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New Empress Valley Zep Soundboard, a plethora of Stones and more!...
03 Jul 2013

...Just announced this week from Empress Valley is the new LED ZEPPELIN title, "The King's Of The Stone Age" 9CD set (you read correctly but hang on)...This title includes for the first time a stereo soundboard recording of the Nassau Coliseum performance on February 13, 1975 - notable for the excellent performance AND the guest appearance of RONNIE WOOD for the "Communication Breakdown" encore...the balance of the other 6 discs in the set include the previously available soundboard from the same venue on February 14th -and an alternative audience recording from the show on the 13th (also previously available)...the good news/bad news is this special and extremely limited edition package is numbered at only 50 copies!.. but look for the new 3CD soundboard edition to be released later this month at a more palatable price - relatively speaking!...The full box cover art above and the individually housed cover art below -thanks to the helpful japanese Air Raid website for the scans...

...Also new from Empress Valley this month is the ROLLING STONES title, "LiveR Than You'll Ever Be!" 1CD...why?...who knows...yes, it again appears to be the same November 9, 1969 2nd show recording from Oakland that we've known, had and still love all these years but it's barely even worth saying you can find a version of this at every level of collecting and in every corner on dozens of different labels...I do like the use of the rare ABCKO Promo LP artwork though!...

...A couple of other ROLLING STONES non-label releases..."Oakland 2013" 2CD is a near perfect audience recording from Oracle Arena on May 5th, early copies come with the bonus 2DVD-R "Las Vegas 2013" -also an audience shot piece from May 11th...

..."Chicago 2013: 1st Night" 2CD captures the May 28th show at United Center and initial copies come with the bonus 2DVD-R of the same name, featuring another nice audience shot video of this concert...

..."Santiago 1995" 2CD is an upgraded (lower generation?) soundboard recording of their February 19, 1995 show at Velodromo del Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile...early numbered/stickered edition copies are piggybacked with the bonus DVD-R "Tokyo Dome 1995: Broadcast Edition" - AND the bonus DVD-R "Beat File - Voodoo Lounge World Tour 1994/1995" here's the tracklisting for that 54 minute disc:
1. Introduction
2. Interviews(Conception)
3. Interviews(Writing)
4. Interviews(Bassist)
5. Interviews(Love Is Strong)
6. Love Is Strong(PV)
7. Interviews(The Tour)
8. I God Wild 
9. Discography 1964-1994
10. Urban Jungle Tour 1990
11. Street Fighting Man
12. Happy 
13. Steel Wheels Tour 1990
14. Voodoo Lounge Tour 1994-1995 
15. Live With Me (Opening Night, RFK Stadium, Washington, DC 1st August 1994)
16. Before The Show
17. Hot Stuff (Soundcheck)
18. I Go Wild (Stage Set Image)
19. Interviews(Mick, Keith, Ronnie)
20. Not Fade Away (Soundcheck) & Interview(Mick)
21. Tumbling Dice(Live)
22. Interviews(Keith)
23. Honky Tonk Women(Live)
24. Love Is Strong(Live)
25. Interviews(Mick)
26. Beast Of Burden(Live)
27. You Got Me Rocking(Live)
28. Outro. (feat. Carmen)
29. Trailer for "Urban Jungle Tour 1990"

Bonus Track
 TV Special 1994
 30. Intro (You Got Me Rocking) 31. Interviews & Message to Japanese fans

...Premium Japanese Label, Tarantura, has released RAINBOW "Stockholm Syndrome" 2CD and features an audience recording of their September 20, 1976 concert in Stockholm, Sweden...

...New PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS "Back To The Egg Sessions" from Misterclaudel, here's the detailed running tracklist:
LYMPNE CASTLE KENT U.K. Septemper 11 - 29, 1978
EMI STUDIOS LONDON U.K. October - December 1978
REPLICA STUDIO LONDON U.K. December 1978 - Feburuary 1979
EMI STUDIOS LONDON U.K. March - April 1979
01. Reception
02. Getting Closer (Backing Track)
03. Getting Closer
04. We're Open Tonight
05. Spin It On #1
06. Spin It On #2
07. Again And Again And Again #1
08. Again And Again And Again #2
09. Old Siam Sir #1
10. Old Siam Sir #2
11. Arrow Through Me #1
12. Arrow Through Me #2
13. Rockestra Theme
14. To You #1
15. To You #2
16. After The Ball - Million Miles
17. Winter Rose #1 - Love Awake
18. Winter Rose #2
19. Love Awake (Alternate Take)
20. The Broadcast
21. So Glad To See You Here
22. Rockestra - So Glad To See You Here

01. Good Night Tonight (Demo)
02. Daytime Nightime Suffering (Early Version)
03. Daytime Nightime Suffering (Rough Mix #1)
04. Daytime Nightime Suffering #3 (Rough Mix #2)
05. Ranachan Rock
06. Maisie
07. Cage #1
08. Cage #2
09. Cage Instrumental #1
10. Cage Instrumental #2
11. Cage Instrumental #3
12. Superbig Heatwave (Old Siam Sir)
13. Jam #1
14. Jam #2
15. Jam #3
16. Jam #4
17. Jam #5
18. Jam #6
19. Jam #7
20. Jam #8
21. Jam #9
22. Jam #10
23. Blues Jam

01. Reggae Jam #1
02. Reggae Jam #2
03. Denn's Reggae

04. Emotional Moments (Demo)
05. Emotional Moments (Overdubs)
06. Praying Mantis Heart
07. Reggae Moon
08. I Can't Write Another Song
09. S.M.A.
10. It Seems Like Old Time #1
11. It Seems Like Old Time #2
12. Rockestra Theme

13. Rupert Song
14. Tippi Tippi Toes
15. Flying Horses
16. When The Wind Is Blowing
17. The Palace Of The King Of The Birds
18. Sunshine, Sometime
19. Sea / Cornish Wafer
20. Storm
21. Nutwood Scene
22. Walking In The Meadow
23. Sea Melody
24. Rupert Song
25. We All Stand Together

...And finally, here are two new 'piggyback' titles from the Zodiac Label (silver CD releases that come with bonus discs on recordable media)...OZZY OSBOURNE "Speak Of The Devil: Ritz 1982 Complete" 2CD is a stereo soundboard tape compiled from two shows on September 26th and 27th, 1982 at The Ritz in New York City - early copies include the bonus DVD-R "2nd Night With Torme" as shown above, AND bonus DVD-R "Promos 1983-2005"....THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP "Eve of Destruction" 2CD below features a superb audience recording from Castle Hall, Osaka on January 20, 1984 - numbered/stickered early editions come with the the bonus CDR "Concerto To Destroy" another excellent audience recording from Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan, Yokohama, Japan on January 11, 1984...AND!...special bonus 2CDR "Nautilus Under Way"...

...And that wraps up this Independence Day edition of the Bootleg News here at HotWacks On-line...We hope all of our stateside collector friends enjoy the big mid-Summer holiday!..Thanks for stopping by!...

Svengi, July 3, 2013


by riccar99 @ 04 Jul 2013 12:40 am

The RS Liver cd from RV Japan has been reviewed some months ago.


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