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The Christmas 2011 Edition of the Boot News....
21 Dec 2011

Led Zeppelin Calm Before The Storm - No Label

...Leading this off this week is a Japanese LED ZEPPELIN title called "Calm Before The Storm", a single CD containing an unknown/unconfirmed source (audience) of their September 23, 1971 concert at The Budokan in Tokyo - their very first performance in the sacred hall...this recording and release is of course incomplete and contains basically the beginning of the concert, a couple of tunes from the middle and the end of the performance, in what is described as incredible quality but as I unconfirmed source thus, I cannot say whether this is new or previously released.  It is likely the latter...but a great performance!...

Eric Clapton Cow Palace 1974 - Beano Label

...Beano will release two new ERIC CLAPTON titles before the year is out...above is "Cow Palace 1974" 2CD featuring a soundboard source transferred directly from the master tape of this July 21, 1974 concert at San Francisco's Cow Palace venue...below we have "Niagara Falls 1975" 2CD presents an excellent audience tape of Slowhand and band live at the Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, New York  on June 23, 1975...

Eric Clapton Niagara Falls 1975 - Beano Label

...That's the quick and dirty version for this week, at this point anyway!  If anything else noteworthy surfaces as the week goes on we'll go ahead an add it in here so if you're surfing later in the week or in a post-Christmas coma and aimlessly clicking...stop by and check-in...You may want to plan on gathering your collective memory of the last 11 months or so and stop back in to post your own Top 10 titles of the year over on our Top 10 page!  In fact, please do!  With that, the crew here at HotWacks On-line would like to wish all of you and your families the very best this holiday season and a Merry Christmas...enjoy.  If you are traveling, safe travels.  Thanks for a fun year of monitoring the underground releases together.

Svengi, December 20, 2011