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November Godfather titles bust open the door this week...
14 Nov 2012

...Already arriving to channels are the latest batch of release from The Godfather Records.  The centerpiece of the bunch is KISS "MK5" 8CD box set featuring 7 different shows, including Brighton, England 1984...Allentown, Pennsylvania 1986, St. Paul, Minnesota 1987 and San Diego 1990 + live bonus tracks:

KISS MK5 - The Godfather Records Box Set

...and the rest from GFR for their mid-November releases include:...LED ZEPPELIN "Quick Diet" 3CD which repackages previously available soundboards from San Diego and Houston 1973...BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND "Hometown Boys" 3CD documents their Wrigley Field concert in Chicago back in September and features guest appearances by TOM MORELLO and EDDIE VEDDER via an excellent audience recording AND, "Run South, Young Man" 2CD presents vintage E STREET BAND live at Duke University on March 28, 1976...ELVIS PRESLEY "The Wonderful Elvis" 1CD contains alternate Christmas recordings....NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE "Live At Global Citizen Festival" 1CD featuring their Central Park, New York appearance on September 29th from the soundboard...MUSE "Just In A Dream" 1CD containing a soundboard tape from Cologne, Germany on September 20, 2012...

Led Zeppelin Reunions Blu Ray - Cosmic Energy Label

...Cosmic Energy continues to get all of their LED ZEPPELIN productions transferred and available on Blu Ray (BD-R) and their latest is "Reunions", compiling excellent sources of their Live Aid set plus post-show interview, 1988 Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary show appearance with rehearsal and backstage footage, and their Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame induction and live set from 1995...

Van Halen Tokyo's On Fire - Zodiac Label

...A couple of new titles coming in on the Zodiac Label, above is VAN HALEN "Tokyo's On Fire" 1CD plus replica ticket and two replica flyers which accompany the disc that features their June 22, 1978 concert at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo - early copies come with the bonus 3DVD-R "Early Days" with just about everything proshot that is out there from the Roth-era...the other Zodiac release is IRON MAIDEN "Slavery Master" 2CD containing their December 19, 1984 show in Milwaukee and there's a bonus DVD-R here too - "Rock In Rio 1985: Remastered Edition"...

Motorhead Bomber In Japan - Calm & Storm Label

...And we'll wrap it up by sharing details on the two new titles from Calm & Storm...pictured above is MOTORHEAD "First Bomber In Japan" 1CD Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan on the 26th of June 1982 that comes with replica flyer and ticket...AND, a bonus DVD-R "10th Anniversary  Live!" presenting a proshot video of their Hammersmith Odeon concert in London on June 29, 1985...also from Calm & Storm comes OZZIE OSBOURNE "Jake Bark" 1CD plus replica ticket & flyer, as well as the bonus DVD-R "Salt Palace 1984" - "Jake Bark" contains the Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan  concert on the 7th July 1984

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Svengi, November 14, 2012