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It's a Prog Rock Fest!...(with a Beatles exception)...
09 Oct 2012

The Beatles At The Beeb 2012 Edition - Digital Archive Promotions Label

...And the exception leads us into the mix...New from Digital Archives Promotion is "THE BEATLES At The Beeb: BBC Radio Broadcast 2012 Edition" 2CD appears to be a distilled version of previously released material (but recently re-broadcast?) but I can't say for sure.  Here's the tracklisting for your intake:

CD ONE 1. BBC Introduction - Pop Go The Beatles / From Us To You 2. The Hippy Hippy Shake 3. Memphis, Tennessee 4. Peter Pilbeam (comment) 5. Please Mr. Postman 6. Bernie Andrews (comment) 7. Too Much Monkey Buisiness 8. Brian Matthew (comment) 9. Do You Want To Know A Secret 10. I'll Be On My Way (excerpt) 11. Terry Henebery (comment) 12. Crying, Waiting, Hoping 13. Terry Henebery (comment) / Pop Go The Beatles 14. To Know Her Is To Love Her 15. Terry Henebery (comment) 16. Don't Ever Change 17. Andy Peebles (comment) 18. Carol 19. Isle Of Wight (george) 20. Soldier Of Love 21. Lend Me Your Comb 22. A Little Rhyme (john) 23. Clarabella 24. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues 25. Matchbox 26. Sure To Fall (In Love With You) 27. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes 28. I Got A Woman 29. The Honeymoon Song / Andy Peebles (comment) 30. End Comment - From Us To You EXTRA 31. Some Other Guy 32. That's All Right (Mama) 33. Sweet Little Sixteen 34. Nothin' Shakin' 35. I Just Don't Understand 36. So How Come (No One Loves Me) 37. Love Those Goon Shows! (john) / I Got To Find My Baby 38. From Us To You / Ending

CD TWO 1. BBC Introduction - Pop Go The Beatles 2. From Us To You 3. All My Loving 4. Just A Rumour (george) 5. Roll Over Beethoven 6. From Fluff To You (paul) 7. Till There Was You 8. Lonely At The Back There (ringo) 9. I Wanna Be Your Man 10. I'm Not Blooming (john) 11. Can't Buy Me Love 12. From Us To You 13. Christmas Request (speech) 14. This Boy 15. Bernie Andrews (comment) 16. Long Tall Sally 17. Top Gear / Don't Pass Me By (speech) 18. And I Love Her 19. Crinsk Dee Night (speech) 20. A Hard Day's Night 21. Things We Said Today 22. I'm A Loser 23. Riding On A Bus (speech) 24. She's A Woman 25. I Feel Fine 26. Favourite Countries (speech) 27. Kansas City / Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! 28. A Spaniard In The Works (speech) 29. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby 30. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 31. Ticket To Ride EXTRA 32. Andy Peebles (comment) - Pop Go The Beatles / From Us To You 33. Rock And Roll Music 34. I'll Follow The Sun 35. Johnny B Goode 36. Honey Don't 37. BBC Program Ending

Pink Floyd The Unprocessed Chicago 1972 - Sigma Label

...Sigma has two new PINK FLOYD releases that leverage 'new masters' - I'm not really sure what that means, a master is a master!..but, they seem to be pretty keen on the whole effort. Above is "The Unprocessed Chicago 1972" 2CD set which features their April 28, 1972 concert at the Chicago Auditorium Theater...Below, "Knebworth 1975 New Master" 2CD presents what appears to be a transfer of a 'new' audience master tape if I interpret the Japanese notes correctly, disc one containing the whole performance of Dark Side Of The Moon and disc two a 'soundcheck' and encore of "Echoes"..the limited numbered edition comes with a bonus DVD-R containing a 6-minute proshot montage from the show which may be sourced from promoter Freddy Bannister's offerings of late, not sure but I cannot imagine where else this would surface from.  Here are the contents of the video portion:
1. On The Way To Knebworth 2. In The Field 1 3. In The Field 2
4. Floyd On The Stage (Raving And Drooling) 1 5. Floyd On The Stage (Raving And Drooling) 2

Pink Floyd Knebworth 1975 - Sigma Label
Yes Progressive Pop Fest 1970 - Virtuoso Label

...Virtuoso takes us the rest of the way with several new titles, two here from YES....above, "Progressive Pop Festival 1970" 1CD featuring a superb audience tape from the Sporthalle in Koln, Germany on April 3, 1970 - early copies get the piggyback bonus CDR "Time And A Word Demos & Outtakes", Stereo Soundboard collection of alternates, demos and well...outtakes!...pictured below is "The Guardian Of Heaven" 1CD delivers a stereo soundboard tape from Champaign, Illinois on April 23, 1979 and the early bonus DVD-R here is the "8MM Colleciton" featuring excellent quality amateur audience films from 1976 through 1978, clocking in at about 54 minutes worth of clips!...

Yes The Guardian Of Heaven - Virtuoso Label

Genesis Man On Hammersmith - Virtuoso Label

...More from Virtuoso....GENESIS "Man On The Hammersmith" 2CD documents their show at Hammersmith Odeon, London on September 29, 1982 via an excellent audience recording - and the bonus 2CDR "Final Night In Hammersmith" contains the September 30th, 1982 performance...Below, rounding out this weeks log is ASIA "Living A Legacy" 2CD documents their recent concert at Zepp Nagoya, Japan on September 27th from an excellent audience source...

Asia Living A Legacy - Virtuoso Label

...And that's the wrap for this week, thanks for playing!...and have a good one...

Svengi, October 9, 2012