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23 Apr 2013

...A couple of non-label BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & E STREET BAND titles to start off this week...Above, "Spanish Harlem Incident On Philly" 2CD presents the excellent Tower Theater show on November 1, 1974 via a really nice audience recording...Below, "Darkness Starts Here" 2CD contains another superb audience tape from Shea's Buffalo Theater in Buffalo, New York on May 23, 1978...

...Again we have THE BEATLES fun 1966 Budokan shows from Japan re-packaged for circulation...The latest, "Budokan 30.6.1966: Original Japanese Broadcast 1978" Complete & Unedited Version" is a 71 minute presentation transferred to a non-label DVD, here's the tracklist:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 30th June 1966
 Broadcast from 7:30 to 8:54 PM on 12th October 1978
1. Opening 1 - Budokan video tapes episode
2. Opening 2 - Rock And Roll Music (Budokan, Tokyo 30th June 1966)
3. Biography
4. Twist And Shout (Manchester 20th November 1963 - not Washington DC 1964 as it was wrongly credited on original TV show)
5. Love Me Do ("Around The Beatles" TV Show 6th May 1964)
6. Please Please Me ("Around The Beatles" TV Show 6th May 1964)
7. From Me To You ("Around The Beatles" TV Show 6th May 1964)
8. She Loves You ("Around The Beatles" TV Show 6th May 1964)
9. I Wanna Hold You Hand ("Around The Beatles" TV Show 6th May 1964)
10. A Hard Day's Night (from "A Hard Day's Night" movie)
11. MBE Interview
12. Introduction of Shea Stadium concert 1965
13. Opening 14. Twist And Shout (Shea Stadium 15th August 1965)
15. Ticket To Ride (Shea Stadium 15th August 1965)
16. Can't Buy Me Love (Shea Stadium 15th August 1965)
17. I'm Down (Shea Stadium 15th August 1965)
18. Announce Japan Tour(BGM : All Together Now)
19. Tokyo Hilton Hotel Documentary 20. The Arrival of The Beatles (BGM : Mr. Moonlight)
21. Interviewed by E. H. Eric

The Bonus DVD-R, incudes:

Budokan, Tokyo 30th June 1966

22. Introduction & Opening Act
23. Introduction of The Beatles
24. Rock And Roll Music
25. She's A Woman
26. If I Need Someone
27. Day Tripper
28. Baby's In Black
29. I Feel Fine 30. Yesterday
31. I Wanna Be Your Man
32. Nowhere Man
33. Paperback Writer
34. I'm Down
35. Outroduction
36. After The Shows (BGM : Hello Goodbye)
37. Yesterday (with Japanese Lyrics) 38. Ending ((BGM : The Long And Winding Road)

...Then there are a couple of other BEATLES releases to include this week..."Hot As Sun" - Revised Edition 2013 1CD
1. MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER anthology remix  2. DON'T LET ME DOWN get back sessions composite remix  3. HOT AS SUN get back sessions composite remix  4. JUNK anthology demo mix  5. POLYTHENE PAM anthology demo mix  6. OCTOPUS'S GARDEN anthology remix  7. I SHOULD LIKE TO LIVE UP THE TREE get back sessions  8. ZERO IS JUST ANOTHER EVEN NUMBER get back sessions  9. WHAT'S THE NEW MARY JANE original mix  10. DIRTY OLD MAN (MEAN MR.MUSTARD) get back sessions  11. MADMAN get back sessions 12. WATCHING RAINBOWS get back sessions  13. THIS SONG OF LOVE (IT'S JUST FOR YOU) get back sessions  14. YOU KNOW MY NAME (LOOK UP THE NUMBER) complete version  15. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE early mix  16. OLD BROWN SHOE original demo  17. THE BALLAD OF JOHN&YOKO rough mix  18. SUICIDE getback sessions  19. MAILMAN, BRING ME NO MORE BLUES get back sessions  20. THE WALK stereo acetate  21. TEDDY BOY stereo acetate  22. ALL THINGS MUST PASS getback sessions  23. BECAUSE composite remix  24. HERE COMES THE SUN unreleased guitar remix  25. COME AND GET IT original demo  26. GOODBYE original demo  27. REAL LOVE backtrack remix  28. FREE AS A BIRD video remix

THE BEATLES / Complete Video Album 1962-1966&1967-1970 3DVD
Red And Blue - 2010 Digital Remastered Version 3dvd Special Collector's Edition  Sgt. Dvd Sv-201001/2-1/2/3

DVD  1. Love Me Do  2. Please Please Me  3. From Me To You  4. She Loves You  5. I Want To Hold Your Hand  6. All My Loving
7. Can't Buy Me Love  8. A Hard Day's Night  9. And I Love Her 10. Eight Days A Week 11. I Feel Fine 12. Ticket To Ride 13. Yesterday
14. Help! 15. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 16. We Can Work It Out 17. Day Tripper 18. Drive My Car 19. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 20. Nowhere Man 21. Michelle 22. In My Life 23. Girl 24. Paperback Writer 25. Eleanor Rigby 26. Yellow Submarine NTSC 16:9 Wide Screen - Color / B&W  LPCM Stereo / Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound  total duration 64min.

...The latest PINK FLOYD release slated from Sigma will be "Crystal Palace 1971" 2CD, which is boasting a 'huge upgrade' to previous versions of the audience recording...the contains the bands' Garden Party performance on May 15, 1971 at Crystal Palace Bowl, London...The set comes with a bonus DVD-R, "GTK 1971"  - The originally broadcast TV show, GTK (Get To Know) on ABC TV in Australia on 23rd of August 1971...a proshot video performance of course...

...Finally this week, Zodiac will release the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP title, "Definitive Kabuki 1984" 1CD which supposedly delivers the definitive audience source transfer of his March 23, 1984 concert at The Kubuki in San Francisco...The title comes with  the bonus CDR, "Kabuki 1984" which is an earlier version of the same show...and, the bonus disc "Systems Failiing" 1CD of the January 27, 1984 at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan...And that's it!...Thanks for stopping by, have a great week...

Svengi, April 23, 2013