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New HMC, Tarantura, Virtuoso and more
05 Mar 2013

UPDATE Wednesday, March 6:  New, previously unknown LED ZEPPELIN show debuts on Empress Valley Label..."Les Rendezvous De Paris"  (12/6/69 Paris) 2 CD Paper Case with Obi...

...Lots of BEATLES to kick off this first March 2013 column...above is brand new release from His Masters' Choice, "A Doll's House" 2CD presents White Album outtakes and alternates as you see, while the wonderful Wonderland Records' themed vinyl 'Real Alternate' box sets below continue the labels' premium efforts we're accustomed to...Look for these other box sets to be announced soon:
PAUL&LINDA:McC�rtney´s Funky Period 1969-1971 (4CD Book)
MICHAEL JACKSON:The Sultan Of Brunei´s Birthday Celebration(3LP+2CD)
ROLLING STONES: London 25.Nov.2012(4LP+2CD+1DVD)BOX
BEATLES/ROLLING STONES: The Rolling Stones play(with)the Beatles(6LP+4CD)BOX

...More ROLLING STONES on the way...above is a non-label title, "Stones At The Dome" 6CD set that boxes up all three Bigger Bang concerts at The 02 Arena in London on August 21, 23, and 26, 2007 courtesy of some excellent audience recordings...below is the latest from Tarantura, “Love You Live, Leicester” 2CD features their May 14, 1976 show in Leicester, UK plus some bonus tracks...

...A pair of nice looking titles featuring THE BAND...above is a non-label release, "Pittsburgh 1970" 1CD which contains a previously released stereo soundboard from The Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 1st, 1970...below is "Tokyo 1987" 2CD from Zion which captures their February 25, 1987 concert at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo via excellent audience tape and transferred from the master source, early copies of this set come with a bonus DVD-R with a 39-minute proshot video of the show...

...On the progressive side, two new YES releases from Virtuoso to share as well..."The Yale Bowl 1971" 1CD contains two versions of a soundboard recording from New Haven, Connecticut on July 24, 1971, the set comes with the bonus CDR "Gaelic Park 1971"...below, "Room For The Imagination" 2CD features a stereo soundboard recording from the International Amphitheatre in Chicago on June 9, 1979...this also comes with the bonus CDR "Radio Station Master Reels" which contain recordings from Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky on April 13, 1979..

...And finally, a couple of new LED ZEPPELIN release on the way..."Love And Peace" 3CD from Empress Valley boasts a 'huge upgrade' and longer version of the September 27, 1971 concert in Hiroshima, Japan...and Wendy Records will release "Seattle 1973" featuring the common July 17, 1973 recordings from the Seattle Coliseum...and that wraps up the news for this week!...Thanks for stopping by and have a great week...

Svengi, March 5, 2013