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08 Feb 2012

...Upon reviewing the information this week, at first glance, I thought this new ROLLING STONES "Hampton Coliseum 1978" was the new title "Hampton Coliseum" featuring the great Bob Clearmountain mix of the 1981 tour finale -MUCH to my surprise, it's what appears to be an alternate audience source of the June 21, 1978 concert and an upgrade- not a show that is in wide circulation due to the marginal sounding source we've known...a nice piggyback bonus touch is what looks to be a clean source transfer of the July 13th, 1978 Superdome 2-camera closed circuit feed from New Orleans...this package is worth a listen and a look for sure...

The Rolling Stones Hampton Coliseum 1978 - No Label

Black Sabbath The Ozzy Osbourne Years: Ultimate Edition DVD - No Label

...The other non-label production is the BLACK SABBATH DVD package above, "The Ozzy Osbourne Years: Ultimate Edition", it's a helluva package if you haven't cobbled together your collection from the assorted DVD's the last couple of years, and we get the whole CalJam broadcast on this 131 minute disc, here's the tracklisting:

Rock Of The Seventies : Live at Theatre 140, Brussels, Belgium 3rd October 1970  1. Tune Up #1 2. Paranoid 3. Hand Of Doom 4. Rat Salad 5. Iron Man 6. Black Sabbath
7. Tune Up #2 8. N.I.B. 9. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 10. War Pigs 11. Fairies Wear Boots

Myponga Rock Festival : Live at Open Air, Myponga, Australia 31st January 1971  12. Paranoid

California Jam : Live at Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, California, USA 6th April 1974  13. Intro/Interview 14. Killing Yourself To Live 15. War Pigs 16. Paranoid
17. Children Of The Grave

Don Kirschner's Rock Concert : Live at Civic Centre, Santa Monica, California, USA 4th September 1975  18. Intro 19. Killing Yourself To Live 20. Hole In The Sky 21. Snowblind 22. War Pigs
23. Paranoid

Top of the Pops : BBC Studios, London, UK 25th May 1978
24. Never Say Die

Top of the Pops : BBC Studios, London, UK 22nd June 1978
25. Never Say Die

Live Aid : Live at JFK Memorial Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 13th July 1985  26. Children Of The Grave 27. Iron Man 28. Paranoid

Thin Lizzy Wild-Eyed Boys - Shades Label

...New on the Shades Label is THIN LIZZY "Wild-Eyed Boys" 2CD that pairs a couple of nice stereo soundboard tapes from The Hammersmith Odeon on November 15, 1976 and The Riviera Theater in Chicago on April 21, 1976 - early copies of the title come with the bonus DVD-R, "Lorelei 1981", a 110-minute proshot video of the performance...another nice set!..

Deep Purple Heidelberg University 1970: 1st Gen. Reel Master - Darker Than Blue Label

...Finally this week, it's the DEEP PURPLE release from Darker Than Blue - "Heidelberg University 1970: 1st Gen Reel Master" 1CD of a November 28, 1970 performance in Heidelberg, Germany courtesy of a nice audience recording...the set comes with the bonus DVD-R, "Pop Deux", a 26-minute proshot video of their October 8, 1970 French TV appearance in Paris...and that's the quick and dirty of it this time around...more later...have a great week!

Svengi, February 7, 2012