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UPDATED 11/30: Cosmic Energy's New Blu Ray, Clapton/Winwood, Whitesnake and more...
29 Nov 2011

Led Zeppelin Mean Business Blu Ray - Cosmic Energy Label

...We kick things off this week with a special Blu Ray release courtesy of the producers at Cosmic EnergyLED ZEPPELIN "Mean Business" is a double Blu Ray title that bundles both of their 1979 Knebworth proshot performances on August 4th and 11th in yet another cool little collectible package that comes in a paper bag (ala In Through The Out Door) with a batch of Knebworth 'goodies':

�¿½ Knebworth Button
�¿½ Event ticket for both shows
�¿½ Mini poster for 8/11/79
�¿½ and the first 20 copies also come with a mini event program

...Cosmic Energy simply does the whole ZEPPELIN treatment right, their transfers and production value on these releases are top notch.  Looking forward to getting a peek at what sure appears to be a Knebworth upgrade!...It should certainly be noted and clear that this title is produced on BRD-R and not a 'pressed' product...

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood Stage Fright - No Label

...Sliding into the weekly mix is a non-label ERIC CLAPTON/STEVE WINWOOD release called "Stage Fright"...the 2CD set contains a superb audience recording of the duo's November 19, 2011 concert at the Yokohama Arena from their current Japanese leg of their co-headlining tour, which has been well received throughout the year, here is your tracklisting for "Stage Fright":

01. Opening Announcement
02. Had To Cry Today
03. Low Down
04. After Midnight
05. Presence of the Lord
06. Glad
07. Well All Right
08. Hoochie Coochie Man
09. While You See a Chance
10. Key to the Highway
11. Pearly Queen
12. Crossroads

01. Georgia on My Mind
02. Driftin'
03. That's No Way to Get Along
04. Wonderful Tonight
05. Can't Find My Way Home
06. Gimme Some Lovin'
07. Voodoo Chile
08. Cocaine
09. Dear Mr.Fantasy
10. Closing Announcement

Heart Leap Night - Shades Label

...Now we get into the familiar part of the program where we get to unveil the latest in Japanese piggyback releases...these two titles will arrive to market shortly, courtesy of the Shades Label...above, HEART "Leap Night" 2CD capitalizes on an excellent audience recording from the Newcastle City Hall on February 29, 1988 during a swing through the UK, the set comes with the bonus 2CDR "Bad Animals In Tokyo" containing a remastered, superb audience tape from the Olympic Pool in Tokyo on April 1st, 1988...below, WHITESNAKE "Ultimate Sin" is a robust 2CD/DVD set, also with the bonus discs...The main 2CD set delivers a near-perfect audience tape, direct from the master, of their February 14, 1983 show at Festival Hall in Osaka, Japan..the DVD contains an amazing audience-shot video from the following night at the same venue....the bonus title here is "2nd Night In Osaka" which of course contains another superbly captured audience recording of that February 15th performance...

Whitesnake Ultimate Sin - Shades Label

The Michael Schenker Group - God Returns Definitive Master - Langley Deluxe Label

...The format remains the same with the latest from Langley Deluxe, THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP "God Returns - Definitive Master" we get what is implied as a low gen transfer if not direct from the master upgrade of the stereo soundboard tape of his January 13, 1983 concert at Sun Palace Hall in Fukuoka, Japan...the bonus 2CDR set, "Fukuoka 1983 Audience Master" is simply an audience source of the same show....

UPDATE!...added November 30th...New QUEEN and ROLLING STONES box sets from Wonderland Records for December release...

December 2011 Queen and Rolling Stones Box Sets - Wonderland Records Label

And  that puts the wraps on this weeks' update, and wraps up November, yikes.  Only 25 shopping days left folks...incredible.  By the way, if you haven't sampled or downloaded the officially released new ROLLING STONES "Brussels Affair" from yourself a favor and spend the $5 in the States or $9 for the FLAC files outside of the U.S., it's absolutely essential rock and roll...between that and the new "Some Girls Live In Texas" along with the "Some Girls" deluxe bonus disc...'tis a good time to be alive!....have a great week!

Svengi, November 29, 2011