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19 Jun 2012

Rainbow An Evening In December - Calm & Storm Label

...The Miracle Man tapes continue to provide the catalog for Calm & Storm, and this week two new titles...above, RAINBOW "An Evening In December" 2CD delivers his tape from the evening show at The Budokan in Tokyo on December 16, 1976 in stellar quality...below, THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP "Prince Dakkar" 2CD capturing the band live at Shibuya Kokaido in Tokyo on the  21st  of January, 1984...early copies arrive with the bonus CDR "Wurtzburg 1983"...

The Michael Schenker Group Prince Dakkar - Calm & Storm Label

Jimmy Page Prison Blues - No Label

...One non-label offering this week appears to be a form of re-issue, JIMMY PAGE "Prison Blues" 2CD features an excellent audience tape of his show at the Hammersmith Odeon, London on November 25, 1988 - the initial copies are supplemented with the bonus DVD-R, "Outrider In Phoenix" featuring the proshot video from Phoenix 1988 along with pre-show interview footage and soundcheck...just because it's available I thought I'd include the artwork from the LED ZEPPELIN title from Graf Zeppelin mentioned last week, "Let's Have A Party" 3CD featuring newly surfaced audience recording from the Berlin '73 show along with the common soundboard fragment (end of the concert)'s a great show any way you slice it and below is what the new Graf Zeppelin title looks like...

Led Zeppelin Let's Have A Party - Graf Zeppelin Label

...and that's the wrap on this weeks' brief capsule, thanks again for making the journey through our log in obstacle course but we'll get all that configured and good in due time...please have yourself a good week and we'll congregate back here next week!

Svengi, June 19, 2012