
4. One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below) (Dylan) 3:43 (July 30, 1975)
5. Oh, Sister - 4:05 (July 30, 1975)
6. Joey - 11:05 (July 30, 1975 & August 11, 1975)
7. Romance in Durango - 5:50 (July 28, 1975)
8. Black Diamond Bay - 7:30 (July 30, 1975)
9. Sara (Dylan) - 5:29 (July 31, 1975)

Tracks 1- 9 released on DESIRE, Columbia PCQ-33893, (quadraphonic version), 1976.

DISC 2 Abandoned Desire

1. Joey (previously uncirculated July 14 version)
2. Rita May (July 14, 1975)
3. Catfish (July 29, 1975)
4. Golden Loom (July 30, 1975)
5. Hurricane (Desire Session Version)(July 30, 1975)
6. Rita May (45 Version) (July 30, 1975)
7. Abandoned Love (July 31, 1975) 8. People Get Ready (October 1975)
9. Nuggets of Rain (11 October 1975)
10. Rehearsal Dialogue
11. Buckets Of Rain

Led Zeppelin How I Won The West - Wendy Label

...While it was shared in last weeks' column, Wendy Records' LED ZEPPELIN release this month, "How I Won The West" above supposedly features a newly released source but it's not clear which of te 4 or 5 different sources make up the title.  Featured in the 4 Soundboard bonus tracks on disc 3 is the opening "Immigrant Song" which is a previously unreleased track if I'm not mistaken.  The other 3 bonus soundboard tracks:  What Is And What Should Never Be, Dancing Days and Moby Dick have been in cirulation and featured on other boot CDs...

Deep Purple Louder Than Everything Else - Darker Than Blue Label

...Arriving soon from Darker Than Blue is the DEEP PURPLE set, "Louder Than Everything Else" 2CD features a fabulous audience tape from Budokan, Tokyo on August 17, 1972 and comes with a replica ticket and 24-page concert replica program...

Whitesnake Four Aces - Shades Label

...Two new WHITESNAKE releases are on the way from the Shades Label...above is "Four Aces" 1CD contains a great tape of their August 12, 1984 performance at Seibu Stadium in Saitama, Japan and comes with the bonus DVD-R, "Kings Of The Day" - a 64 minute color proshot video from the same show...below is "Pledge Of Victory" 2CD presenting another excellent audience recording, this one from Olympic Pool in Tokyo on June 13, 1988 - this title also comes with a bonus DVD-R "1984-1989 Promo Clips"...

Whitesnake Pledge Of Victory - Shades Label


Finally tonight the latest list of DVD release from the Pignon Label, thanks for checking back here and have  a nice week...

Live at Winterland, San Francisco, 1973. Both concerts.
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 1991.
CSN on MTV Unplugged 1990 + Rome, Italy, 2010. Plus more.
Total playing time is 5 1/2 hours.
Two complete TV shows from July 2011:
iTunes Festival, The Roundhouse, London + T In The Park, Kinross, UK.
Guest stars include Brian May and Lemmy.
Total playing time is 5 hours.
Two complete concerts in excellent quality:
Las Vegas, June 2011 + Montreal, Canada, July 2011.
This was Mick Jagger's 67th Birthday with special birthday greetings
by Sir Paul plus the song "Birthday" not performed on his recent tour.
Total playing time is 5 hours.
Rainbow Theatre, London, 1974.
Hammersmith Odeon, London, Christmas Eve 1975.
Houston 1977.
Three complete concerts in superb quality.
Many, many bonus tracks such as new videos in HD and more.
You get not only 3 shows on 1 DVD but also the super-duper rare alternate
version / edit of the Hammersmith show that was broadcast only once on
the BBC on Christmas 2009.
This is an essential purchase and a definitive must-have !
Total playing time is 6 hours.
The Forum, Inglewood, California, 1975.
New alternate edit / camera angle of this pro-shot.
Includes hours of unreleased bonus material such as
The Stones live at Madison Square Garden 1975 + Chicago 1975 + much more.
Total playing time is 4 1/2 hours.
Two complete concerts from the recent and final leg of their North American Tour 2011:
Seattle, June 4th + Philadelphia, July 14th.
Fantastic, crystal-clear multi-cam mixes from the fan club synchronized with
stereo soundboard audio.
Total playing time is 4 1/2 hours.
AMY WINEHOUSE - 1983 - 2011
SWR3 New Pop Festival in Baden-Baden, Germany, 2004.
Les Eurock¨¦ennes live in Belfort, France, 2007.
V Festival + T in The Park from the UK in 2008.
SXSW (South by Southwest) festival in Austin, Texas, 2007.
All existing promotional videos.
Many hours of bonus material such as live on stage with The Rolling Stones
at Isle of Wight festival in 2007 + much more.
Total playing time is 6 1/2 hours.
"The Trunk Show" live in Philadelphia 2007. Concert film directed by Jonathan Damme.
Offered on a million websites like Warner Brothers Home Video,
and everyone in between.
You can get it only here !
"The Complex Session" live in the studio film directed by Mr. Damme in 1994.
From ultra-rare Japanese laser disc.
On Warner Brothers' new releases' schedule for ages.
You can get it only here !
"Solo Trans" live in Dayton, Ohio, 1983. Directed by Hal Asby.
"Swing-In" live in 1971. New re-broadcast on German satellite TV with German
on-screen titles. Perfect quality.
Hours of rare bonus material.
Total playing time is 5 1/2 hours.

Svengi, November 2, 2011