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06 May 2013

...The next release from Misterclaudel is a nice GEORGE HARRISON package called, "All Those Years Later Volume 1: 1975-1986" 2CD, here's the tracklisting:

 RONNIE SPECTOR SESSIONS Apple Studios London U.K. Feburuary 1971
 01. You alternate take
"BANGLA DESH" SESSIONS The Record Plant Los Angeles CA U.S.A. July 1971
 02. Bangla Desh rough mix
 03. Deep Blue rough mix
THE DICK CAVETT SHOW November 23, 1971
 04. Two Faced Man
 05. Sue Me Sue You Blues electric guitar demo
"DARK HORSE" SESSIONS F.P.S.H.O.T. Oxfordshire U.K. November 1973 to September 1974
 06. Maya Love rough mix
 07. Ding Dong Ding Dong alternate take
 08. Dark Horse alternate take
 09. Dark Horse
 10. Awaiting On You All
 11. Far East man
 12. I Don't Care Anymore
 13. The Pirate Song
"THIRTY THREE & 1/3" SESSIONS F.P.S.H.O.T. Oxfordshire U.K. May - September 1976
 14. Learning How To Love You early mix
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE NBC Television Studios New York NY U.S.A. November 18, 1976
 15. Here Comes The Sun
 16. Homeward Bound
 17. Bye Bye Love
 18. Yesterday - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Rock Island Line
"MO" SESSIONS Worner Bors. Studios Burbank CA U.S.A. March 1977
 19. Mo

 "GEORGE HARRISON" SESSIONS F.P.S.H.O.T. Oxfordshire U.K. March - October 1978
 01. Here Comes The Moon demo
 02. Blow Away demo
 03. Life Itself early studio demo
"SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND" SESSIONS F.P.S.H.O.T. Oxfordshire U.K. March - October 1980
 04. Save The World demo
 05. Save The World Greenpeace remix
 06. Flying Hour
 07. Lay His Head
 08. Sat Singing
 09. Tears Of The World
 10. Tears Of The World remix version
"GONE TROPPO" SESSIONS F.P.S.H.O.T. Oxfordshire U.K.1982
 11. Mystical One demo
 12. Dream Away early rough mix
 13. Dream Away 'Time Bandits' film mix
STUDIO DEMOS 1983 - 1985
 14. Abandoned Love
 15. I Don't Want To Do It
 16. Shelter In Your Love
HEARTBEAT CONCERT National Exhibition Centre Birmingham U.K. March 15, 1986
 17. Johnny B Goode

...Three new non-label ROLLING STONES titles to also highlight this week..."Chicago 1981 Second Night" 2CD features their November 24, 1981 concert at the Rosemont Horizon from the stereo soundboard tape that has been in circulation..."Paris Was Hot" 2CD contains their Stade de France concert in Paris on June 16, 2007 transferred from the original audience tape - there's a bonus 2CD with the initial numbered copies, "Front Row II" contains the Tokyo Dome superb audience tape from March 24, 2006...and the third release is "Vedi Napoli E Poi Mori" 2CD features the July 17, 1982 show at Stadio San Paulo in Napoli, Italy - also from an excellent audience source...

...Coming from Wardour is QUEEN "Definitive Denmark News" 2CD leveraging an excellent audience recording from Falkoner Theater in Copenhagen on April 13, 1978...early, initial copies come with the bonus 2CD, "Denmark News" which was a previously released version of the same show -AND, bonus DVD "Definitive Houston" a proshot, closed-circuit feed from The Summit show on December 11, 1977...

...New from Zion are these two new sets...SIMON & GARFUNKEL "Tokyo Dome 1993" 1CD that presents their Tokyo Dome concert in Japan on December 2, the bonus 2CDR "Reunion Live From Central Park - Japanese FM Broadcast Edition", and bonus DVD-R "Lefty At The Tokyo Dome"...these bonus pieces are included in the initial, numbered and stickered editions only...below, also from Zion is PAUL SIMON "Born At The Right Time Osaka" 1CD soundboard recording from Castle Hall in Osaka, Japan on October 10, 1991...this one also comes with bonus material:  2CDR "Play Some Pieces 1976-1992" and DVD-R "Montevideo 1992" ...

...Did you check out the Godfather Releases arriving to market this week?  They are posted here HotWacks On-line Bootleg News Article May 3, 2013

...Also, HMC has another new Gazette release on the way...PAUL McCARTNEY "Tug Of Peace"
, it promises:  A great collection of demo’s, rehearsals, outtakes and rare tracks from Pauls Tug Of War and Pipes Of Peace sessions. All in great quality. Many new tracks from the Trevor Jones collection. All tracks are remastered!Almost 2 1/2 hours of delightful music...